I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 106 Oh god…


Lin Fan’s party was getting further away from their hometown.

Yuan Tianchu kept wondering what the real purpose of his father sending him out to faraway place like that was.

Did his father want him to what kind of person Lin Fan was?

Well, that was unnecessary, because Yuan Tianchu already knew what kind of person Lin Fan was, and when he came back to Tranquil City, he will never associate with Lin Fan again.

And Liang Yongqi calmed down. He was abandoned by his family, his brother took away his father’s love for him, and also his family’s wealth.

He saw Yuan Tianchu pondering and asked, “Brother Yuan since your father sent you out. Does that mean your elder brother will come back and be the heir?”

Yuan Tianchu had an elder brother and many younger siblings. Of course, the most talented was his elder brother. Yuan Tianchu’s elder brother was recruited as an apprentice by a martial artist since he was a child. He has not returned for more than ten years.

“Don’t mess with me, that is impossible.” Yuan Tianchu said.

But he was a little worried about that.

What if Liang Yongqi was right?

Lin Fan also wondered why his father sent him out.

A few days later.

An army entered the central imperial city, Liu Xuan and others rushed back from the city. The mission to recruit Master Lin failed.

Liu Xuan and others dismounted the horses and let the city guards took the horses away.

A soldier came and said, “Sir, that man is still following us.”

“Huh?” Liu Xuan was surprised. “He isn’t dead yet?”

Liu Xuan found Zu Xiang still followed him, and Zu Xiang was about to faint. Fortunately, his will to stay alive was strong.

“Sir, what are you gonna do now?” The soldier asked.

Liu Xuan frowned. He had some interest in Zu Xiang even though he disliked Zu Xiang.

“Send him to the quarry.” Liu Xuan said.

The soldier was stunned, then he nodded, “Yes, your highness.”

That place was not for normal citizens, and countless people died there. Generally, people who have been sentenced to death or who have committed serious crimes will be placed there.

Liu Xuan didn’t say much and hurriedly reported the situation to King Wu Tong.

That mansion was King Wu Tong’s residence, and the noble families of the entire city has long been kicked out by King Wu Tong, and he confiscated all the money to provide military needs.

Liu Xuan bowed to King Wu Tong who was sitting there drinking tea.

Although King Wu Tong was not particularly good looking, his temperament was outstanding.

“You failed?” King Wu Tong asked.

Liu Xuan knelt down and said, “Yes, there were small things happened, and Lin Wan refuses to join us.”

“Don’t you have a good relationship with him? I expected great things from you, but I didn’t expect Lin Wan to refuse my goodwill.” King Wu Tong laughed.

Liu Xuan was embarrassed in front of King Wu Tong, and he regretted that Master Lin’s talent being wasted in such a small city.

“Your highness do you want to destroy that city?” Liu Xuan asked. Liu Xuan wanted to destroy Tranquil City since he already lost his face in front of King Wu Tong.

“It’s not wise to mess with him right now. Let him live for the time being.”

Liu Xuan responded he looked so proud of being able to work under King Wu Tong. And he wanted to keep pleasing King Wu Tong.


A white dove flew in with a letter on its feet. The letter informed that his team couldn’t get the defensive line plan because an unknown party attacked them. That party annihilated all of his men.

King Wu Tong thought the survivor better died too.

He was furious, and Liu Xuan noticed that so Liu Xuan retreated.

A few days later.

Lin Fan’s team has been walking a thousand miles away from Tranquil City.

But Lin Fan wondered why he hasn’t encountered many dangerous situations during his long journey.

After another day, the sun was shining bright.

“Cousin, we have already reached the foot of the Palm Mountain.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

Lin Fan stepped out of the carriage and looked up. There was a mountain in front of him, and there was a faint sight of residences on the top of the mountain, which were covered by trees.

“Man… Isn’t this place too messed up?” Lin Fan said.

It was not that he looked down on that place, but that place was really worn out.

Yuan Tianchu said, “Brother Lin, where there is a mountain, there is a spirit.”

Lin Fan didn’t expect the place his father sent them was a place like that, far from the luxurious place on his mind.

Liang Yongqi felt the same as Lin Fan.

“Let’s conquer this mountain.” Lin Fan said.

Zhou Zhongmao walked ahead, and his uncle told him before he came that Zhang Tian, the head of Palm Mountain, had a good relationship with his uncle.

There was something off about that mountain.

Usually, there would be a few disciples guarding the entrance, but they didn’t find anyone around there.

It was not difficult to climb that mountain. There was a path. After walking for a long time, they finally reached the top of the mountain.

The stone door was very large, with the words Palm Mountain has written on it.

But still, there was nobody inside.

“Did we come to the wrong place, or did my father trick me?” Lin Fan asked.


Lin fan noticed a piece of paper on the stone pillar at the door. Maybe from a long time ago, its color has turned yellow.

Lin Fan looked at it and his eyes narrowed.


Yuan Tianchu came and he looked at it too.

Liang Yongqi wondered why those two made a fuss, but when he finished reading that paper, his expression also changed.

“Oh god…”

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