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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 11 Mad Temptation On The Verge of Death


The servant stood at the entrance to the courtyard, and she was anxious.

“What is the Young Master doing?”

The Master would arrive soon, and if he could show martial arts to the Master, maybe The Master would not be so angry.

The Tiger Swordsmanship has been learned.

He kept adding rage points into the martial arts indicator.

The rage points were decreased, from 1. 175 to 875.

Martial Arts: Tiger Swordsmanship


Immense magical power surged into all over his body.

Knowledge and experiences he hasn’t had before were imprinted into his mind.

The ability to understand martial arts has been dramatically improved.

The remaining rage point was 875.

He also allocated some rage points into another status indicator.

Martial Arts: The Tiger Swordsmanship (Second Form).

The rage points was reduced by four hundred points.

The remaining was 475 points.

At this moment, he couldn’t level up the martial arts indicator, it might be because the rage points were not enough.

However, this skill proficiency was a bit interesting.

Beginner, Intermediate, Expert.

What would it be for the next upgrade?

It seemed like it would get more interesting.

“Young Master, the Master is nearby.” The servant opened the door, her voice was small, and she did not dare to speak loudly. She was afraid that the Master would hear it.

She didn’t know what Lin Fan did all this time.

Lin Fan still sat there unmoved.

“Forget it, I will just fight him head-on.”

He adds the rest of the rage points into the Power Indicator.

The Power Indicator was raised up by four points, from twenty into twenty-four.

When the Power raised to twenty-four.

His body changed significantly.


Every muscle seemed to be grilled by fire.

The notification sound rang in his mind.

“Everyone else is trying to train martial arts, but for me, I just need to add some rage points. What is this sensation? What! My body is evolving?”

“Urgh…” Lin Fan felt his body was in pain.

He was never interested to learn about martial arts.

If people around him didn’t push him to learn about it, maybe all of his progress until now would never happen.

Were the martial arts too heavy for him to handle?

“Come out now!”

Just at this time. He could hear Master Lin Wan roar.

He tried so hard to not lose his sense when he faced his own son.

“I won’t go out. How about you come in instead?” Lin Fan replied.

The servant stood there, her feet trembled, and she was about to faint any minute now.

Lin Fan would fight against his own father.

No one can stop it.

“Rage +80.”

Master Lin Wan chased him down to the backyard, Master Lin Wan couldn’t stand his rebellion act. Master Lin Wan frowned, and the whip was like a dragon tail, Master Lin Wan slammed it everywhere.

Chen Guan fell to the ground.

He felt so sorry for Lin Fan.

“What is in your mind that you must go this far? How can you be so mad to your own son?”

Master Lin Wan was unstoppable, would it be finished in no time?

“What did you just say?” Master Lin Wan walked into the backyard, and the hot weather suddenly became cold.

As if the north wind blew, Master Lin Wan’s presence was so terrifying.

Lin Fan blinked and almost faint.

If we talked about pure strength, Lin Fan has already lost to this monster.

“What can I say… He really is a monster.” Lin Fan’s tone was weaker than usual.

All the collected rage points basically from this old man.

Lin Fan was really scared. He slept a little at night and sneaked into the house because of his old man.

Master Lin Wan looked at Lin Fan, and his eyes gave him a great sense of intimidation.

“What is so wrong from the farmer’s tax, what makes you so full of yourself? If you want to protect the weak, you must be stronger than the others. You are very ungrateful, If not for me, what do you have?”

“You are not as good as those peasants who live outside the city.” By saying that, Lin Fan really hit the spot.

Zhou Zhongmao couldn’t stand it anymore. He wanted to say a few words to his cousin. “Master, cousin, he actually…”

“You shut up!.” Master Lin Wan was like a beast.

In this situation, Zhou Zhongmao didn’t dare to say a thing again, he looked at Lin Fan with sadness.

“Although I care about You. I can’t help you.”

“Cousin, from this point, you can only rely on your strength alone.”

