I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 9 If You Hit Me, I Will Kick You


On the way back, Chen Guan looked uneasy.

“Chen Guan, all actions from before are my responsibility. Take it easy, I will not drag you into this matter. Don’t be afraid you have me here.”

Lin Fan comforted Chen Guan to calm him down.

Even if Chen Guan didn’t have a good personality, but at least he was very loyal to the Lin Family.

Even though many people had a wrong impression about him, but they could understand that all his actions were for the Lin Family’s sake.

“Young Master, I’m sorry to show you this pathetic side of me, thank you, I will support your decision.”

“Young Master, this is out of topic, but I must tell you. If my guess is correct, that woman from before must be one of the heirs of the Su Family.”

Chen Guan finally said what he was worried about.

“How strong is the Su Family in your eyes? How influential is this Su Family?”

“Young Master, the Su Family is the richest family in the entire city, this family has connections to the central government. If that woman is truly an important person of the Su Family, it will be troublesome for you.” Chen Guan explained.

Lin Fan was shocked, even Chen Guan noticed it.

Chen Guan was not joking, but of course, there were also privileges that the Lin Family could use, well… the Master of Lin Family was the Lord.

Even if there was a spark between Su family and Lin Family, Lin Fan was not afraid, but actually, it was still possible to prevent it.

Lin Fan thought for a moment. After a moment, he said, “Just forget it, don’t think about it, since it will not bring us anywhere, let’s go back and try to relax.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Chen Guan was shocked by Lin Fan’s calmness, but he really admired Lin Fan’s guts.

At the gate of Youcheng City.

The gate was guarded by the cavalry regiment from the knight squad.

The moment they entered the gate, they felt something terrible would happen, they wanted to blend in with the commoners when the guards spreading them to get in the line.

Everyone was too terrified to get near to the guards.

“Young Master, my guess is correct, that woman must be an important person in the Su Family.” Chen Guan was terrified.

Lin Fan was puzzled, “What are you afraid of? If you talk about an important person, you are talking to him right now. Don’t worry, let’s go.”

“Cousin, please rest assured, I will protect you.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

The servant took a deep breath, and he was also afraid of this kind of situation, but for Lin Fan… Game on!

They walked forward in line.

At the gate of the city, Miss Su’s swelled face attracted the attention of all peoples when they entered the city.

Everyone felt sorry for Miss Su’s condition. They fall in love with her beauty.

If they found someone who hurt Miss Su, they might kill that person.

The people from Su Family searched the suspect, the only clue they had clothing which looked fancy and lux. They made a conclusion the suspect was a noble.

If we talked about clothes, we got someone who was really outstanding, Lin Fan, his clothes really easy to distinguish among the nobles.

Miss Su’s eyes were just fixed on the lines when Lin Fan arrived. She stared at him, and she tried to stop him.


Suddenly, Miss Su and the guards stopped Lin Fan on the midway.

Lin Fan was so calm like water, he won’t budge. When he saw Miss Su, he was a bit shocked by her face, “Oh, who is this beautiful lady? Your charm is caught me off guard.”

‘Rage +20’


He was an expert in provoking people. Miss Su was furious. She tried to hold her anger.

Everyone loved something beautiful, especially women.

Although the injury was already healed, time was needed for the inflammation to be healed.

Miss Su stared at Lin Fan. She wondered what he was really the suspect or not.

“Miss, is that the suspect we were looking for?” Hostility was reflected from the old man’s eyes. If Miss Su gave him a sign, he would absolutely chop Lin Fan’s head in a flash.

Chen Guan was so shocked when he found that the old man’s body was stunning, his muscle looked so sturdy like an armor.

“What do you want from me? We are from Lin Family.”

Chen Guan was not an opponent for the old man.

But Lin Fan’s identity as Lin Family’s heir saved him.

In this city, no one dared to touch him if they still wanted to live here, even for the two other big families.

“What do you mean by this? You want to arrest me? You suspected me as a criminal? Just because my handprint matched the evidence?” Lin Fan said.

Everyone from Su Family was looked dissatisfied, they tried to hold their anger.

The old man knew that he couldn’t misuse the authority, especially when many people watching like this.

When he finally calmed down, he tried to talk to Lin Fan.

He didn’t want Su Family to be a public enemy.

