I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 13 This Is To Clear The Bones


“Cousin, you are so powerful, you can utilize the Tiger Swordsmanship to such a point. Why are you hiding it from me?”

“If you tell about it to Your Father long ago, he will not be so angry.”

Zhou Zhongmao admired his cousin more than before.

Lin Fan rested on the chair, and he slammed the swords to the ground, he didn’t look at it again. “My Servant, hurry up, get some fruit, the weather is very hot.”

“My dear cousin, I feel so bored right now. Just lying on the chair like this, it’s killing me.” Lin Fan talked to Zhou Zhongmao.

He has no strength anymore to stroll around.

But he really wanted to play.

Being a Young Master really stressed him out, but if he was a commoner that would definitely kill him.

Zhou Zhongmao patted his head. “Cousin, how can it be boring? Learning martial arts is the most interesting thing.”

Lin Fan realized that his cousin was a martial arts demon. He was a meathead.

“Cousin, what do you think about my strength? What do I lack?” Lin Fan asked.

Zhou Zhongmao thought about it. “I’m not sure. Uncle hasn’t shown us his true strength, but as far as I know his strength is more than you can imagine.”

“Although the cousin is also very powerful, but if we compare to Uncle, it will be a different story. If he fights seriously, no one can predict what will happen.”

“Long ago, he gets a challenge to fight with 12 strongest fighters in the continent.”

“But Uncle didn’t say anything. He just put the finger on their shoulder, and they are all finished.”

They all tried their best against him, but they still failed.

In contrast with the uncle who looked so relax all the time.

In the end, I only said that the road is still very long, but don’t you worry, in the meantime, you will get stronger too.

“My Old Man was so great.” Lin Fan was surprised.

Could it be that he already mastered the legendary technique water release?

“Yeah, very powerful.” Zhou Zhongmao nodded his head and expressed his admiration for the powerful strength of Master Lin Wan. When he talked about strong people, his eyes were glittering and shone bright.

Lin Fan thought that he would surpass his Father as time goes by.

After he listened to Zhou Zhongmao’s words.

There was still some pressure in his heart earlier, but now the weight was lifted up from his shoulder.

The Nobles family, they were jealous of each other, they were all so greedy and didn’t hesitate to kill each other.

Seized wealth from each other.

If one got in trouble with the Nobles, everything they do against the nobles was useless.

But now it was alright for Lin Fan.

His cousin said that the Old Man was strong, what else could they say?

“If you didn’t enjoy your life, you would live a life full of regret later on. As for the affairs between nobles, my Old Man would handle it for me.” Lin Fan thought in his mind.


The Servant came back with iced fruit.

The privilege that only nobles could have.

In the fruit plate, there were ice cubes, the fruit was very well served, the grapes are peeled off, the apple-like fruit was engraved with the ‘Young Master’ on the surface.

From the inside out, it was all about wealth.

“Why must I go through this? My legs is still trembling even now.” Lin Fan said.

“Get well, Young Master.” The Servant kneeled on the floor, and he gave him a massage.

Lin Fan seemed to enjoy it.

Zhou Zhongmao’s mood was unstable because of this scene, plus he had not fully recover yet from an earlier event.

“Cousin, i can’t wait for us to practice together.”

Lin Fan glanced at Zhou Zhongmao and waved his hand: “That’s a big no, go practice by yourself.”

“The weather was so hot. And he wants to keep practice?”

“That’s not a good joke, I’m already sweating and stinky.”

“Unless… he is a maniac or something?”

Lin Fan talked to himself in his mind.

“My Servant, are we free from my Old Man?” Lin Fan asked casually.

Today, Lin Fan hasn’t seen him yet.

Maybe he hid somewhere?

Lin Fan’s Old Man was a long-term asset as the rage points provider, he couldn’t let him go.

He thought of one thing.

In this world, when many people reached old age, they would have their own complex. They thought that they couldn’t help their children, and they thought they were outdated.

They would be more sensitive.

Therefore, he would have his Old Man acknowledge him. That he was useful for the Lin Family.

“Maybe, Young Master.” said the Servant.

There were many good farms in Lin territory, but they were uneven. The main reason was that those who live in the countryside did not deserve to have good fields.

“It’s indeed a good land, but unfortunately it can’t grow anything. I have to do something about it.”

When Lin Fan had an idea, no one can stop him.

The Servant had a bad feeling about this: “Young Master, please reconsider it again, the Master already calmed down a bit, if the Master is angry again, the consequences…”

The Servant thought.

In the end, the Young Master was not satisfied with what his Father did. What he really liked was to go against his Father.

Lin Fan didn’t take it for granted. He said: “What is so wrong with that? Even if you didn’t like it, I will keep doing it, I just want to fix something that is not right. If you still want to keep talking about this, better stop it, I want to have a good rest now.”

He was really tired.

After the battle.

He found that martial arts were not suitable for him. He just wanted to enjoy his life to its fullest.

Collected rage points were not bad, but it was still troublesome.

After he distributed rage points to power indicator until it reached twenty-four, his stamina was increased, and there was a feeling of strange power.

Outside the city.

Wangjia village.

In that village, there were private farms that served vegetables, fruits, and meats for the Lin family. The people in that village were prepared for the consequences because they couldn’t afford to pay this year’s tax.

Unexpectedly, Lin Fan was not only reducing the tax but also exempting them from this year’s tax.

Although the whole village still has a problem that they did not have enough food to eat, this year there was no pressure from the tax, the smile on their face was so sincere.

The village chief sat in front of the village gate, smoking and frowning.

He stared at the distant sky.

He thought heaven was not fair.

He felt so powerless.

But as long as they could past through this year, they thought next year would be fine.

They promised to Lin Family’s heir, they must fulfill it with their best effort. Even if it drought again next year, they should pay the tax, they still could sell the iron.

“Wang Lao.”

In the distance, an old man came with a younger man.

But the sadness was painted on their faces.

Wang Lao looked and said: “Are you okay?”

Those two were people from the next village.

The old man was the village chief, and the younger one was his son.

“Wang Lao, what do you say about this year’s tax? Hey, this year’s weather is unpredictable, we won’t know when it will rain.” The old man sighed and didn’t know what to do.

Then the old man asked Wang Lao.

“Do you have enough to pay this year’s tax?”

The purpose of the old man coming here was to seek some help.

Wang Jia Village seemed had some extra rations left, but if they paid taxes, it would be in the same conditions with this old man village.

“Tax?” Wang Lao shook his head and smiled: “This year, we didn’t have to pay taxes.”

The old man was shocked. “Are you crazy? Wang Jia Village will be over!”

In Old Man’s opinion, Wang Lao was crazy.

The consequences for not paying the taxes were unimaginable.

Even if this year’s weather was not good, you couldn’t do anything.

“Wang Lao, Master Lin Wan was a cruel one, i suggest you to pay taxes instead.” The man said.

Wang Lao raised his hand: “It’s not like that. Young Master Lin Fan with Chen Guan came this morning to collect taxes. Young Master Lin Fan saw the situation in here. Young Master, he shows us compassion. He exempt us from the taxes this year. Also the tax is reduced. In the future, we will only have to pay a 10% tax regardless of the amount of the harvest.”

The old man did not hear clearly what Wang Lao said. He wanted to persuade Wang Lao not to against the nobles.


They both stopped.

They thought what Wang Lao said earlier, it seems wrong.

No tax for this year?

Reduced tax in the future?

Was that a lie?

This year’s weather was crazy, but this news was more even crazier.

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