I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 103 The Simplest Way


Those people are King Wu Tong’s army, and they had some tasks in that restaurant.

Everyone was waiting for a chance to attack.

Lin Fan still remembered when he was in junior high school, because of his skinniness, his teacher said that he was like a popsicle in front of the class. But he didn’t feel sad at all, maybe that was why he remained unyielding.

Mao Yin glared at Lin Fan, his eyes were full of hatred, King Wu Tong’s name didn’t work out in front of Lin Fan.

“What’s that!?”

Lin Fan found in Mao Yin’s chest there was something like a book.

When Lin Fan stepped forward to take the book, Mao Yin prepared to attack Lin Fan’s heart with his palm.

When Lin Fan was in his attack range he suddenly launched a surprise attack.

But Lin Fan grabbed Mao Yin’s hand.

Lin Fan cracked Mao Yin’s bone and he was screaming because of the pain.

Mao Yin sweated, and he tried to stay conscious.

“You said you want to give what?!” Lin Fan shook his head and took the things in Mao Yin’s possession.

Mao Yin bowed limp, and sweat flowed from his forehead.

Lin Fan’s attack inflicted fatal damage on him.

Yuan Tianchu was shocked when he saw Lin Fan crushed Mao Yin’s hand.

He didn’t expect Lin Fan acted like a rabbit back in Tranquil City, even though Lin Fan had the strength of a tiger.

Thanks to their journey, he was able to discover Lin Fan’s real potential.

With that, Lin Fan already provoked King Wu Tong’s men twice.

Yuan Tianchu thought crushing Tranquil City was like pinching an ant for King Wu Tong.

“Defensive line plan.”

Lin Fan thought it was a good thing, but never thought it was just a sketch.

He was not interested in those things, but since Mao Yin kept it maybe it would be useful.

“Cousin, don’t let them run away. Waiter, make a cup of tea for me.” Lin Fan asked.

Mao Yin stared at the sketch in Lin Fan’s hand, he must deliver that sketch to King Wu Tong, his life was on the line if he failed.

“Yes, cousin.” Zhou Zhongmao answered.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Zhongmao crushed all of his henchmen’s ankle, preventing them from escaping.

‘Rage +100’

‘Rage +111’

Lin Fan got 3254 rage points in total.

Liang Yongqi was grateful because Lin Fan didn’t torture him back in Tranquil City, if Lin Fan made him cripple, then he would be useless for sure.

The shopkeeper had already seen many fights, but Lin Fan’s fight was a bit rough.

He has been hiding to avoid trouble, and let the waiter serve the customers.

The waiter held the teacup, his hands were shaking.

At this moment, a man came and held Lin Fan’s hand and said, “Your Excellency, may I know your name?” That man asked.

Yang Wu stared at the map in Lin Fan’s possession.

The purpose of his trip was to get that map.

He didn’t want King Wu Tong to get that map.

Otherwise, King Wu Tong would know the details of the defensive line plan of various places.

Zhou Zhongmao glanced at Yang Wu, and Yang Wu realized if he tried something funny Lin Fan and Zhou Zhongmao would kill him for sure.

“I’m Lin Fan.” Lin Fan answered.

Lin Fan didn’t want to hide his identity because that was not his style.

“Why do you keep looking at this thing? Do you want it that bad?”

Yang Wu said, “Brother Lin, that thing is the defensive line plan, and those guys were King Wu Tong’s minions. If King Wu Tong obtains the defensive line plan, then the war will begin, there will be countless deaths. Even though I’m sure Brother Lin will be able to take them down if that happen.”

“Brother Lin, let’s return that defensive line plan to that guy, we should cooperate with him, war is out of our league.” Yuan Tianchu said.

Yuan Tianchu pondered.

The case must be complicated under the surface.

Since they talked about the defensive line plan of various places, how could King Wu Tong only sent those small fries?

There must be some reinforcement lurking around somewhere.

He realized the consequences would be tremendous.

Lin Fan said, “Since it is so important, we can’t let King Wu Tong have it, and the best solution is to destroy it.” Lin Fan said.

He directly put the defensive line plan on the oil lamp and burned it.

“Just burn it. This is the simplest way.”

The servant said, “Young Master is brilliant.”

“Brother Lin, good choice.” Yuan Tianchu was surprised.

Everyone used to say that Lin Fan was an idiot, but after that incident, Yuan Tianchu discovered that those who said Lin Fan was an idiot were the true idiot.

Lin Fan’s mindset was simple yet effective.

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