I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 22 He’s a Bit Mean


Wu Lao hid behind the big rock.

He was shocked.

“How can it be? He learns it in a blink of an eye, ‘Fourth Ziyang Scripture’ and the ray of purple smoke just now is the sign.”

Wu Lao believed that Lin Fan was a natural-born martial arts prodigy.

He still watched Lin Fan from the distance.


Wu Lao found Lin Fan was lying down there leisurely, held iced fruit, and humming a song.

Didn’t he just start practice?

Why did he already stop?

“If the Master knows that his Son is this good, he will be so happy.”

Wu Lao thought that people didn’t know Lin Fan’s talent.

Who dared to say that Lin Fan was a waste, they judged him without even bothered to know him first.

If Lin Fan was a waste, how could he learn the Fourth Ziyang Scripture in a blink of an eye?

Yuan family’s Residence.

Lady Su came to Youcheng.

Because a lady from the Yuan family married the youngest Young Master from Su Family, the relationship between them was much closer than the Lin family and Liang family.

Inside the living room.

Lady Su sat in the main seat. Her inflammation has already disappeared, just a little mark left.

By the looks of it, it was just a usual visit.


Liang Yongqi was beaten for good today by Lin Fan. The wound on his face was a masterpiece. The gifts he bought were broken. He was furious.

Under normal circumstances, he should have confidence to talk to Lady Su.

He wanted to leave a good impression in front of Lady Su to get her favor.

So the Master position of the Liang family fell to him.

He didn’t care about the existence of his big brother.

But now?


Getting his ass kicked like that crushed Liang Yongqi’s plan.

Liang family sat there calmly, and Liang Yongqi was trying to pull something.

“Everyone, while Lady Su is here, I have something to ask the Lin family.” The Liang family Master put down the teacup in his hand and said with a bit of anger.

Master Lin Wan glanced at each other, “Please say.”

Master Liang gave a sign to his three children to stand up and said something, “You see, my third child was beaten by the son of Master Lin on the street. Shouldn’t You give an explanation?”


Lady Su couldn’t help but laugh when she saw Liang Yongqi’s tragic appearance.

She didn’t even try to cover her laugh.

Liang Yongqi’s condition turned out worse than her.

While Lady Su was still laughing, Master Liang and Liang Yongqi were furious.

Master Liang would kill the person who dared to do that, but this was Lady Su they talked about.

Master Liang couldn’t do anything.

Lin Wanyi was not angry, but wondered, did his son have such a wild side?

Liang Yongqi was a handsome man who fascinated hundreds of girls.

But now he looked so hilarious.

“Master Lin, I haven’t offended anyone. In order to meet Lady Su, I brought my servants to buy gifts. But when we came across each other in the pavilion, he hit me right after he saw me. Could you give an explanation? “Liang Yongqi said.

His mouth was so foul.

Liang Yongqi twisted the story.

The more he thought about that, the angrier he became.

“Rage +66.”

Master Lin Wan smiled, “Young Master Liang, it is true that my child didn’t have a good manner, but how could the martial arts user, that already entered the third state receive quite a beating by that kid?”

“Your son tells Zhou Zhongmao to hit me.” Liang Yongqi growled. His voice trembled.

Master Yuan sat aside and said nothing.

For him, that was clearly just drama.

He just observed the situation.

He thought there was no need to get involved.

Yuan Tianchu, the second son of the Yuan family, shook his head and said with regret: “Brother Liang is a well-known man in Youcheng. When he was beaten on the street, not only he lost his face, but he also drag Liang family’s name to the mud.”

“Tianchu, shut up, what do you want? Just stand there and watch.” Master Yuan sighed.

“Yes, father.” Yuan Tianchu obediently stood there.

It would be a good thing to lit the spark between the Lin family and the Liang family.

“My Third Son is already done. Master Lin is a highly respected person in Youcheng. I believe you will give an explanation. Lady Su, do you have anything to say? I saw you are laughing earlier.” Master Liang said.

Lady Su looked at Master Liang cheerfully. “From your discussion earlier, in fact I do have something to say.”

Lady Su was a lively and sincere person who didn’t seem to be a big fan of drama.

“I believe that you must be very annoyed that he kick your ass. I already meet Young Master Lin before, he was not a person like you described him.”

“Okay, I’m done here.” Lady Su said that with a smile.

In her mind, she thought of that figure.

Lin Fan was not handsome but gave her a feeling she has never encountered before.

Master Lin Wan was shocked in disbelief, he did not expect that his son had a relationship with Lady Su.

The news surprised him a little.

Liang Yongqi was a little dissatisfied. “Lady Su, you don’t know. That guy is useless in Youcheng. He spends his days stroll around and never want to learn martial arts.”

“Hahaha.” Lady Su smiled, “You guys are really fun, how can he be a useless person? Are you blind? Or… are you the useless one? I mean he did kick your ass for good.”

“Cough!” The old man beside Lady Su cleared his throat.

He gave a sign to Lady Su.

“Lady Su, you …” Liang Yongqi did not expect that the beautiful Lady Su would say such a thing to him.

Liang Yongqi wanted to go on a rampage, but he didn’t dare to do it.

“Shut up. Isn’t it enough to lose face in front of Lady Su? Let’s go back.” Master Liang was angry.

Liang Yongqi was still dissatisfied, he didn’t want to let it go just yet.

His anger turned into Rage Points for Lin Fan.

“Rage +77.”

“If it weren’t for that guy, this won’t happen.” Liang Yongqi mumbled.

Master Liang was furious, he intended his third son to get closer with Lady Su and earn her favor.

But if he looked at the situation right now, that was just a daydream.

“Huh? What are you saying? Are you dissatisfied with ME?” Lady Su looked at Liang Yongqi with a disgusted expression and was very dissatisfied.

“Miss.” The old man beside her tried to remind her.

“Shut your mouth! Slap his face!” Lady Su said it and looked like she was a bit angry.

“Yes, Your servant understands.”

“Lady Su, please show us your mercy.” Master Liang said.

Suddenly, the old man slapped Liang Yongqi, the sound echoed in every corner of the room.

Liang Yongqi fell to the ground with a hard slap.

His mouth bled.

Everyone was stunned.

What was going on in here?

Liang Yongqi got his ass kicked.

Liang Yongqi looked up at Lady Su with anger.

Lady Su’ eyes glared, “What are you looking at? I don’t like it when you stare me with your disgusting eyes.”

“Lady Su, there is a lot of people watching. Please don’t hurt your image.”

“Hurry up now” Master Liang couldn’t sit still and saw them mocking his son any longer.

Liang Yongqi was very angry, he got up, and walked away.

Yuan Tianchu stared at Lady Su.

He didn’t expect this Lady Su could be that irritated.

Liang family lost their face in front of those people.

The old man said, “Master Liang, my lady has a short temper, please excuse the commotion she made earlier.”

Even though the Old Man apologized.

But the apology was just a formality.

This Old Man was confident in his own strength if something happened.

Lady Su shouldered everyone’s hope in the Su Family.

She was the youngest in the Su family, the seventh. The ancestors gave her something special.

“That Liang Yongqi is so arrogant in front of Lady Su. Luckily She didn’t command the Old Man to kill him instead.” The Host said.

What a crazy act.

They dared to shout to the Su family.

This was a lot worse than it looked like.

Master Lin Wan was very calm.

How come, in the end, he got his ass kicked again.

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