I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 17 The Rumor Spread Like A Fire


Lotus Pavilion.

Liang Yongqi lied down and he couldn’t even move his finger.

His servants only stood there while their feet was trembling.

“Why?!” Liang Yongqi burst into tears, like a river, he couldn’t stop it.

These three had been beaten.

Their body was bruised.

Liang Yongqi snarled with anger.

“Lin Fan!! I don’t want to live under the same sky as you! I will pay you with full interest.”


The roar was like a wild animal.

“Rage +333.”

The servants was hiding because they were afraid.

Their Young Master was beaten and on a rampage. Of course, the servants were afraid.

The commoners, who were hiding far enough, seemed to enjoy watching Lin Fan gave Liang Yongqi a lesson.

To the commoners, every single noble was the same, but they heard Lin Fan was different, many people talked about his good deeds.

Liang Yongqi felt there was no power left in his body, he looked up then he fiercely said, “Just wait for me, you motherf*cker!”

After Lin Fan was done gave Liang Yongqi lessons, the commoners returned to their activity.

The commoners had hated the nobles, but they just doing nothing because they’re afraid.

Liang Yongqi, he stood, then he walked away.

His hatred will not let him forgot this day forever.

Chen Guan thought that Young Master has caused trouble.

A Young Master from Liang Family was beaten, Chen Guan was afraid Liang Family would come to discuss this matter.

If he remembered the relationship between Master Lin Wan and Lin Fan…

Whoops, it seemed like Lin Fan might face huge trouble.

Many people had gathered outside the city.

Many of these people were refugees and the homeless.

“Chen Guan, where do these people come? Did you know why so many of them gathered here?” Lin Fan asked.

Chen Guan answered, “I think, these people from all over the region. There are so many possibilities for the cause, maybe a natural disaster destroy their home, or maybe war between nobles?”

“And nobody cares about it?” Lin Fan felt compassion towards the refugees, this scene broke his heart.

But Chen Guan realized Lin Fan’s plan to act about this matter.

Even before Lin Fan talked about it.

“No.” Chen Guanwu shook his head.

He thought Lin Fan should enjoy his life like the old days.

He never saw this version of Lin Fan that had compassion towards commoners.

Lin Fan could get a heatstroke because he stood at the gate until afternoon.

Many people noticed his presence.

Their face was so exhausted, and they were so skinny.

Usually, in a situation like this, people would cry for help. They would call the Master’s name, they would beg for mercy at least to let their loves one entered.

But looking at this situation, they were so desperate, they really wanted to enter.

“Chen Guan, tell me, if I let these people come in, will my father really kill me for good?” Lin Fan asked.

This is it!

Chen Guan slammed his head into the wall.

“Young Master, please, don’t.”

Chen Guan has lived for decades and has never been so frightened.

“I just want to talk.” Lin Fan said.

Chen Guan was relieved. “Oh, God….”

What the Young Master said next completely shocked him.

“I just want to talk, whether he kills me or not, I must help these people.” Lin Fan said.

“This is not only about compassion. It’s to defend the Lin family’s wealth.

Lin Fan was very thoughtful.

To keep this Great Family’s reign.

He thought he could make the whole Lin Family realize that the farmers was important for their the economy.

And also, previous field tax was enough.

Lin Fan was in the ‘do or die’ situation.

But that was still not enough to feed all the refugees.

If Lin Fan used the spare land, it would be enough.

Chen Guan respected to Lin Fan.

Chen Guan didn’t know what to say.

He thought it was indeed reasonable.

But he didn’t know why he always felt something is off.

“Cousin, do you think I’m doing the right thing?” Lin Fan asked.

Zhou Zhongmao nodded. “What you are doing was right, cousin. You have my support.”

The Servant nodded without a word.

Lin Fan was an open-minded person, and also he could gain trust from people around him easily.

“Chen Guan, you can rest assured, you don’t know a thing about this, I will take full responsibility of it.” Lin Fan patted Chen Guan’s shoulders.

It was not easy to gain respect and trust from Chen Guan.

But Chen Guan put so much respect to him.

“My Servant, talk to refugees, just say that the Young Master is giving them a chance to cultivate the land, everyone who wants it, follow us.” Lin Fan said.

“Yes, Young Master, I’ll go immediately .” The parent of the servant was a slave. He was lucky enough to serve the Lin family. He was more than blessed to eat foods and wore clothes from the noble house.


The servant ran towards these people.

Actually, Chen Guan really wanted to stop her.

“Young Master, can we stop here?” Well… If Master Lin Wan knows, it would be ‘the end’.


There were rumors spreading.

Apparently, the servant brought a message from Lin Fan, so everyone got shocked.

“Hear me out! This is the Young Master message. He can’t bear to see you all in a state like this. If you believe him, you may follow him. But if you choose to not believe, you may wait for your death to come slowly.”

The servant was representing Lin Fan gave a little time for the refugees to discuss the matter.

at this time.

The people look at each other.

“Is this true?”

“Do you believe a noble would act like that?”

Everyone was still unmoved.

The refugees didn’t believe at all the noble’s families would give them the fields.

Lin Fan felt there was something off.

Were the refugees so wary of nobles?

If the refugees didn’t want to plant the field, Lin Fan’s plan would be messed up.

But actually, Chen Guan was relieved.

He was grateful for the refugees did not believe that.

It seemed what he afraid of won’t happen.

“Why? My Young Master gives you the field, don’t you feel happy?” The servant was in a hurry.

What happened?

Even though this was a good thing, no one was interested in it.

at this time.

Some of the refugees said: “How can the noble be so good toward us? This person must be lying to us.”

Chen Guan said: “Young Master, look at them, just forget it already, they will not believe it.”

“This is odd, why the refuges didn’t want take the offer.” Lin Fan waved his hand, and he shouted: “I am Young Master Lin Fan, I’m not lying, you…”

Lin Fan’s speech hasn’t finished yet, but there was already a commotion on the refugees’ side.

“You are Young Master Lin Fan?”

“If it’s Young Master Lin Fan, we believe it!”

Finally, the refugees believe then they wanted to take the fields.

When the refugees came here, they passed through Wang Jia Village. The people there told that Lin’s Young Master was a good person. The Young Master has exempted them from this year’s tax.

In the eyes of the commoners, Lin Fan was the man they would follow with their life on the line.

But there was still doubtfulness left in the refugees’ heart.

“Don’t hesitate, hurry up, I have to go somewhere after this, I don’t have all day to talk about this matter.” Lin Fan urged.

Everything Lin Fan did until now was just on a whim, but thanks to that, he gained the commoner’s trust, which was hard to obtain for noble.

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