I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 108 This Is Not A Test!


Liang Yongqi looked at Yuan Tianchu with a disgusted gaze.

“I already asked some people in this city and everyone said Palm Mountain had been closed many years ago. But you insist that it’s a test, I want to see how you will explain it.”

Liang Yongqi was already tired of Yuan Tianchu’s bluff.

But Yuan Tianchu stuck to his opinion.

“Impossible, I’m sure this is a test. How can the master of that martial art school let it be closed? Doesn’t he have a sense of responsibility?”

Zhang, who was not far away from them, could hear their conversation clearly.

He felt like being scolded by a bunch of kids.

Lin Fan said, “Okay, whether it is a test or not, we must find a place to rest and talk about this again tomorrow.”

Zhang guessed Lin Fan’s party wanted to learn a martial art.

Just when Lin Fan’s party was about to leave, Zhang Tian who already changed his clothes and held feather accessories smiled, “Dear friends, please stay.”

Yuan Tianchu assumed that was the clue.

Lin Fan said, “I remember that you are not this well dress earlier.”

Although Lin Fan didn’t pay much attention to that man, he clearly remembered that man didn’t wear clothes like that earlier, and it changed in a blink of an eye.

Zhang laughed, “What are you talking about, I guess you are from a faraway place and come here to learn a martial art?”

Lin Fan said, “Are you a fortune-teller?”

Zhang smiled and said nothing while pointing at the name sign beside him.

The Sage.

The content was clear.

But Lin Fan was clever, he could see through what that man’s intention was.

“Clear enough.” Lin Fan nodded.

Zhang laughed, “I see you are in trouble, I can help you to give some directions.”

“There are so many people here, why don’t we come to the restaurant and talk about your problem in private?”

That man was a bit hungry and hasn’t eaten food for days.

Yuan Tianchu has been staring at Zhang. He was so sure that the man in front of him holding the key to meet the master of Palm Mountain.

Lin Fan said, “I’m fine talking here, I’m not hungry right now besides I won’t let you eat for free.”

Zhang was shocked, how did Lin Fan see through him?

“Haha.” Zhang calmed himself. “You misunderstand me, my friend. I just want to talk in private, so no one will eavesdrop us.”

Yuan Tianchu said, “Brother Lin, that makes sense, I think this is a part of the test.”

Zhang changed his focus to Yuan Tianchu because he looked easier to be fooled compared to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan ignored Yuan Tianchu and looked at Zhang, “What is your name?”

“My name is Zhang.” He said.

Zhang didn’t know who Lin Fan and the rest of them were, but since he heard they wanted to learn martial art, he introduced himself.

“You are Zhang Tian.” Lin Fan said quickly.

Zhang shook his head and said, “I am not.”

He suddenly realized he already met troublesome folks, and Lin Fan was the most dangerous.

Lin Fan said, “My father’s name is Lin Wan, he asked me to meet you at Palm Mountain, if you are not him, I will immediately return to Tranquil City.”

Zhang was shocked that the boy in front of him was Master Lin’s son.

Although Master Lin was a rough man, Lin Fan didn’t resemble him at all.

But looking at Lin Fan’s attitude, he believed that he was Master Lin’s son.

After pondered for quite a while, Zhang said with a smile, “So you are my nephew.”

Lin Fan sighed, “I now understand why Palm Mountain bankrupt.”

“Why?” Zhang wondered.

Palm Mountain had bankrupted for a long time, how could that man not even know the reason behind it.

Lin Fan said, “You are… too…”

Zhang wanted to scam Lin Fan, but he innocently said he was the person that Lin Fan was looking for. How high his IQ was.

“Wait, this isn’t a test?” Yuan Tianchu couldn’t accept the reality.

“Hehe.” Liang Yongqi sneered.

“What test? His brain is screwed up.” Liang Yongqi thought.

“This is a letter from my uncle.” Zhou Zhongmao took out the letter.

Zhang Tian took the letter and read it.

His expression changed while reading the letter.

Master Lin only had few true friends, Zhang was one of them.

He was touched by what the letter said.

“Brother Tian, for a few decades, I miss chit-chatting with you while drinking wine. I will wait for your arrival, no matter how long it will take. And today I’ll tell you something. I need your help with that bunch of kids. When you finish reading the letter please burn it. Don’t let my son see it.”

Zhang Tian was touched.

He had met so many people, and only Master Lin that treated him as a friend. After that, he tore the letter and swallowed it.

“What did my dad say?” Lin Fan asked.

Zhang Tian said, “He didn’t say anything important.”

Yuan Tianchu grabbed Zhang’s arm and said, “Can you tell them the Palm Mountain has not closed, and everything is just a test.”

“Where did you get this crazy kid?” Zhang asked Lin Fan.

“He is from Tranquil City too, he comes along to see the world.” Lin Fan said.

Zhang Tian patted Yuan Tianchu’s shoulder. “Kid, this is not a test. This is true. Palm Mountain has really closed down. I can’t say, but it is a bit complicated.”

He didn’t want to remember it.

He rented that mountain, and the rental fee for a year cost hundreds of gold.

And he must also pay all the daily necessities for hundreds of disciples.

But he wasn’t smart enough to start a business and didn’t know enough faces to support his martial art school.

He couldn’t afford the cost he must provide until his school went bankrupt.

The disciples returned to their hometown to be a farmer, and some transferred to another martial art school.

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