I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 101 Guinea Pig


Lin Family’s Residence.

“Master, Young Master has already left the east suburb forest.” Wu Lao has returned from the east suburb forest. He escorted Lin Fan’s party all the way.

Master Lin said, “Do you have other information?”

“Yes, there are some evil spirits who were trying to do something toward Young Master.” Wu Lao said.

Evil spirits rarely showed themselves in public, and usually killed people at night.

Even though Zhou Zhongmao has reached the ninth stage, he would be cornered if he fought tons of them.

So Wu Lao followed Lin Fan’s party to keep them safe.

“I hope he can be more mature and stronger.” Master Lin put down the book in his hand, opened the window, and looked at the night sky.

Lin Fan’s party almost reached the rest area.

“Cousin, there’s a restaurant not too far from here.” Zhou Zhongmao pointed to the place where the lights were on.

“Finally, I can rest.” Yuan Tianchu breathed a sigh of relief, traveled in the carriage tired him.


There was a group of people riding horses, they outran Lin Fan’s carriage, that group went straight to the restaurant without even looking at the surrounding.

“Such a hurry, those scumbags maybe want to give birth.” Lin Fan cursed them.

Yuan Tianchu muttered, “Brother Lin, we are outside our city, and we are not familiar with the situation here. We should avoid trouble.”

“What did you say?” Lin Fan asked.

Yuan Tianchu rolled his eyes.

Fortunately, those people were already gone.

If they heard what Lin Fan said, he would be in big trouble.

Yuan Tianchu and Liang Yongqi would be useless in combat, Yuan Tianchu was only at the fourth stage, and Liang Yongqi was only at the third stage.

Worthless nobles.

“Brother Yuan, you have little guts. You always have two guards following you to mess around. I still remember it.”

Yuan Tianchu thought he must be a low profile when he was outside the city.

They arrived at the restaurant.

The waiter was taking care of the horses of the previous group.

When he saw Lin Fan, the waiter greeted Lin Fan with a smile on his face, “Big brother, how many people are you bringing?”

Zhou Zhongmao looked at his cousin. He gave a sign about whether they should stay or eat something?

“Just take care of our horses, I will order foods inside.” Lin Fan got off the carriage.

“Okay.” The waiter welcomed them into the restaurant and shouted with a loud voice, “The VIP is here.”

Then the waiter went to take care of the horses.

The customers who were eating inside were like bandits or thugs.

They brought weapons with them and their face was scary.

“Brother Lin, we have to be careful of those people.” Yuan Tianchu whispered.

Since he was not in the Tranquil City now, he was scared if he had a conflict.

“Do you want to order something?” The waiter asked.

“I want to order something.” Liang Yongqi was very hungry since he left Tranquil City.

Lin Fan interrupted, “Do you have money?”

Those words shocked Liang Yongqi because Lin Fan confiscated his money.

‘Rage +99’

“I want two bowls of shanghai plain noodles soup, and three lamb legs and lamb soup.” Lin Fan said.

“Okay, please wait a moment.”

Xiaoyan smiled and ran to the back kitchen diligently.

Lin Fan noticed Liang Yongqi and Yuan Tianchu glared at him and he laughed, “Don’t look at me like that. In our current situation, we have to save some money. No one knows what will happen in the future.”

Zhou Zhongmao looked at the surroundings and then whispered.

“Be careful, cousin, this place is not safe.”

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Zhou Zhongmao could asses people and situations accurately.

Lin Fan frowned, he wasn’t in the mood, he really wanted to have a meal right now.

The waiter put the food on Lin Fan’s table.

Lamb legs, lamb soup, and shanghai plain noodles soup.

Lin Fan cut some meat and handed the soup to Yuan Tianchu, and he said with a big smile, “Here, eat some.”

Yuan Tianchu thought that Lin Fan was going to eat the lamb alone, but he was wrong.

Then he ate the meat while Lin Fan was staring at him.

After a while, Lin Fan cut some meat for his cousin and his servant, and he said, “Let’s eat! The food is safe.”

Yuan Tianchu was shocked when he heard Lin Fan’s words.

“The food is safe? What do you mean?” Yuan Tianchu thought.

Lin Fan used Yuan Tianchu to be a poison tester, a guinea pig.

‘Rage +111’

“Brother Lin, you …” He couldn’t believe that.

Lin Fan betrayed his trust.

Which part of it was a good team?

Lin Fan said, “Brother Yuan, look at your face, you seem to be overweight, you should eat shanghai plain noodles soup instead of meat.”

Yuan Tianchu was so angry that he wanted to hit someone at the moment.

Yuan Tianchu gave a sign to Liang Yongqi not to be fooled by Lin Fan.

Yuan Tianchu said, “Brother Lin is right. I must think about my health.”

“Ah, it’s okay, don’t mind me.” Lin Fan said.

Suddenly, the restaurant’s door was pushed open really hard.

A group of people stood at the door, and the leader was standing in front of them. He looked around the room as if trying to see his prey.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant suddenly became silent.

Someone slowly grabbed his weapon.

“Big brother, do you …” The waiter braced himself to ask.

“Give me the best thing you have.” The leader ordered, he picked a table, sat down, and then stared at everyone around him.

So there were three groups in the restaurant.

The two groups were thugs, and Lin Fan’s party who was just passing by for a meal.

Yuan Tianchu and Liang Yongqi trembled in fear.

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