I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 20 Was Almost Beaten


“Can you please tell me what are you talking about?” Liang Yichu was gently asked Lin Fan.

Looked like there wouldn’t be a spark between Young Master Lin and Young Master Liang.

Even if these two live in the same city, the chance for them to meet was small.

Today happened because Liang Yichu interested in Lin Fan, and he wanted to be a friend with Lin Fan.

He admired Lin Fan because of Lin Fan’s good deeds.

Many people, including Liang Yichu was realized the way nobles ran things in this city was gravely mistaken, but they didn’t have the courage to changes things.

That was the difference between Lin Fan and the other nobles.

“I lost interest in your Liang Family. Your brother confronts me before, and of course, I beat him for good. It is a bit miserable.”

“Look here, you are good looking, don’t let me and my cousin beat you, just get out already.” Lin Fan suggested.

There are only Three Great Families in the city. The Lin Family, The Liang Family, and The Yuan Family.

Lin Fan thought if he didn’t fight with those two other families, his life would be boring.

Liang Yichu’s expression was a bit shocked, but there were no rage points came from him. Then he apologized: “I know that my youngest brother’s mindset is a bit weird, he definitely did something to you first.”

“I am here because of my youngest brother, I wanted to apologize, so I come to see you here.”

Lin Fan held Zhou Zhongmao and Chen Guan back.

And then he looked at his Servant.

What was wrong with this guy?

Was he serious?

What Liang Yongqi said what was usually people do. But it was a different story if nobles said it.

Liang Yichu was not angry at all.

Why he was not angry at all?

Lin Fan didn’t know why, and he also didn’t want to talk to Liang Yichu.

“Are you really a Young Master from Liang Family?” Lin Fan asked.

Lin Fan looked at him in disbelief.

Although he didn’t know much about the other two families.

But he sure knew that the other two families didn’t take human’s life seriously, and in terms of personality, the other two families might have a bad personality.

Liang Yongqi was an excellent example of it.

For Lin Fan, being a Noble in this world was not his own role, but someone else.

But all of his act was sincere from his heart, he sincerely wanted to help the commoners.

“Who knows? Maybe I’m just a double from the real one.” Liang Yichu laughed.

Lin Fan didn’t let him sit yet, so he just stood there.

It was a bit annoying.

Being a Young Master meant living a life in solitude.

Today, this Liang Yichu obviously wanted to be friends with him.

Did he want to give Liang Yichu this opportunity?

Those two looked at each other.

Liang Yichu smiled, his smile was so sincere, that he doesn’t seem to have any ulterior motives.

Under normal circumtances, Lin Fan was already gained a lot of rage points by now.

But right now was different.

“Sit.” Lin Fan said.

“Thank you.” Liang Yichu sat down with a smile, and then said: “Well, I was curious about You and your idea, I’ve heard so much about you. So I decided to come by”

It turned out he talked about the tax matter.

Lin Fan was well-known thanks to that.

Everyone else already knows his reputation. This was a good thing, and his name would only become more famous.

“It’s not worth mentioning, it’s nothing.” Lin Fan said indifferently, then pointed to the pitiful refugees. “Looking at them reminds me of my grandfather, who is also a refugee.”

“Your Liang family has been turned upside down for generations. Then you guys should be able to understand people’s feelings.”

No matter how big and wealthy people are, no one knows the cycle of life.

Liang Yichu pondered for a moment and said: “Lin brother, what you say is reasonable. I can understand the meaning behind your word.”

“When I was a child, my family was poor, and I hardly have foods and clothes to get by. So my grand father is my hero, he is the one that gather all those things for me.” Lin Fan Thought in his mind.

This was a bit wrong.

What did he say?

If Liang Yichu has The System, his rage points would be +6666.

Lin Fan didn’t want to talk to Liang Yichu, and Lin Fan couldn’t communicate properly.

“Lin brother, how much time you spend to come up with the idea about the agricultural tax? I think your approach is indeed the best.”

“The Nobles is indeed crushing down the civilians, and in the long-term, it will definitely cause a riot. No one was sure that there will be no martial arts user among the civilians.”

At the same time, there was little sympathy for the people.

As for the rumors, there was no martial arts user in the crowd, and it has nothing to do with him.

But for this.

Lin Fan didn’t argue it, he didn’t say anything.

Lin Fan let him talk while he was just in silent.

At this point, Liang Yichu was so sure. Young Master Lin was indeed an extraordinary one. He thought, ‘how could a character like Young Master Lin referred as useless?’

Hidden in his mind.

Everyone was deceived by Young Master Lin.

“Hey.” Liang Yichu sighed and shook his head. “Lin brother’s method inspire me. Although I’m a Young Master Liang, the next heir of my family, I don’t have the guts to do that.”

Because this was the case.

The turmoil inside the Liang family was also very intense.

“You are the next Leader of Liang Family, You can do it just fine.” Lin Fan said.

“Me?” Liang Yichu smiled and shook his head. “I can’t do it.”

“Please have some confidence. If you don’t try, you won’t know if you really can. If you go back and think about it, you will understand.” Lin Fan said, told him that he was able to do it.

Lin Fan didn’t like to chat with him.

Guess what?

Because he didn’t give Lin Fan rage points.

So Lin Fan thought, what was the meaning for all of this?


Liang Yichu clenched his fist. “Well, as for my thankyou. Let me handle this banquet for the refugees.”

“Are you sure? The cost of this meal is at least two hundred or more.” Lin Fan said.

“Haha.” Liang Yichu smiled. “I think I must use my savings. If you don’t mind it of course. I grateful for meeting you, you know.”


Liang Yichu walked downstairs.

Lin Fan stared at Liang Yichu.

How could he…

With many years of savings…

Oh, my God.

“Chen Guan, how many savings have I left over the years?” Lin Fan asked.

Chen Guan whispered: “You have no savings.”

Lin Fan was shocked. For the first time since he arrived in this world, he felt so overwhelmed.

The gap was so big.

Liang Yichu was so handsome, he was tall, he had that body goal, and also he was so damn rich.

Lin Fan was beaten almost in every aspect.

“Cousin, I still have some savings. If you need it, I will give it to you.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

“How much do you have?” Lin Fan asked.

Zhou Zhongmao estimated, “I have saved one or two hundred over the years.”

Lin Fan didn’t want to talk anymore.

According to this…

“Am I the poor one in here?”

Lin Fan was the one who needs help the most.

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