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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 12 It’s Good, It’s Very Good


“My son, sorry… You’re the one that pushed me this far.”

Master Lin Wan was furious, and in a flash, he shot the whip, it sounded like the cry of a dragon, the surrounding air was changed.

If that whip really hit Lin Fan, at least he had to lie in bed for months.

“Cousin!” Zhou Zhongmao was shocked. She rushed to where Lin Fan stood, but the whip was like an arrow if we compared it to its speed. Because of the high pressured air when the whip was lashed even if it didn’t hit him directly, it could still hurt him because of the shockwave.

“I have more than enough for you.”

Lin Fan was shocked. This was not like it used to be. Usually he could sell his title as Young Master from Lin Family, but he against his father now so it was useless.

“Now, it’s the time to make a move, but can I block it with my current strength?”

“Ok, I come out.”

Lin Fan avoided the whip, he rolled to the side, quickly got up and ready to dodge again.

“Anywhere in every corner of this world, a son will never teach his father. It is a job for the father to teach his son.”

“Son, I won’t let you stray even further.”

Master Lin Wan screamed.

“Young Master, here is the sword.” The servant threw the sword towards Lin Fan.

Lin Fan attempted to take the sword that his servant brought.

Now, Lin Fan played twin swords style.


He tried to swing his swords.

At the moment he took the swords, Lin Fan felt his body covered by a familiar sensation.

With the two swords in both hands, he felt invincible.

The feeling that only Lin Fan could understand.

“Watch out for my swords play.” Lin Fan took the momentum and roared, leaping into the air, with the swords in his hand his move was like a tiger came down from the mountain, with momentum on his side, he could not let this chance slip away.


When Master Lin Wan saw his movement, suddenly, his heart changed. His madness was a bit reduced.

It seemed as if he saw a miracle.

Actually, Master Lin Wan didn’t want to hurt him, Master Lin Wan brandished his whip with full of calculation, he held back himself, even if it actually hit him, it will just hurt the skin, Lin Fan would not get a severe injury.

Master Lin Wan really wanted to stop his hand.

He just wanted to scare Lin Fan.

But now.

He found a little potential in his son.

Master Lin Wan’s rage was calmed down because of what his son displayed. Although he still kept that cold-faced of him, and his movements did not stop yet.

Master Lin brandished his whip again.

The tip of the whip slammed the ground and rushed toward Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was panicked because he was not used to fight in this world.

But he realized that he could control the swords to move like part of his own body. The swords parried the whip, and he was able to follow Master Lin’s speed.


The sound of the whip echoed.

However, Lin Fan just stood by, he was waiting for the right moment.

“Am I strong?” After Lin Fan’s brief panic, there was a sensation when he held the swords. His mind was calm and focused.

Master Lin Wan stood across him, Master Lin Wan’s eyes twinkling with amazed.

“First Form.”

“Second Form.”

“Combined Form.”

In his case, this “Tiger Swordsmanship”, which was carried out by this man, was extraordinary, and it has reached a level of integration.

This style looked flawless.

Even if there are flaws, Lin Fan could fix it later when he got some rage points.

Master Lin Wan did not speak, nor did he show a sign of joy. Instead, he suppressed Lin Fan, but he seemed like correcting the martial arts that Lin Fan used.

“From this situation, there is still some attack I can’t parry, I will add a little more rage points.”

Today, Lin Fan was in the zone, he enjoyed the fight, he did not expect that swordsmanship could also bring excitement.

Tiger Swordsmanship

“It required 600 points to level it up?! And there are just 621 rage points left.”

“I can do it, just add it already!”

“Tiger Swordsmanship (Highest form).”

The rage points were consumed by 600, reduced to 21 rage points.


Lin Fan felt that the swords in his hand changed. He could tell his swords became one with him. It can even be said that if he closes his eyes, he would be able to know where the swords are.

Master Lin Wan was ready to brandish the whip, like an arrow it was so fast targeted Lin Fan’s lower body.

The biggest weakness in the tiger swordsmanship was the lower body, it would be hard to protect it.

