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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 23 Father Is Terrifying


“It’s pretty much the same,” Lady Su said.

Liang Yongqi dared to say such a thing in front of her.

If it were in the city, he would have been beheaded on the spot.

Master Liang returned to his chair, although he put on a poker face, his heart was burning hot.

“Well, setting this aside, brother Lin, I have to say, your kid has done a lot of things recently.” Master Yuan said.

Then he looked at Lady Su and asked.

“My Lady, I don’t know how it was in Wu City, but what if someone overwrites the rules set by the Family?”

Master Lin Wan was in danger, and he knew what Master Yuan was thinking.

He thought it must be the tax issue.

Master Lin Wan was furious about this toward Lin Fan.

However, he didn’t want to let others scold Lin Fan.

“I never talked about this kind of thing at Wu, and also I often break the rules my self. This stuff is so boring for me. What should I do? I think you guys could settle this matter without me.” Su Lan laughed.

These annoying things, she didn’t bother with it.

Master Liang and the others were furious because of her words.

If weren’t the Su family, she would have been killed long ago.

“Brother Yuan, I already know what my son did, is there a problem for you?” Lin Wanyi said.

Master Yuan shook his head. “Brother Lin was indeed a petty fool. It seems that you don’t know what happened today. So let me tell you. Your son went to the city today with a lot of refugees, he invites them to the pavilion to have a feast. And last but not least, your son gives them fields for free. “

“Do you have anything to say about this Brother Lin?”

Master Lin Wan frowned. He looked so furious.

“That brat!”

“How dare he did these kinds of things.”

What Lin Fan did before in the restaurant was just fine. But, Master Lin Wan thought if what Master Yuan said was true, then this…

Thinking of this matter, Master Lin Wan rage mode was on.

Yuan Tianchu said, “Uncle Lin, you know the rules of Youcheng. You can’t change it just like that. Those refugees knows the Lin family change the rules. What about the two of us?”

“Or… Our Yuan family and Liang family must do the same? To give our fields for free and to exempt this year’s tax? And also limiting the tax to 10%?”

This time, Master Lin did not answer.

Young Master Yuan was right. Yuan family didn’t deserve to get involved in this matter.

The Lin family was the one at fault.

Master Lin Wan squinted his eyes and couldn’t say anything, but his heart wanted to say a thousand words to Lin Fan, of course.


As a father, he didn’t want to blame his son in front of others, nor would he let his son apologized to those he disdained.

Without hesitation…

“I have known about this matter for a long time, after all it was my idea.” Master Lin Wan said.


“Brother Lin, are you insane?”

“It is not a big deal. As long as my son makes it clear to those commoners, that just my idea to trick the commoners, they won’t be able to defy me anyway, if I want my field back.”

“what do you think?”

Master Yuan laughed.

“Hehe.” Master Lin Wan laughed. “Brother Yuan, you don’t understand what I said. Since it is my idea, why should my son be responsible for this?”

Master Yuan and Master Liang looked at each other.

Their eyes were filled with anger.


The Old Man standing next to Lady Su said, “My lady didn’t come here just to listen to the three of you.”

“Ha ha ha, You are right, don’t mind us, don’t mind us, when the banquet begins, Lady Su will have some fun.” Master Yuan laughed.

Speak of the devil.

“Yeah… It’s so boring. From my point of view, it is better to let the youngster in your Family take care of this matter and solve the boring problem for me.” Lady Su leaned back on the chair, she felt very bored.

She just wanted to have some fun.

Youcheng, this place was really boring.

And also, she hasn’t found the suspect who hit her before yet.

She didn’t want to stay here too long.

“Okay then, as Lady Su requested, let the youngster compete with each other, and Lady Su will be the judge.” Master Yuan laughed.

At the same time, he looked at Master Lin Wan.

It’s simple.

He wanted Master Lin Wan to call out his son.

At this time.

Master Lin Wan got up and clenched his fist: “Lady Su, I have something to do, so I will leave first.”

Seeing Master Lin Wan’s furious expression, Lady Su couldn’t hold it. But when she wanted to say something, she was being pulled by the Old Man, this old man gave a sign to her, for her not to say anything to Master Lin Wan.

In the living room.

Master Yuan and Master Liang were furious. Because Lady Su was there, so these two couldn’t do anything, but in their hearts, they couldn’t wait to break Master Lin Wan’s body.

“What are you doing? Don’t you hear my request? Hurry up!” Lady Su urged all of them couldn’t wait to see the entertainment.

Master Liang and Master Yuan went out to prepare some stuff, then Master Yuan told Yuan Tianchu to accompany Lady Su.

“Tianchu, stay here with Lady Su.”

“Yes, Father.” Yuan Tianchu responded. After two days accompanying her, he realized. Lady Su was not capable of communicating properly, but if he could get closer to her, the benefits would be amazing.

Lady Su said: “What are those guys thinking? They let someone ugly like you accompanying me. If they did not return quickly, I will go home, and I will tell my grandpa, you guys didn’t welcome me properly.”

Yuan Tianchu was embarrassed. For such a beauty, talking to him like that.

Especially a beauty like Lady Su.

“Lady Su, everything will be prepared soon, please wait a moment.” Master Yuan hurriedly told his son to leave.

Because they didn’t want to offend Su Family.

At this time, only Lady Su and Su Lao were left in the living room.

“My Lady, may you mind your temper?” Su Lao shook his head and smiled bitterly. Every time the Lady went out, he didn’t know how many people she has offended.

If she was not part of Su family, Su Lao was afraid her life won’t last.

Lady Su didn’t care, “That guy was so arrogant just now, he didn’t even bother to say anything when he left.”

Su Lao whispered gently: “My Lady, although Youcheng is trash, it is a dangerous area. There are three families in the Youcheng, Liang family, Yuan family, but My Lady, as for the Lin family, we couldn’t afford to mess up with them.”

“Why not? The Liang family and the Yuan family are also Noble families. But isn’t Master Lin is just rat from the slum? What’s the big deal?” Lady Su didn’t care.

“My Lady, even if he is just a rat. We can’t compare him to the average people.” Su Lao recalled something in the past.

“That reckless Master Lin… Once he tried to conquer the Imperial City all by himself, and fortunately, our Old Master could stop him. It was 20 years ago. My Lady was not born yet at the time.” Su Lao said.

“Old Master? Grandfather?” Lady Su asked, then she said. “That’s not that great. Grandpa can’t even beat me.”

Su Lao couldn’t help but laugh.

But he held back.

Lady Su was so naive.

So he decided not to say anything.

The Old Master loved Lady Su, as for that reason, the Old Master never fought Lady Su seriously.

But one thing surprised him.

How could Master Lin Wan tolerate the Liang family and the Yuan family? For what reason did he do this?


With Master Lin Wan’s strength, he could destroy the city in a flash.

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