I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 107 River City


They were shocked by the condition of Palm Mountain.

On the gate there was a note, it said, “Notice: due to financial trouble, we temporarily closed the mountain, the time to re-open the mountain is tentative, if there is an urgent need, you can go to River City, find me at a restaurant in Mingguang Road, Zhang Tian.”

“This …” Lin Fan was speechless. “Cousin, Palm Mountain is bankrupt. Should we go back?”

Zhou Zhongmao couldn’t believe it, “How could this happen? Uncle didn’t say anything about this.”


Master Lin knew Zhang Tian was in a financial problem, but due to Zhang Tian’s pride, he couldn’t do anything to help him.

“Brother Lin, I suggest we go back to Tranquil City, this place is already coming to its end.” Yuan Tianchu wanted to go back.

But he couldn’t go back alone, or he will disappoint his father.

He would have a reason if Lin Fan was the one who pushed him to go back.

“No, as per my uncle’s order, we can’t go back until we finished our training here.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

On the night before the journey, Master Lin told Zhou Zhongmao that he couldn’t go back no matter what the condition was.

Then Zhou Zhongmao glared at Yuan Tianchu as if he will kill Yuan Tianchu if he dared to suggest Lin Fan to go home.

Yuan Tianchu understood Zhou Zhongmao’s glare.

He didn’t want to mess up with Zhou Zhongmao.

“Or maybe we can continue this journey, there are many possibilities lies ahead.”

Yuan Tianchu frowned, he felt that things were not so simple, there was something off.

“Brother Yuan, what do you think?” Lin Fan saw him look dignified, thoughtful as if he understood something.

Yuan Tianchu explained his understanding of that matter, firstly, Master Lin didn’t know the actual condition of Palm Mountain, secondly, it was impossible a martial art school went bankrupt in an environment with abundant natural resources. The disciples could sell the wood or animal meat from that mountain. So Yuan Tianchu thought it was just a test from Palm Mountain’s master.

“Looking at the last words, River City, Mingguang Road, a restaurant, this is the clue to us, apparently asking us to go there.”

“Brother Lin, maybe Master Lin and the master of this mountain already arranged this in advance.” Yuan Tianchu explained.

Lin Fan heard that and thought his words made sense.

Lin Fan pondered, then looked at Yuan Tianchu and said, “I’m not sure if there is something behind this note.”

Yuan Tianchu smiled proudly, “It’s a trivial knowledge, just believe me.”

Liang Yongqi was already sick of Yuan Tianchu’s bluff.

“These are just your imagination, who knows the truth?” Liang Yong said.

Yuan Tianchu laughed, “Either it’s true or not we need to go there.”

Liang Yongqi’s words made Yuan Tianchu angry.

“My servant, what do you think?” Lin Fan asked.

“Young Master, I’ll trust whatever you say.” The servant answered.

So Lin Fan decided to go to River City to clear this mystery.

River City.

“It’s a big city.” Lin Fan said.

Anyone could see the difference between River City and Tranquil City.

Tranquil City’s gate would be destroyed if someone with certain power kicked it.

The buildings inside the city were also different. Tranquil City was so shabby while River City’s buildings looked so expensive.

A very luxurious restaurant was displayed in front of everyone’s eyes, which was more luxurious than Tranquil City’s Pavilion. That restaurant was like a five-star hotel while Tranquil City’s Pavilion was a like two-star hotel.

Nothing comparable.

There was a fortune teller old man at the door.

And in his table, there was a sign name written on it.

Zhang Da.

Lin Fan approached that fortune teller wanted to ask about Zhang Tian, but that man frowned when some young bunch appeared in front of him.

Yuan Tianchu said, “We already go to Palm Mountain and wanted to ask about the test.”

Lin Fan said, “Think before you talk.”

Zhang Da, a fortune-teller, stood up and tidied up his clothes.

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