I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 105 Look, As I Said Before


The first thing Lin Fan did when he woke up was looking at the system.

‘Rage Point: 7757’

Lin Fan was not happy after he saw those rage points because it remained the same since last night.

But Zhou Zhongmao was different, he seemed so happy.

“Cousin, I’m doing well last night.” Zhou Zhongmao asked.

But he didn’t lose focus even though he hasn’t slept all night long.

“But I’m not, I want to sleep at home.” Lin Fan said.

If Master Lin wasn’t the one who gives the command, he didn’t want to go.

In outside, Yuan Tianchu and Liang Yongqi had a chit-chat, even though in Tranquil City they didn’t talk too much, but they looked like a buddy right now.

It was a quiet morning.

King Wu Tong’s men were lying on the floor when Lin Fan and the others looked at the situation below from the balcony.

“Brother Lin, they must die.” Yuan Tianchu said.

He thought, if they want to be safe, they must kill those people to eliminate traces.

Yuan Tianchu just wanted to give Lin Fan a suggestion, but Lin Fan who just woke up couldn’t comprehend the situation just yet.

Liang Yongqi looked at Yuan Tianchu while thinking Yuan Tianchu still wanted to be a great sage who knew everything in the world.

“Cousin, it makes sense.” Zhou Zhongmao agreed with Yuan Tianchu.

Zhou Zhongmao will eliminate any possibility of danger from befalling Lin Fan.

“Cousin, Let’s move out. We can’t stay here any longer because we might run out of silver.” Lin Fan said.

Yuan Tianchu was angry when he heard that, because that was his silver and Liang Yongqi’s silver, to begin with.

Zhou Zhongmao crushed Mao Yin’s bones and took the silver that fell out from Mao Yin’s body.

“King Wu Tong won’t let you go.” Mao Yin glared at Zhou Zhongmao when he was on the brink of death.

Mao Yin didn’t expect he would end up like that, being killed by the youngster who didn’t know how hard the real life was.

Zhou Zhongmao crushed Mao Yin’s heart with his palm.

Lin Fan remained calm.

Even though his cousin’s method was quite brutal.

Lin Fan wanted to get rid of Mao Yin and his men because they didn’t give Lin Fan rage point.

Yuan Tianchu looked at Liang Yongqi, he was frightened of the situation. And he also wanted to tell Liang Yongqi about what he said about Lin Fan was true, Lin Fan really was cruel.

Liang Yongqi was shocked, he didn’t expect Lin Fan and Zhou Zhongmao could kill people with a straight face.

And nobody dared to mess with King Wu Tong’s men, but Lin Fan even did much further than that, he took King Wu Tong’s money.

The innkeeper shivered and hid behind the counter, he peeked out from the counter to observe the situation, but the scene in front of him was too scary, so he kept hiding there.

Zhou Zhongmao continued to kill every single of Mao Yin’s men, and after finished, he approached Lin Fan.

“Cousin, there are four hundred and two silver.”

Lin Fan shook his head. Lin Fan didn’t expect those people to be so poor, nonetheless, that was better than nothing.

Lin Fan wanted to leave as soon as possible and threw two silver to the innkeeper.

Lin Fan told him to take care of the corpses, and the innkeeper nodded in fear.

The innkeeper approached Mao Yin’s dead body, and he said, “Don’t take this personally. They are too overwhelming. I hope you understand.”

Yuan Tianchu’s hunch was right, King Wu Tong indeed had another team or person to follow Mao Yin, and that was the innkeeper.

He killed the original innkeeper and monitored everyone in the restaurant and inn.

“Big brother, are we going back?” The waiter asked him.

“You can pack up and leave immediately.” Said the innkeeper.

The waiter turned around, but suddenly he felt something pierced him from behind.

“You …” The waiter’s eyes rolled around, and he was shocked.

The innkeeper was the one who stabbed him.

“You will accompany them with this little secret. One person is too many to know the truth.” The innkeeper said while sneering at the waiter.

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