I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 104 Diffierent From What I Speculated


The defensive line plan was burned.

‘Rage +333’

Lin Fan was surprised because he got the rage points.

That was so strange.

“Brother Lin, this …” Yang Wu was speechless.

The defensive line plan they were going to recapture was burned.

Lin Fan said, “Okay, we’re all set, I will book three rooms.”

“Okay.” The waiter responded.

Lin Fan stood up and walked upstairs, “Cousin, watch them for me, don’t let anyone rescue them.”

Zhou Zhongmao nodded, Lin Fan’s order was absolute for him.

There was no way they could escape.

Yang Wu wanted to talk with Lin Fan, but he hesitated, he didn’t know what to do because he failed the mission.

It was a good thing the defensive line plan was burned, but there was only one copy of it, and it was gone.

Yuan Tianchu and Liang Yongqi stayed in the same room.

Liang Yongqi took off his clothes and was ready to sleep in his pajamas.

“Why don’t you change your clothes?” Liang Yongqi asked Yuan Tianchu who seemed to do something.

Yuan Tianchu trembled, and then smiled reluctantly, “I will sleep later.”

He seemed to take something inside his clothes and he didn’t want Liang Yongqi to find out what he was doing, so he blocked it with his body.

This situation was a bit weird, Liang Yongqi said, “Brother Yuan, Are you still keeping a silver or two?”

“How is it possible?” Yuan Tianchu laughed, shocked, and it turned out that Liang Yongqi was not stupid, but as long as he didn’t admit it, nothing would happen.

“I don’t believe you, show it to me.”

When Liang Yongqi saw that Yuan Tianchu’s face was a bit weird, he was even more certain that Yuan Tianchu must have hidden something.

He stepped forward and then Yuan Tianchu shouted.

“Don’t move! Don’t come closer!”

Silvers were falling.

Liang Yongqi stared and said, “You hide your money.”

Yuan Tianchu was embarrassed.

He couldn’t hide it anymore.

“I’m going to tell Lin Fan that you’re hiding money.” Liang Yongqi wanted to tell the truth to Lin Fan.

Yuan Tianchu pulled Liang Yongqi, “Don’t tell him! I have nothing left, I will give you a bit of my money.”

“I want half.” Liang Yongqi thought at least Yuan Tianchu had a few hundred.

And it turns out he hit the jackpot!!

“That’s ridiculous!” Yuan Tianchu was angry, “I don’t expect you to be such a greedy person, half? Why don’t you take it all?!”

Liang Yongqi said, “Okay, if I can’t get half of it. I’ll tell Lin Fan and we’ll see if you still have half of your money.”

Yuan Tianchu held him again, “Okay, fine, I will give you half. Let me tell you something, don’t mess up with Lin Fan. Do you see what happens earlier? According to my hunch, those people outside will die by tomorrow.”

“How do you know?” Liang Yongqi asked.

“You didn’t know how terrifying Lin Fan is. Do you know why he didn’t kill those people outside?” Yuan Tianchu asked.

“Because if he kills those people King Wu Tong will chase him down.” Liang Yongqi said.

Yuan Tianchu laughed, “Stupid, I’ll tell you something, it’s because he is using those people as bait. According to my estimation, he must have known that there is King Wu Tong’s henchman mixed in the crowd, so he didn’t kill them, he wants to capture that person tonight. If he kills them, there is no reason for others to save them.”

“He’s smart.”

Liang Yongqi looked at Yuan Tianchu in disbelief.

“How about we order some meat lambs for tomorrow’s meal.”

It was very quiet.

Yang Wu and others stayed overnight. He failed the mission to retrieve the defensive line plan, but it was alright since King Wu Tong didn’t get that either.

He didn’t know what to say in his report, because the defensive line plan was burned in front of him.

Mao Yin and others slept on the floor.

Their ankles were crushed and they couldn’t move at all.

The more they thought about it, the angrier they would be.

And King Wu Tong’s henchmen didn’t save them either.

Meanwhile, Zhou Zhongmao meditated in order to stabilize his new power and his spiritual power.

“Uncle, rest assured, I will protect my cousin.”

On the day he was about to go on that journey, his uncle came and opened up all the acupuncture spots in his body with strong spiritual power.

Zhou Zhongmao listened to every move outside.

The servant slept on the bed. The servant had to chauffeur the carriage by tomorrow morning, so he needed to sleep early.

It was daybreak.

Nothing happened last night.

The first thing Yuan Tianchu thought when he woke up was to see if something happened outside.

Liang Yongqi glanced at Yuan Tianchu as if to say, Yuan Tianchu was retarded, and as if he will die if he didn’t act like an almighty sage who knew everything.

Nothing happened until now.

Yuan Tianchu thought that was not right.

It should be as he has speculated.

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