“We were looking for someone. The suspect did something unforgivable to our Miss, this person hurt her so badly, and he dared to scratch our Miss’s face. But we will go after we have done in here.” The Old Man said.

“I will let this slide, but please don’t do it next time. Well, even if I’m a rich, handsome and powerful man, I’m a person who is very happy to help society.”

“I can’t tolerate you guys disturbing the public space. You are the elder right, I think you might understand. Forgive me if I hurt your feeling.” Lin Fan was such a great actor.

Chen Guan gave a sign to Lin Fan. He noticed it and sent back a sign to Chen Guan.

This woman was really a Miss from Su Family

But unfortunately for her.

At the time, the scene was full of many people.

So she couldn’t do anything.

She wanted to interrogate people. They might know the location of Lin Fan before he arrived here. But she thought that it will take a long time.

“Young Master Lin.” The old man looked at Lin Fan, his heartbeat so fast, he clenched his fist, and he said, “It turned out to be Young Master Lin, please forgive me, this is Miss Su, who was just injured by some thugs and now she is looking for the suspect. “

Lin Fan has piqued the old man’s interest, he smelled something from Lin Fan.

“For so many generations, Lin Family was feared by the enemies and allies, I thought they will show us another ‘dragon’ but what we have in here…” The old man talked in his mind.

The rumor about Lin Fan has already spread.

Lin Family’s heir does not want to train martial arts. The Young Master just wanted to spend his free time and enjoyed his life. Now it seemed that the rumor was true, the Young Master was not like a person who learned martial arts.

“Miss Su, please rest assured you already come to the good hand, I will help you to figure it out, I will find out who is the suspect.” Lin Fan said.

After he said that, Lin Fan do something that far crossed the line.

He pointed at Miss Su’s face.

“Look, you truly have a beautiful face, but when you tripped, then falling with your face first, it will be swollen like this. If this wound leaves a scar after this, it will ruin your beautiful face.”

Lin Fan sighed, frowned, and shook his head like he really meant it.

Chen Guan wanted to slam his head into the wall.

“If you are a Young Master, please speak more elegant.”

“The more you speak, the more you will look like an idiot, you know!”

He thought that words in his mind while he watched Lin Fan’s act.



‘Rage +50’

‘Rage +80’

The rage points started to rise up.

It seemed Su Family’s party could not hold their anger anymore.

Miss Su was furious about this situation.

The servant just stood by and remained silent.

Lin Fan was really amazing, he could still maintain that poker face all the time.

Zhou Zhongmao felt that his cousin said too much. It had crossed the line.

But he thought this Miss Su was so stupid.

How could she not know who the one that beat her to a pulp was?

Maybe Lin Fan and Zhou Zhongmao beat her too hard.

Miss Su’s heart was burning hot because she agreed to what he said, the wound has ruined her beauty.

Lin Fan looked at Miss Su carefully and shook his head then he threw a comment again, “Look, this wound is very horrible, it will leave a mark to this beautiful face.”

“Especially these handprints are ruining perfection.”

‘Rage +100’

‘Rage +120’

There it is… rage point again.

Then Lin Fan raised his hand and spread his fingers, which fitted on the Miss Su’s ‘face handprint,’ and he could not help but laugh.

“How interesting, what a coincidence, but just so you know, I will never lay a hand on such a beauty like this.”

“It is an insult if you guys suspecting such a gentleman like me.”

The old man who came with Miss Su frowned, he always felt that there was something in Lin’s words, and he couldn’t help to think about that.

“Chen Guan, go back first.” Lin Fan felt that he would love to continue to stay here, he sent Chen Guan to go because of the possibility of being cornered while protecting people who couldn’t fight would be a pain in the ass.

“Miss Su, Old Man, if anything happens, come to Lin family Residence, I will be delighted to help you guys.”

The old man clenched his fist, “Thank you for your kindness.”

Miss Su was touched by Lin Fan’s act like she welcomed him in her heart.

After that, Lin Fan left with his party.

The old man’s face was scary, “Miss, Young Master of the Lin family, I feel there is something wrong with him, and his words are like he making fun of you.”

“I don’t care about that, I just want to find someone who dares to beat me. I want to crush him.” Miss Su said it with a scary cold face.

“As for him? I feel that he is a little different from others.”

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