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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 18 Must Eliminate The Danger


Chen Guan looked at a large number of refugees on the street.

He wanted to crush them for good.

He thought this was too much.

He already thought of Master Lin Wan’s expression.

Long ago.

When the Master saw Lin Fan, Master was disappointed toward Lin Fan, but now the disappointment turned into anger.

Their relationship already turned into the worst scenario.

Not long afterwards.

“My God, this is too much.”

Chen Guan led the refugees to the Lin Family’s empty land.

But there was too many of them gathered here.

The farmland was filled with so much wild grass, and it was very tall.

Chen Guan didn’t know what kind of plant that was, but its height was about one meter.

Lin Fan looked at it and said: “Chen Guan, you see, this is exactly like what you said, but fortunately, I’m a man with a vision, I’ll find the problem in time, I’ll take care of it. Otherwise, this good land will become a wasteland.”

“I admit it, but still, I can’t accept it for the government administration reason.”

Chen Guan’s management was already full of problems.

He had already thought of what would happen if Master Lin heard about it.

“Young Master, please, reconsider it again.” Chen Guan reminded him.

Lin Fan was mature enough and could act responsibly.

Every word that he said represented Lin Family.

He really understood it.

Not too long ago, Lin Fan exempted the tax for Wang Jia Village. He really wanted to do it so the farmers could have a better life.

Although His Father would be angry about it, he didn’t waver.

Because he was the man that would keep his words.

If he broke his promise, it would ruin his image.

“Think again before you start speaking. It would be better if keep your opinion to yourself. Just trust me, I will live up to everyone expectation.” Lin Fan said.

Zhou Zhongmao was not interested in this matter.

But she would give her best to support Lin Fan.

The refugees who had arrived in the fields was excited and also desperate at the same time. Because the refugees’ thought it would be a pain in the *ss to clean up these vast fields.

Mental breakdown.

But the refugees were sure, if rain poured, these fields it would give them enough food.

Chen Guan didn’t say a word, his Young Master has already decided, he was the second in command after Master Lin Fan.

“What can I say?”

Lin Fan thought something while he was looking at the refugees, and he said, “Listen to me carefully! In the future, this fertile land to you, so do your best, don’t look at how vast the field is, because I have a plan to cultivate more land.”

“Even though the field is huge enough. It won’t be able to feed you all. If we look at the current condition of the field, it might be just able to produce two hundred pounds per acre.”

“But if anyone can find a way to produce three hundred kilograms in one acre, i will give that one acre of land to that person permanently.”

As a Young Master, he just had a plan for the future.

If a ruler wanted to live a long comfortable life, the ruler had to give his peoples motivation. By letting his people live a comfortable life too, they would support him to stay at the top.

Moreover, Lin Fan also had The System that would give him different support.

Lin Fan dreamt about his days in the future.

What would happen after he spent seven or eight years with The System he had?

He might be an unbeatable Master of martial arts.

Back to the fields, the refugees stared at Lin Fan in disbelief.

Lin Fan not only gave them the land to fill their stomach.

But also he gave them a reward, and it was the land itself.

Although the requirement to get the reward was tough, but the refugees got back their spirit.

The refugees were basically good at farming, and they certainly found ways to increase production.

Chen Guan and Lin Fan finally made a conclusion.

“No need to thank me, save it for later.” Chen Guan sighed.

In his point of view, the ruler shouldn’t treat his people nicely, he must treat them with a brute force.

If the ruler wanted his government to last long, fear was the answer.

As for Lin Fan’s kindness, Chen Guan actually didn’t agree at all.

Lin Fan was too generous, the elders in Lin Family were to suggest Lin Fan so he could change his way of thinking.

A moment later…

“Thank you for your enthusiasm.”

“You don’t have to worry. If you cultivate your land properly, you can enjoy it in the future. You can live better in the future, but it all depends on you. I will apply the same amount for the field’s tax with Wang Jia Village.”

“Chen Guan.”

Chen Guan standby aside, “Yes, Young Master.”

Lin Fan patted Chen Guan’s shoulder, and he said, “You are responsible for this matter, farmland registration, name registration, ownership registration.”

“According to the chief of the field, one person has five acres of land, the senior citizen and children except the senior citizen and children.”

“If there are orphans, some people must adopt them, they will be given two acres extra land.”

“That’s it.”

Chen Guan was amazed by Lin Fan’s leadership.

He could find a solution in a short period and made it a win-win solution.

All the refugees were cried when Lin Fan said that.

They did not expect there would be such a kind noble in the city.

Lin Fan had his own plans.

Lin Fan had seen many ancient TV dramas, and when some of the Nobles family were too ruthless towards his people, the Nobles would have a tragic ending.

But as long as someone managed to handle the people, they could live a comfortable life.

The key was, One shouldn’t treat people in the same perspective. Not every commoner was useless. Not every refugee was a criminal. If one had the wisdom, One could reign for a long time.

Lin Fan would get even more well known than before.

Survival for the fittest.

This was the absolute rule in the world where Lin Fan lived now.

“Young Master, I’m sorry, I can’t do it.” Chen Guan refused, he thought this matter was really serious.

He wouldn’t dare to do it.

“My Servant, can you do it?” Lin Fan asked his servant.

“If it’s for you, I will gladly accept it, even I if have to offer my life.” The servant did not hesitate, even it would risk her own life.

Lin Fan patted the shoulders of Chen Guan, and he said. “Chen Guan, you disappoint me.”

Chen Guan was shocked.

Lin Fan’s words had touched the bottom of his heart.

He started to hesitate.

He thought about Lin Fan’s determination.

About making revolution.

“Young Master, I understand, let me do it.” Chen Guan said.

Chen Guan erased the doubt in his heart.

“I will cross the bridge when it comes to it!” Chen Guan thought in his mind.

Besides, he was partly responsible for people to suffer this much because of taxes.

Lin Fan smiled. “Chen Guan, you give me a new hope. I expect great things from you.”

“Alright, let’s do this.”

The refugees said goodbye to him.

Lin Fan thought what he was doing right now was not in vain.

Even though his father would get angry, but Lin Fan was sure that his father would understand it eventually.

Chen Guan walked behind Lin Fan, and he was panicked all the time.


Lin Fan stopped, then he looked back and smiled. “Are you hungry? Let’s eat together.”

And then…

“Young Master, Chen Guan fainted! His face looks so pale.”

The servant shouted.

Chen Guan looked well, but suddenly he fainted, no one realized it except for the servant.

“Maybe because I kinda force him earlier.” Lin Fan said, then he looked at the others. “Looks like you haven’t eaten yet. Don’t hold back, let’s go eat together, you don’t have to overthink thinks.”

The refugees faced each other.

They all shouted.


Lin Fan laughed and walked forward.

This was life.

You had to do something for people while you could.

But this euphoria would fade soon after he met his old man.

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