I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 21 Annoying, Really Annoying


In the end, the plan Lin Fan tried to pull in the restaurant was a failure.

If he knew Liang Yichu will pay the bill, he would have avoided him.

All the waitress and shopkeepers tried not to laugh about it.

Lin Fan looked dissatisfied when he talked to Liang Yichu.

The cost of the refugees’ meals was so expensive.

Everyone in the pavilion thought Lin Fan was foolish to bring the refugees in, and even paid for their meals.

Fortunately, Liang Yichu came in and gave all of his savings to pay the bill.

Well, Lin Fan tried to deny the fact in his heart.

“It’s not a stupid thing, it’s love. I just wanna share the love with the refugees.”

Lin Fan’s mind, he was thought…

“He was taller than me.”

“More handsome than me.”

No matter how handsome he was, it was useless without money, but…

But in the end, the reality was so cruel, man.


Lin Fan didn’t have a deposit, not even a piece of coin.

He felt so humiliated.

The refugees was already full, and they were very grateful to Lin Fan, although the one who paid the bill was Liang Yichu.

The refugees never thought they would have a taste of such a luxurious meal like that.

After that,

The refugees left with a happy smile.

And Chen Guan was busy with administration stuff.

Then, Lin Fan really didn’t feel that this was a loss for him.

From a long-term perspective, this was a huge progress.

Unfortunately, no one understood, only Liang Yichu, who understood the true value of Lin Fan’s act.

Either the tax exemption or about the refugees’ case.

Lin Family’s Residence, Main Gate.

“I will be fine, I will be fine, I will be fine.” Lin Fan just stood at the front and was afraid to walk in.

“I’m Home.” He mumbled.

Lin Fan took a deep breath and stepped in.

He knew escape was definitely useless, he had to face it bravely.

Lin Fan asked the guard in front of the door, “Is my Old Man home?”

“The Master has already gone out.”

After hearing that, he was relieved.

Thank God the Old Man was going out.

But Lin Fan knew when his old man came back, he would get his ass kicked for sure.

As for what he did today, could his Father forgive him?

Wang Jia Village was exempted from this year’s tax, and the field tax was reduced to only 10% in the future.

Plus, a portion of the land was given to the refugees, and without his Father’s consent, he couldn’t imagine what would happen.

He was afraid of the aftermath. Fortunately, he was the only heir that Lin Family had.

No Rage Point until now, it meant his Father didn’t know yet.

But it was just a matter of time.

Before Lin Fan returned to the courtyard, once again, he ordered Chen Guan to take care of the matter.

At any rate, Lin Fan’s decision was the right move because he didn’t have to pay the laborer, and he got the field maintained for free every day. Also, the refugees would work harder than ever, which absolutely would increase the harvest.

Lin Fan’s idea was like to kill two birds with only one stone.


“Cousin, don’t go out for now.” Zhou Zhongmao reminded him that her uncle would know and gone mad if Lin Fan wanted to stroll around right now.

“Nope, I’m too tired right now.”

Lin Fan thought about how to solve this matter.

His Father definitely would be angry, but how to manage his Father’s anger perfectly.

Well, obviously it was to calm his Father’s Anger, but this was Lin Fan they talked about, they didn’t know what would happen.

Zhou Zhongmao sighed. He was relieved her cousin listened.

“Cousin, please leave me alone for a while. I’m going to take a break here and thinking the right way to handle this matter. And please let me know if my Father is back.”

Lin Fan had to think of some countermeasures.

It must be an extraordinary solution, the mind-blowing tricks.

“Okay, take care of yourself.”

Soon, Zhou Zhongmao left.

While Lin Fan was relaxing on a chair, and the Servant immediately went to bring some iced fruit.

Only nobles could have this kind of lifestyle.

Commoners could only imagine these kinds of things.

“Young Master, I already have a copy of the scripture. Do I need to post it on the courtyard right away?” The Servant asked.

“Not for now, show me the scripture.” Lin Fan said.

The condition was fine for now, his father hasn’t come back home yet.

But the Rage Point was too high. Lin Fan feared something would happen.

Lin Fan took the scripture and waved his hand. “You must be tired, you may rest in the next room.”

“I’m not tired yet.”

“Just get some rest, I said.” Lin Fan said.

The Servant has been practicing the “Tiger Swordsmanship” as a reward from Lin Fan. If he had no time to cultivate during the day, he practiced in the night time instead.

Lin Fan knew that it would consume a lot of stamina.

“Thank you, Young Master, please call me if you need anything.” said the Servant, and then he walked toward the next room.

Lin Fan lived with the guards before, because his house was so big.

But because he didn’t like that, he told the guards to leave.

He wanted privacy.

Lin Fan frowned.

Fourth Ziyang Scripture.

“What is the content? Let’s check it out.” Lin Fan turned to the first page, the content inside was too hard to understand, but fortunately, the text could be recognized may be because of The System. The knowledge of astronomy and acupuncture was the content. To him, it was like a heavenly script.

The courtyard was quiet.

In the distance, Wu Lao saw Lin Fan was looking at the “Fourth Ziyang Scripture” and smiled with relief.

It seemed that Lin Fan had really changed.

Wu Lao watched Lin Fan on the open space, but no one realized he was there as if he was blending with the surrounding environment.


Wu Lao was stunned by what Lin Fan did.

What did Wu Lao see?

A glowing purple mist like a dragon was discharged from Lin Fan’s Central Acupuncture Spot, the mist covered his entire body, and finally merged into A Hundred Acupuncture Spot.

“How is that possible?” Wu Lao muttered.

“Who was there?!”

Lin Fan heard the voice and tried to look for the source.

But there was nobody.

“Hmm… Maybe just my imagination.” Lin Fan shook his head, he still remembered the assassin incident from before.

When he finished reading “The Fourth Ziyang Scripture.”

The System had changed.

Spiritual Power:

1. Mind: The Fourth Ziyang Scripture (Beginner).

Lin Fan tried to distribute some more points.

When five hundred Rage Points were consumed, a change occured.

1. Mind: The Fourth Ziyang Scripture (First Heaven)

And the Spiritual Power raised from zero to 1.

Power: 30 (Martial Arts)

Spiritual Power: 1.

Magic Art: Fourth Ziyang Scripture (First Heaven)

Martial Arts: Tiger Swordsmanship (Fourth Form)

Rage Point: 1001 Points

He faintly felt that there was an energy that he could manipulate inside his body.

Perhaps this was the so-called Spiritual Power.

“My Power Indicator has already gone up to thirty points. If this Spiritual Force was also raising, What the hell is this ability?”


He thought for a moment.

The Ziyang Fourth Scripture had thirty-three form in total, and the realm was relatively high. Each time he entered the realm, his status would increase a lot.

For that reason, the current Rage Point was enough for the next stage.

But hold on.

The Spiritual Power could increase…

He thought about another thing.

“Well, why bother with it? I just want to enjoy my life.”

“Forget it, for now, take a good rest, and think about what should I do to manage Mr. LIN WAN’s anger. How to survive but still get some Rage Points.”

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