“Uncle is very mad, and no one can stop him, the anger in his heart is impossible to subside right away.”

Lin Fan looked at his old man, shook his head, looked a little disappointed, and sighed.

This sigh contained endless helplessness.

“Why are you trembling? Where is all of your spirit from earlier?” Master Lin Wan asked.

Lin Fan thought he must put an act again, and Zhou Zhongmao just looked at him so helpless.

Do you think that you have not done anything wrong?

Lin Fan said: “These words… I can’t bear it to keep listening, it’s really hurt, I never heard a father can say that thing to his own son. You hear me? You will miss me someday, maybe in your last days on this earth.”

When Lin Fan said this.

His expression was a masterpiece.

He said these words like he truly meant it.

“Oh.” Master Lin Wan smiled, but it has a kind of despair and helplessness.

“What a disappointment coming from my own son.”

“I don’t have anything to tell you.” Master Lin Wan’s wrist moved so fast, and the whip in his hand has heavily bombarded the ground.

“For so many years, I never force you to practice, but now… You really are just an eyesore. No one can save you today.”

Every time he swung his whip, the floor was cracked.

His movement could not be followed by ordinary eyes.

Lin Fan was very panicked, and he seemed like in a pinch condition right now, but his expression told a different thing. He said: “Only people who are not confident will use violence to force others submit.”

“Oh, I don’t want you to be such a person.” Lin Fan said.

“Rage +100.”


He fumed, and couldn’t hold back his anger any longer.

Because of what Lin Fan said earlier.

Chen Guan was afraid to move.

This was the craziest plot Lin Fan had ever made, his life was on the line right now.

He couldn’t run from it, it was too late.

He could tell that his old man was ready to go berserk.

Lin Fan was unmoved, he looked calm, and said what was he thought all this time: “I will never regret changing the agricultural tax. After all, I am not wrong. This tax is indeed too much for the peasants to handle. It is simply torturing those people to death slowly.”

“Don’t tell me…”

Master Lin Wan realized Chen Guan wanted to cover Lin Fan’s mistake.

This matter irritated him completely.

“Rage +200.”

“Are you willing to die right now? Good then, you asked for this. Now prove your worth to me. If you are thankful enough, you shouldn’t do this at the very start.”

“If you really have guts to say such a thing, you must have the power to back you up.” Master Lin Wan was irritated.

It seemed like Lin Fan didn’t get a chance to see the sunrise again.

Yuan Jia, the son of Liang Jia, which was the stronger candidate to lead the future of this city.

“How could people have such a son, meanwhile my son was trash like him?”

“Young Master, hurry up, admit your mistake to the Master, please don’t make him even angrier.” Chen Guan hurriedly spoke, but he was terrified of the Master Lin Wan’s anger, maybe he would leave the Lin family, which was better than got a heart stroke in here.

Lin Fan said: “I won’t go anywhere, my rich family is too good to leave behind, why should I go? I can eat and sleep every day, go stroll around, happy all day long, I don’t want to die.”

Chen Guan fell and kneeled on the ground.

He believed that Lin Fan was already out of his mind.

Otherwise, how could he say such a thing?

Not to mention that Chen Guan was in charge of the tax matter, even the servant and Zhou Zhongmao were dumbfounded.

They looked at Lin Fan with sorrow.

Master Lin Wan said something, just wanted to see what this damn son would say.

He did not expect that his answer actually said such a thing.

Ate and sleep every day?

Stroll around?

Didn’t want to die?


Master Lin Wan’s body was like a volcanic eruption, explosive energy flowed out from him.

“Rage +666.”

“What the…?!” Lin Fan was shocked, because rage points suddenly increased by 666 points, that way too much.

He looked up.

He found something wrong in his old man’s eyes.

He suddenly became pale.

This was about to explode any minute now.

As if Lin Fan stared at the angel of death, Lin Fan’s old man cracked his neck and ready to come for Lin Fan.

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