Master Lin Wan wanted to see how much this kid was going to amaze him.

But he thought…

That’s it.

It was enough for him to be shocked.

Lin Fan wanted to keep parrying the whip, but he didn’t expect the whip to bend and roll toward his legs.

However, he did not panic.

The swords in his hand was flexible, the tip of the sword was like a tiger’s claw, it was accurate and precise when piercing the object in front of it, and the whip was stuck on the ground.

Then he pierced the whip by his swords, the whip was split into two pieces.

“This…” Master Lin Wan blinked and was even more shocked than before.

Lin Fan was able to reach a very high level.

The tiger swordsmanship was a unique technique.

When he was young, he also practiced it.

However, he just practiced it to the point he could use it, and then Master Lin Wan stoped.

But he saw Lin Fan could actually use it perfectly with his own eyes.

“This kid has fully mastered the “Tiger Swordsmanship.” Master Lin Wan said.

Even if Lin Fan had already grown so much, he did not stop.

“Is your strength just around this level?!” Lin Fan screamed, he didn’t use his swords, he lifted his foot instead, kicked him out, precisely in the chest of Master Lin Wan.


Master Lin Wan kicked so hard by Lin Fan and flew far enough.

He landed with so many wounds all over his body.

He stared at the sky.

His anger completely disappeared.

Instead, he showed a happy smile.

“Oh, knowing my son can improve so much.”

“The agricultural tax is just too much. Do you say that I am doing the wrong thing here?”

Everyone was greatly shocked.

Usually, if things like this happened, Lin Fan would be excommunicated from Lin Family.


Master Lin Wan fell and just lying on the ground.

Everyone has remained silent.

Chen Guan, who sat on the ground, looked at Lin Fan with a shocked look, and his eyes were sparkling so bright.

“Is this the Young Master that we used to know?”

Everyone thought the same thing at the same time.

The Servant blinked in disbelief.

It was like she saw the wrong person.

“… Cousin…”

Zhou Zhongmao stuttered and only said ‘Cousin’, he did not know what to say.

And at the entrance to the backyard.

Wu Lao learned that the Master had to go to teach Lin Fan some lesson, he rushed forward to catch up, but when he arrived in the backyard, he saw that Lin Fan already fought with the Master.

He wanted to stop it.

“I don’t want my Master to hurt his own son.”

But when he watched them fought for a while.

He realized that something was wrong.

The Young Master actually mastered the “Tiger Swordsmanship” to such high level.

God really never slept.

God has blessed him with such ridiculous strength.

Wu Lao’s heart was started to calm.

at this time.

Master Lin Wan tried to stand up, still with his poker face, raised his hand, and pointed at Lin Fan. “Kid, you are good, really good.”

His tone was a bit flat, maybe because he was exhausted.

Master Lin Wan turned around and left the backyard immediately.

Chen Guan followed Wu Lao.

In the backyard, there are Lin Fan, the Servant, and Zhou Zhongmao.

Lin Fan stood there and raised his hand. “My Servant, hurry up.”

“Young Master.” The Servant was blushed and looked so excited.

“My Servant, what do you think? Did I choose the wrong path? I mean, all of that incident is unexpected.” Lin Fan was a little confused.

Lin Fan couldn’t think about anything right now.

He was too exhausted, Tiger Swordsmanship put a lot of burden into his body.

Moreover, he used the ultimate form of Tiger Swordsmanship.

Master Lin Wan stood up, he walked away from the backyard and suddenly laughed. “Ha ha ha ha… good, good.”

Finally, for once, Master Lin Wan was proud to have Lin Fan as his son.

“Wu Lao, let’s drink together.”

Wu Lao trembled, his eyes were ready to cry, “Master…”

“What Master?” Master Lin Wan laughed.

“Brother.” Wu Lao smiled, since the death of his wife, Wu Lao has never seen him looking so happy like this.

“Come on, let’s drink until tomorrow morning! You see that? My son really had balls. Liang Jia, Yuan Jia, just wait for him to surprise you.” Master Lin Wan laughed, a bright smile appeared on his face.

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