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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 16 Will Be Finished


The Servant saw Lin Fan just sat there doing nothing.

She thought Lin Fan was afraid to go out with his right eye swollen like that.

“The Young Master, please don’t go out today, will you just take a rest in the house?” the Servant suggested.

“Resting? I had plenty of it yesterday, my body is itching, you know, I need to stretch it a little. Even if my right eye is still swollen, like a panda eye, I still need to see my people. Hurry up!”

“And also, I will call Chen Guan.”

Young Master Lin Fan did not want to stay in the house. Even if his right eye was swollen, he didn’t want to just sit down and do nothing is his house.

Lin Fan waited for Chen Guan to come to the gate.

Chen Guan came in a hurry and wiped his sweat. “Young Master, where are you going?”

He panicked.

The Young Master wanted to go out again.

He was afraid that The Young Master might cause trouble again, then his Father entered ‘rage mode’ again.

“Chen Guan, did Father know that I was assassinated last night?” Lin Fan asked.

“Yes, he knows it.” Chen Guan answered.

Lin Fan was a little sad. His father knew that his only son got assassinated but didn’t say anything.

“Just forget it.” Lin Fan thought in his mind.

“I better off stroll around and have some fun to forget my sadness.”

“Cousin, are you going to go out? I have arranged the things for today, so I can go with you, for the time being, to ensure that the assassin can’t make a move again.” Zhou Zhongmao came to join in.

He didn’t want to leave him alone.

On the way to the city.

Inside of carriage.

“Cousin, you didn’t sleep much last night, you should you take a rest for awhile.” Zhou Zhongmao was always thinking about Lin Fan first before himself.

Zhou Zhongmao put his hand on Lin Fan’s side, “My Cousin, I can’t bear this, I will not close my eyes for five days straight, and I won’t get tired.”

What he said earlier was the result of the martial arts realm.

Ordinary people would get tired to stay awake for five days straight, but he won’t.

“Cousin, that is too much, I will put your mind at ease in the future, so you won’t need to  worry about me again.” Lin Fan patted Zhou Zhongmao’s shoulder, sighed, what can he say?

“Cousin…” Zhou Zhongmao’s heart was throbbed. He felt so loved by his cousin.

“Cousin…” Lin Fan patted her head and said: “Let’s go.”

Lin Family’s Residence.

“Is my son in the backyard?” Master Lin Wan asked.

He sat there and took a sip the tea.

His mind was relaxed even in a weekday.

As long as the order of the city was perfectly maintained because that was the most important thing.

Wu Lao: “The Young Master is going out.”


When Master Lin Wan heard it, he was angry again. He clenched his fist, the teacup was broken and gritted his teeth: “That kid… How did he so good to get in my nerve? How can I hold back my anger? If that kid keeps causing trouble for me”

Wu Lao shook his head. Recently, because of Master Lin Wan, Rage Points has increased significantly.

“Rage +50.”

Lin Fan, who was walking around in the city, saw his Rage Points went up again, but he didn’t know what to say.

Well… why bother?

In fact, that was good for him.

Allocating Rage Points was important.

He just allocated it to “Tiger Swordsmanship” several times, it was a necessary thing, to notice the difference.

Because his body was not ready yet to manifest the full power of his ability.

If he allocated it just to the Body Indicator, he would regret it later.

“Chen Guan, who is the person that build this road? How can they build it without bricks? It’s uncomfortable to step on.” Lin Fan said.

Chen Guan was upset.

What the Young Master mention earlier?

Why people not comfortable?

“Young Master, this road is not our property, the cost of brick paving is really too high.” Chen Guan explained.

Lin Fan shook his head, and he looked dissatisfied.

“Don’t question me before you ask what I’m trying to do. Take me to see the material store.” Lin Fan got some ideas.

As a noble, he must do something shocking because he could do that with his family power.

Even if no one would support him, he would do it anyway.

He had his own understanding of the situation.

And his old man might be his precious source to farm Rage Points.

As long as he didn’t leave the city and don’t make a big ruckus, there should be no problems.

If he really needed some problem, his old man was more than enough.

“Young Master…” Chen Guan looked helpless, the Young Master insisted on going, he couldn’t stop it. He should know when he decided to go with him, something like this was bound to happen.

The Great Lin Family.

In the end, all of their wealth would fall into Lin Fan’s hand.

Passing through the pavilion.

“Hey, if it is not Young Master Lin Fan.”

“Hey, what’s wrong with your right eye? Who did that to you?” Liang Yongqi, with his Servant, bought something in the city. The Servant behind him held a big bag, but the Servant was afraid and hid.

Obviously, the Servant was afraid of Liang Yongqi.

Lin Fan stopped, glared at Liang Yongqi, Lin Fan felt uncomfortable, he tried to start a conversation: “Kiss your ass!”

And that was his sweet conversation.

Liang Yongqi was obviously angry. “Young Master Lin… Please talk nicely, would you? Hold your horses.”

“Rage +66.”

“Well… You got a problem? You are the third son of Liang Family, and you want me to talk nicely? Look, your big brother is coming, I’m done here.” Lin Fan said.

“You…” Liang Yongqi was angry, but he tried to keep his composure, but just by few sweet words from Lin Fan.

“Rage +88.”

Lin Fan didn’t really want to talk to this LOW LIFE.

True, it was easy to farm Rage Points from him, but Lin Fan just really disliked him.

Liang Yongqi said a few more words.

“Lin Fan, are you this useless? And look, your face says it.” Liang Yongqi said it with so much hatred, and at that time, he felt he got the upper hand.

The commoners around there were hidden far away.

The commoners just avoid Lin Fan and Liang Yongqi wouldn’t get in trouble.

“Listen, you are the useless one here. You are just a backup. Your big brother must always be in your way, huh?” Lin Fan switched his gear now.

Liang Yongqi, he was dumbfounded, he couldn’t reply Lin Fan immediately because what Lin Fan said was true.

“Rage +100.”

“What did you say?” Liang Yongqi groaned, his eyes were burned red.

Lin Fan didn’t think so. “You are just a backup.”





“Rage +223.”

Liang Yongqi was unable to reply to Lin Fan’s word. His chest was about to explode any minute now. Then he said: “Today, I will teach you a precious lesson.”

The servants behind him faced each other.

Their face was like ‘Are you serious?’

Liang Yongqi would get a precious lesson today.

Well… It would be a good exercise for Lin Fan.

Lin Fan shook his head. He pitied Liang Yongqi.

The good for nothing Liang Family would collapse like this.

But he thought it was fine, it would be a feast of Rage Points.

“Cousin…” Lin Fan gave a sign.

When One was outside, One might be involved in trouble, but not exactly like him, of course.

However, there was Zhou Zhongmao, he always wanted to protect Lin Fan, Liang Yongqi would have big big trouble.

“Okay, cousin.” Zhou Zhongmao was very obedient, regardless of the status of Liang Yongqi, he rushed straight up and beat him good.

Lin Fan didn’t want to see.




Zhou Zhongmao beat him up and down, right and left, he got no chance.

If there were a big musician who saw these guys, maybe the inspiration would overflow inside his head.

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