I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 102 I Just Wanted To Have Meal


“Brother Lin, let’s move upstairs.” Yuan Tianchu said, “I guess there will be a big war here. We are just passers-by, we better get the hell out of here.”

Yuan Tianchu wanted to avoid unnecessary conflict because he knew he couldn’t depend on Lin Fan.

Liang Yongqi also had the same feeling as him.

“Don’t waste the foods. Eat your noodles. We are not in Tranquil City. Every meal is precious.” Lin Fan picked up the lamb’s leg and ate it, then he drank the soup.

‘Rage +66’

‘Rage +66’

Liang Yongqi and Yuan Tianchu were frustrated looking at Lin Fan’s behavior.

The leader slammed his weapon on the table.

All the people around him were shocked, their eyes were full of hatred as if the war was about to begin.

Lin Fan frowned because he couldn’t enjoy his meal.

Seeing that his cousin was displeased, Zhou Zhongmao suddenly stood up and shouted, “Don’t disturb my cousin’s lunch!”

Everyone looked at Lin Fan’s table.

“Who is this person?!”

“Is he with us?”

“Doesn’t seem like it.”

Those thugs murmured, they didn’t know who Zhou Zhongmao was, and which party he belonged to.

Yuan Tianchu cowered, and he tried to hide.

“I’m his cousin.” Lin Fan said that while holding a lamb’s leg.

‘Rage +66’

‘Rage +111’

‘Rage +123’

There were 1,380 rage points in total.

“I don’t recognize your face, are you an outsider? I suggest you not to intervene, it is not a good thing for you and your friends.” The leader said that.

The people around the leader all locked their eyes on Lin Fan and prepared their weapons in case the leader sent some signal.

“This is just misunderstanding, big brother is right, we are just passing by, we will leave after eating our foods.” Yuan Tianchu said.

“Are you trying to threaten me?” Lin Fan stared at the leader.

What Lin Fan hated most was being threatened.

Long ago Lin Fan would cower if his cousin was not around, but now was different, he was able to stand on his own.

“Just telling you the truth.” Said the leader.

Yuan Tianchu freaked out because of Lin Fan’s provocation.

“Brother Liang, we must be careful.” Yuan Tianchu whispered.

Liang Yongqi nodded. He was also terrified of the situation.

Lin Fan finished the lamb’s leg, leaving only the bones.


Lin Fan threw the bone towards the leader.

The leader drew his sword and slashed the bones.

All the people around him stood up and glared at Lin Fan.

One of the men with a scar on his face sighed, “You are looking for death.”

‘Rage +111’

‘Rage +123’

1952 rage points in total.

Lin Fan pointed to the leader and said, “I told you that I was hungry. Now I’m full. Did you just threaten me? I will make you pay for it.”

The leader squinted at Lin Fan, and he said, “You want to die?”

“Cousin, teach him a lesson.” Lin Fan said.

Zhou Zhongmao stood up, then walked towards the leader.

But there was some thug who tried to attack Zhou Zhongmao, he raised his hand and touched that thug’s sword with his palm.

The blade broke instantly, then he hit the opponent’s chest.

Instant kill.

That thug died with a big hole on his chest.

Zhou Zhongmao wanted to kill the enemy in one shot without giving the enemy a chance to survive.

But Lin Fan was distressed, he didn’t get rage point because his cousin killed that thug instantly.

“Cousin, don’t kill everyone in here.” Lin Fan said.

The leader did not expect there was someone strong like Zhou Zhongmao with Lin Fan.

“My cousin said, I can’t kill you, but aside from that is allowed.”

Zhou Zhongmao roared, his voice was like thunder.

His spiritual power was synchronized with the sound.

As a result, some people spurted out blood.

His spiritual power was crazy.

He was able to hurt people only by using his voice.

Of course, because of Master Lin himself was the one who trained him.

“Who the hell are you?” The leader couldn’t remain calm.

Zhou Zhongmao kicked that man, and his knees lost its strength and he fell to the ground.

“Cousin, it’s done.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

“Thanks.” Lin Fan was very satisfied with his cousin.

Because Lin Fan didn’t want to ruin his image as the elegant noble.

Lin Fan approached the leader, and he said, “You think you are strong enough? But the reality is cruel, huh?”

The leader was terrified. He did not expect someone stronger than him was in the restaurant at the same time.

“Who the hell are you? I’m waiting for King Wu Tong.”

Lin Fan didn’t expect to hear that name again in a place like that.

“Don’t mention that name in front of me. You already threaten me once and now you want to threaten me again by using that name?”

“I will finish you here.”

Lin Fan shook his head, it was that man’s fault to mess with Lin Fan while he was enjoying his meal.

Yuan Tianchu and Liang Yongqi were about to scream.

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