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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 15 If There Is Plenty Of Food, Nothing To Do


It didn’t take too long.

The guards came and surrounded the backyard.

“Instructor, we can’t find the trace of the assassin.” There are reports from the guards.

Zhou Zhongmao waved his hand and let the guards go back to their post. The Assassin dared to come to kill Lin Fan, his cousin, and this person was well prepared.

He was puzzled.

Although his cousin was powerful, when he fought with the martial arts expert, it would be unpredictable.

By the way, the Assassin who came was just too weak.

Lin Fan looked in the mirror, he sighed, saw himself in the mirror, looking so tired, and the most shocking part was…

“What?! How can my flawless face have these eye bags?”

“This will ruin my face. Look at these eye bags! It will ruin my charm. How dare that scum woke me up in the middle of the night.”

As a noble, the most important thing was his image.

“Cousin, we got a big prize in here. Look what I found! The assassin might be the one who drop it while he is trying to escape” Zhou Zhongmao was very afraid. He afraid Lin Fan would get hurt.

If he caught the Assassin, maybe he would torture that person until he begged to be killed instead.

But hey, he left a clue here.

The Servant took medicine to treat Lin Fan’s wound.

Fortunately, the Servant found it in time.

Otherwise, the wound would get worse.

Lin Fan smeared the medicine into his wound. “What’s the matter.”

“Ziyang Fourth Scripture? Cousin, this seems to be a Spiritual Power technique.”

Zhou Zhongmao was surprised. He did not expect the Assassin to drop this kind of dangerous scripture.

This Spiritual Power was no less important.

Just like the Martial arts style and Power, it was the “Cultivation Technique” and “Spiritual Power” that Master Lin Wan passed to him.

“Spiritual Power? Is it useful?” Lin Fan didn’t just realize it just yet, he just wanted to find this Assassin, hit the Assassin in the face, to pay back what the Assassin do to his eyes.

Zhou Zhongmao wanted her cousin to practice and said, “Cousin, can you teach me how to use the Spiritual Power? You see…”

Lin Fan watch Zhou Zhongmao stretching out, shaping his clenching his hand like a knife, and the vase suddenly shattered into pieces, then it shattering into pieces.

It was hard to see it, but there was a kind of power that was emitted from Zhou Zhongmao.

He couldn’t see it clearly just from the naked eye.

“And then what?” Lin Fan glanced. “Cousin, the problem now is that you are ignorant. You think that Spiritual Power is useless?”

“Cousin, your talent is absolutely unparalleled in the entire world. Otherwise it is impossible to master the “Tiger Swordsmanship” in a short period.”

“As long as the cousin is willing to train your Mind Power, you will definitely become a peerless powerhouse like Uncle.”

Zhou Zhongmao hoped that his cousin was motivated to practice.

Lin Fan raised his hand and asked his cousin to stop talking about it.

He realized one thing.

This Ziyang Fourth Scripture was dropped by the Assassin.

That means that this stuff was essential for the Assassin.

“My Servant.” Lin Fan thought of something out of the box again. “Take it, and make a copy of it, and give it to everyone in our family who can learn it.”

“Yes, Young Master.” The Servant answered.

Zhou Zhongmao was suffocated, the idea of her ​​cousin was uncomprehended.

Lin Fan didn’t want those things. “On the night, when everybody standby by on their post, order some people to guard me, and the rest can sleep.”

He was shocked that he got Assassinated.

But even if there were guards, Lin Fan realized they won’t be very useful if the Assassin came back.

At that time, he wanted to cry, but the tears won’t come out.

“Cousin, you can sleep peacefully, I am guarding outside tonight, I will never let anyone hurt you.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

Lin Family’s Residence. At The Library.

Master Lin Wan took off the ghost mask on his face. “Goddammit! How can it end up this way?”

If Lin Fan knew that the Assassin who hurt his eyes was his own Father.

He must be shocked, like a thunder struck on daylight.

But, did he to go that far?

Lin Fan growth was not a topic that could easily be ignored.

However, for Lin Wan, he gave that effort just to train his own son.

“Well, whatever, just call it a day.”

Lin Fan did not disappoint Master Lin Wan for the time being.

Although Lin Fan couldn’t use Spiritual Power just yet, but the Strength of Lin Fan has reached a certain level.

Especially the mastery level of the “Tiger Swordsmanship.”

It has reached the point where average people couldn’t get there.

Great power was given from a different realm.

Master Lin Wan started to meditate, his mind was focused.

His spirit was transported to the Six Realm.

These Six Realms, as long as the first three realm has been conquered, you may be able to integrate with the power of the universe.

In the first three realms, a certain skill was needed. As to transport back to the present realm, it was extremely difficult.

Even the twin swords technique only just child’s play in compared the difficulty of entered the Six Realm.

If one could really master it and return to the present realm, the power that one could manifest was unimaginable.

Wu Lao entered the library.


Master Lin Wan smiled and said: “How is that kid?”

Wu Lao shook his head and smiled. “Master, you are right, his right eye is swollen. But if he is not strong enough, he will get serious wounds.”

And after the Young Master gets the “Ziyang Fourth Scripture”, he didn’t show much interest. Instead, he gives it to his Servant, and tell his servant to make many copy of it, so everyone in the family can have it, and post it in the backyard too. So everyone who has the ability could learn it.

Master Lin Wan was very concerned about his son.

He wanted to give his son the scripture without anyone realizing it.

And in the end, everyone could learn it.

His son had compassion for the commoners.

Even his son got an amazing Scripture.

His son was not interested. Even his son gave a copy of the scripture to everyone.


“What do you think about him?”

“Master, it seems this method is not working. The Young Master still hasn’t shown any sign of interest in martial arts, after all.” Wu Lao said, “The Young Master can mastering the “Tiger Swordsmanship” and he can have a great impact on the world. It is enough to see that the Young Master is extraordinary, if you ruined it, you would regret it.”

“Your son, he really is a unique one.”

After he heard these words, Master Lin Wan’s anger began to burst again.

Shocking him in the morning.

Haunting him at night.

Well… His son was, indeed, a unique one.

“Retrieve the Scripture!” Master Lin Wan said.

Wu Lao thought for a moment and said: “Master, I don’t think it is necessary to take it back. It is posted in the backyard. The Young Master sees it every day. One day he might be getting interested to learn it.”

“I already tell my men to guarding the backyard, so no one dares to steal the scripture.”

Master Lin Wan sighed and said nothing more.

He raised his hand and gave a signal to Wu Lao.

Wu Lao left the library and went out of the house. He looked up at the moon and sighed. “Young Master, you have to work hard, and the time is near.”

The next day, early in the morning.

Lin Family’s backyard.

Inside the house.

Lin Fan opened his eyes, thanks to the medicine he used last night. It was already healed.

He looked to the mirror.

“I still can’t get over it.”

Lin Fan had a headache, and his right eye was like a panda eye, it would affect his image in front of people.

The Servant came in and prepared Lin Fan to the bath.

Lin Fan had no choice but to ask questions.

“My Servant, do you want to go out if you were like this? Will you be able to act normal?” Lin Fan asked.

“Young Master, your image will never be ruined just because of this, even if your right eye is a bit black, it definitely won’t affect your charm.” The Servant said.



He found that the Rage Points in The System went up.

Rage points: 1201.

The Rage Points seemed to be only 101 points last night.

How did he get so much when he slept?

Who was it?

Was it possible that you could make someone angry while sleeping?

Well… He couldn’t help it.

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