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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 19 With You To Say A Few Words


At The City Gates.

Guards were watching the refugees,

“What are they trying to pull?” In the guards thought.

The refugees entered the city.

The guards thought the commoners started the riot.

The guards didn’t know they were the refugees from outside the city, and the one who brought them was none other than Young Master Lin.

The guards stood by, held their weapons, the situation around the gate was in high tension. If the guards decided there was something wrong, they would immediately kill these people.

“My Servant, tell these guards to welcome us.”

In the distance, Lin Fan smiled.

From the guards’ point of view, it was normal for them to take caution because the refugees gathered in a large number and had the potential to do the riot.

“Young Master, the city guards are afraid these people might start a riot, let me talk to the guards, to prevent unnecessary conflict.” Chen Guan suggested.

Lin Fan was a little disappointed before toward Chen Guan, but right now It turned out to be ok.

Earlier, Chen Guan didn’t want to cooperate with Lin Fan’s idea Chen Guan even collapsed because of it, but now he started to obey.

Chen Guan explained the situation to the guards.

When Lin Fan walked through the gate with the refugees, the guards looked at the Lin Fan in disbelief.

They thought that Lin Fan was sick. Usually, nobles only spent their time with their own kind.

But now they saw Lin Fan was different.

The Young Master Lin blended in with these people.

The Servant whispered: “Young Master, these guards’ gaze is like looking down on you because they know what Young Master’s intentions are.”

“It’s not a problem, I can’t please everyone. I just want to do what I think is right.” Lin Fan said.

“If we take a look at the big picture, other brothers and sisters just stand and watching, that is the reason.” Lin Fan said.

The Servant couldn’t understand, who was the brother and sister that Lin Fan said?

Because Lin Family only had Lin Fan.

In the Pavilion.

The civilians watched a large number of refugees arrived.

“How can the refugees enter the city?” they thought.

Moreover, they were in the Pavilion. How could the city guards let them in?

Well… Obviously, because the one who led the refugees was Young Master Lin, the civilians were very surprised.

Not too long ago, Young Master Lin Fan invited the commoners to eat at a fancy restaurant, and it seemed to start again.

“Young Master Lin.” The Manager of the Pavilion saw Lin Fan, hurriedly ran and kneeled.

“Serve me the best food.” Lin Fan said very casually, just have a meal, nothing to worry about.

The waitress looked at the masses of people behind Young Master Lin, and she trembled, but she tried to maintain her composure, and she hurriedly greeted him.

“Young Master Lin, please.”

“No, please.”

The waitress did not understand what Lin Fan meant.

Even if the Lin Family was big, the Young Master should not waste its wealth.”

“Sister, as usual.”

“Those guys are with me, give them snacks.”

Lin Fan still sat at the edge of the balcony, so he could see the situation outside easily.

If his old man really came to kill him, he could smoothly run away.

When the refugees ate in a such luxurious place, they looked so worried.

When they heard Lin Fan was the one who let them in,

they were full of tears and grateful to see Young Master Lin.

Who said that the nobles were as fierce as a tiger.

Young Master Lin was very good to them.

The Servant stood behind Young Master Lin and started to count how much silver they had to spend this time.

Not one or two hundred silver, she was afraid that it would not be enough.

The Bar Outside Pavilion.

The civilians was still there, they whispered about the situation in the pavilion.

“Did you hear that? How can you treat commoners eat twice?”

“Is there a problem with his brain?”

“Hey, lower your voice! You want to die? If he hears you, you will meet your end.”

“Alright… By the way, did you hear Young Master Lin has done a great thing? Because of the weather, Wang Jia Village can’t afford to pay this year’s tax. You know. What are the consequences of failing to pay taxes?

“This kind of case, usually the nobles family, will not let it go.”

“Yeah, that’s for sure, that Wang Jia Village will be finished. But Young Master Lin went and sympathized with them. Not only this year’s taxes are exempted by him, but in the future, he only takes ten percent tax.”

“The opposite of Wang Jia Village, Qinjia Village is a bit miserable, because they can’t pay taxes, and they will be killed by Yuan Jia’s henchmen.”

“If they can’t pay taxes within seven days, he will destroy the village.”


A man stares at Lin Fan from the crowd. That man was Liang Yichu, Liang Yongqi big brother.

Liang Yichu pondered for a moment, took a step, and walked toward the restaurant in the Pavilion.

He wanted to get to know about Young Master Lin.

He was envious of Young Master Lin because Young Master Lin dared to do it.

He only dared to think about it but did not dare to do it.

About how Lin Fan treated the commoners.

Inside the restaurant.

Lin Fan had nothing to do, he just looked at The System.

Rage Points: 2061.

Unexpectedly, he turned out to accumulate so much Rage Points in one day.

Who was it?

Who else was angry to Lin Fan right now?

The System was excellent.

But for him, it was just a fun thing to do when he was bored.

But he remembered that his stats was not balanced.

Power: 24

Spiritual Power: 0

Cultivation Technique: –

Martial Arts: Tiger Swordsmanship

Rage point: 2061.

“I’m so bored right now, let’s add some fun.”

The Power indicator was raised from 24 points to 30.

It consumed 600 rage points.


Lin Fan felt that something was wrong with his body as if there was a gas that was ready to burst out from the body.


There was a sound heard from Lin Fan’s direction.

“Cousin, you…” Zhou Zhongmao was dazed because of the sound, she felt very familiar and couldn’t believe it.

That sound could be a sign of physical mutation.

“Nothing, hehe… just a fart.” Lin Fan’s face was a bit red.

So crazy!

Just allocating a few point, and there was a sound came out from the body, and it was precisely the same as a fart.

However, the small line of the Power Indicator has changed.

Power: 30 (Martial Arts user).

Previously, there was no such line as ‘The Martial Arts’.

Unexpectedly, when The Body Indicator reached 30 point, it gained additional info.

But he didn’t feel major changes.

It seemed that his muscle gained more mass and it became more solid.

“No, cousin, you are…” Zhou Zhongmao just wanted to say something, but there was a voice that came from the side.

“Young Master Lin.” Liang Yichu suddenly came despite the situation inside the restaurant was a bit strange.

Lin Fan looked at the man.

That man looked so handsome, tall, and his body was proportional.

What that man wanted from Lin Fan?

“Young Master, I am from Liang Family, Liang Yichu.” Chen Guan leaned and whispered to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan listened to Young Master Liang, then came to a conclusion, game on!

“What is it? Are you here to avenge your brother?

Liang Yichu wondered: “What?”

“Are you deaf?” Lin Fan wanted to see his reaction.

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