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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 14 So Painful, The Eyes Are Swollen


In the afternoon.

The rumor about tax exemption in Wangjia Village was spread in many villages.

When they first heard it, no one believed it and thought it just a rumor.

It was so hard for them to believe the nobles to exempt the agricultural tax.

But the people in Wang Jia Village didn’t bother about the others said.

Some people wanted to boycott tax from Lin Family.

But it could be quickly handled by Master Lin Wan’s henchmen.

If those people wanted to boycott the tax system from the two major families, they will see their creator faster.

Because they were scared the entire village got slaughtered, no one has yet made a fuss for it.

But today.

Many people, especially in Wang Jia Village, remembered the Young Master Lin Fan’s kindness.

They thought to celebrate a particular day, the day when Lin Fan exempt them for the tax.

At night.

Liang Family.

They had a feast tonight.

Liang Yongqi was the third son of Liang Family, and his status was very high in Liang Family.

He also has a big brother and a big sister.

As for the big sister, he didn’t bother at all what she wanted to do.

Because for him, the only threat was the big brother, Liang Yichu.

Whether in appearance, status, or in martial arts, his big brother Liang Yichu was better than him.

But even the fact was very clear he got no chance,

He still thought about to be the heir of the Liang family, the only master.

On the main hall.

The Liang family discussed about the tax rumor, they have put down the chopsticks, and started to talk. “I got the news this afternoon. Lin Family’s heir went to Wang Jia Village. He even made a decree for Wang Jia Village to exempt this year’s tax. He also bluntly say that the annual tax revenue will only be 10%. If this Lin family already handed over into his hands, I knows how it end.”

It would be an exciting topic.

Liang Yongqi bluntly said: “Father, that kid is a waste, all he wants just eat and stroll around, he is useless, even he show the compassion to the commoners, when the Lin family dies in his hands, let’s see who will pity him.”

 “Well, what the third son say it is reasonable.” Master Liang nodded, he agreed.

 For Liang Yongqi, every time he thought about Lin Fan, his heart was burned hot.

He breathed in the aroma of the tea to calm his nerve.

“Big brother, what do you think about this guy?” Liang Yongqi asked.

Liang Yichu was so handsome and charismatic.

“My youngest brother, I don’t think that Lin guy is doing a stupid thing. This year’s weather is greatly influenced the harvest, appropriate tax cuts, or exemption from this year’s tax. It’s not stupid at all, he give those civilians a way to live.”

“Father, youngest brother, i think that we can also reduce taxes appropriately so that the civilians can remember the kindness of our Liang family.”

Under the dinner table.

Miss Liang, kicked her big brother with her feet.

She didn’t want her brother to discuss that matter.

“Oh!” Liang Yongqi smiled. “Big brother, i disagree with you. What is the use of those people’s safety for us? How many people outside the city want us to help them, do you think one or two silver coins would be enough? Just let them be a slave and they will not worry about food anymore.”

Liang Yichu shook his head. “My Younger Brother, don’t say that, no matter what, every life is precious.”

“Father, now Lin family takes the lead, and our Liang family does not lack funds too, I think it is better to extemp this year’s tax.”


Master Liang slammed the table, and the tableware was scattered. “Oh God, I can’t believe this. How can I hand over Liang Family to you in the future? You must learn from your Youngest Brother.”

“Lady Su just arrived at Yucheng City. I will go to meet her tomorrow with my third son. You, as the Eldest Brother, will stay at home to reflect what you said earlier.”

After finished, Master Liang Jia left the dining hall and walked toward the backyard.

Liang Yongqi had a smile on his face and looked at his eldest brother. He wanted to tease him. “Big brother, it is useless, just look at how Lin Family has fallen because of their heir.”

Then he seemed to be thinking of something.

“Lady Su arrives in the city, and I find something interesting. I have to arrange a meeting with her. Big brother, the second sister, take it slowly. Your youngest brother will take the lead.”

 At the dinner hall.

Many of Liang Family elders ate their luxurious food.

“We are all brothers. Is it okay to do that? How can our youngest brother act like that?!” Second Sister was upset.

Liang Yichu shook his head. “Our youngest brother is still green, he will understand it later.”

at this time.

A maid came and bring a bowl of soup. “Young Master, My Lady, this is the signature soup of our chef. Please, have a taste.”

Lady Liang looked at the maid and smiled. “Yafei, I will accompany you to cook.”

After she exchanged a word, Lady Liang walked away.

In the banquet hall, many people would hear their conversation. So they took a precaution.

At midnight.

The moon shone brightly.

Lin Family’s backyard was very quiet.

Lin Fan was lying on the bed, fast asleep, and the voice of his snored gave a unique harmony to the quiet backyard.

The window was pushed open, it made a loud sound.

There was a figure near the window.

That person wore a ghost mask, so scary.

Also wearing a black assassin suit, he stood so quietly.

An ordinary person, won’t notice this person’s presence.

Lin Fan was slept and looked like he had a good dream.

Did he realize there was an assassin in his house?

The assassin stood at the window, he hid his identity, but if he took off the mask, Lin Fan would be surprised.

Even though the sound was so loud.

Lin Fan still sleeping?

After he observed the situation, the masked man slipped through the window and took out his dagger.

The bell rang

“What?! Who is…”

Lin Fan finally woke up.

When he looked at the window, he found that someone in a black suit jumped in.

He was so surprised.

His heart pumped fast.

“Does someone here to assassinate me?”

He thought for a moment.

“I haven’t offended anyone recently.”

Well… The fact was, he offended the Young Master of the Liang family, Lady Su From Su Family, a few days ago.

“Who are you? What are you doing in my house? I am a Young Master, Lin Fan. If you want to mess with me, I won’t let you go.”


“There are assassins.”

“Come and save me!”

When Lin Fan finished, he ran to the door.

“Rage +30.”

The black suit man did not expect Lin Fan to yell.

His footsteps were noiseless, and he clenched his fist.

In this small house, it would be hard for Lin Fan to retreat.

“Whoa, look at his movement!”

Lin Fan was worried, he could only retreat through the other side.

To distribute rage points into power indicator until it hit 24 might be not too bad.

With just one hit, the assassin nearly fainted.

Lin Fan tried to make an opportunity to escape.

Lin Fan exchanged blow with the assassin a few times.


He found that this assassin was not skillful enough.

Maybe it would work.


Lin Fan got his confidence back.

“I can do it, I can beat him.”

“Mr. Assassin, you have some guts, you dare to come at me, although you are very weak?” Lin Fan, with just his fist, cornered the assassin.

“Rage +50.”

“Oh, are you angry? Uh… I’m so afraid of you.” Lin Fan teased him.

Previously Lin Fan was panicked like a chicken, but now he was so confident.

“I will uncover this thug.”

There was a sound coming from outside.

“Cousin, I am coming, hold on.” Zhou Zhongmao shouted she worried about Lin Fan’s safety.

Lin Fan and the Assassin kept exchanges blow, Lin Fan looked really confident.


The assassin punched Lin Fan’s right eye.

After he landed a punch the assassin jumped out of the window. Before he left, something dropped from his body, then he disappeared into the darkness in an instant, like a ghost.

“my eyes.”

“It hurts!.”

Lin Fan sat down and held his right eye.

“Just you wait! I will pay you back, with full interest!” Lin Fan looked so upset.

“Cousin, are you okay?” Zhou Zhongmao came in with a guard and talked in a panic.

“I’m not okay, my eyes are swollen. Can you look at it?” Lin Fan blinked his eyes and was really in pain.

Zhou Zhongmao orders the guards. “Guards, bring me the intruder!”

 “Yes, My Lady.”

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