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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 24 Fortunately Quick Respon


Lin Family’s Residence.

A group of chefs shivered.

“Young Master, please let us do it. Just say what do you want to eat, we will make it for you.”

The chefs were afraid of Lin Fan’s presence.

But Lin Fan insisted on cooking in the kitchen by himself.

This was a big family. How could a Young Master personally cook in the kitchen? If this news spread, everyone would be in shock.

“It’s okay, you guys are busy, just let me handle this.” Lin Fan took the spatula, and his style was fierce when he started to cook.

Lin Fan’s hands and legs were shaking.

For your information, he was not hungry now, he was just really panicked.

Because earlier, the rage point was increased at a terrifying rate.

“Rage point +111.”

“Rage point +222.”

“Rage point +333.”

“Rage point +444.”

“Rage point +555.”

“Rage point +666.”

“Rage point +777.”

Last but not least “Rage Point +888.”

My goodness.

This was already a disaster.

He knew that his Father should have heard about the news by now. If it wasn’t his Father, who else could give him such amount of rage points.

888 rage point was really high.

It was terrifying, the rage he got set a new record.

His Father must have been furious and was ready to explode.

Lin Fan was thinking about committing suicide right now.

“Father, I hope my scrambled eggs with tomatoes will give me your mercy.”

Lin Fan was looking forward to his Father to eat the dish.

The chefs at the kitchen stood aside and looked at the dishes cooked by Lin Fan.

But they dared not say anything.

They thought something wrong happened right now, they never saw Lin Fan in the kitchen before, but right now, Lin Fan even tried to cook.

“Young Master, I’ll wash the pot,” the chef hurried.

Lin Fan stopped and said, “No, I’ll do it myself, and, I will make another dish.”

This was not the time to be joking.

He comes to this world and became a Young Master. By the way, thanks to The System, his life was very fun.

To reach Lin Fan’s current strength, average people needed to spend many years.

Were martial arts that easy to master?

Actually, it was not easy.

What Lin Fan did will benefit the Lin Family in the long run. But he afraid his Father wouldn’t let this case slip away.

The chefs stared at the dish, the tomatoes and scrambled eggs have already been mixed, and the color was pitch black.

What about tomato egg soup?

In the kitchen, it was like a battlefield.

At The Backyard.

“Young Master, be at ease, the master won’t be that angry.” Zhao Guangyi comforted him. Actually, he didn’t believe any of these words.

Not angry?

He was afraid that would not be the case.

Lin Fan stared at the sky. “My Servant, is it just my imagination? The clouds was really dark, and it’s coming this way.”

The Servant looked at it, it was indeed getting dark, and the Master was coming home.

What you did during the night will never be hidden in the dark forever.

Master Lin was really astonished when he heard the news before. They just hope that Master Lin won’t overdo it. They hope that he could spare Lin Fan.

From far away.

Master Lin Wan had a cold gaze, his steps were steady, and his mind was boiling.

When he left Master Yuan’s house, he was already full even though he didn’t eat anything. Well, he was full of anger.

When he walked in, he saw a bamboo stick.

Without hesitation, he took it and walked straight to Lin Family’s residence.

Lin Fan’s tricks wouldn’t work this time.

“Master, master…” Wu Lao waited had been waiting for him quite a while, and when Wu Lao saw him, Wu Lao hurried to catch up.

He found that Master Lin’s expression was serious.

He has been thinking of what Lin Fan did in the morning all the time.

Knowing that surely Master Lin would be angry.

“Don’t plead for that brat. Today I have to break this brat’s legs to see how he will stroll around and make some trouble again.” Master Lin Wan muttered.

“It’s not about that Master. Young Master could use Magic Arts. He really could use Magic Arts.”

“Today, I found that Young Master was reading the” Fourth Ziyang Scripture,” and I thought that he was going to cultivate. Suddenly, a ray of purple smoke discharged out from Young Master Lin’s acupuncture point and turned into a circle into the Center Acupuncture point.

“Isn’t that the first sign of mastering the Fourth Ziyang Scripture?”

“Young Master Lin is not useless, nor he is a lazy person, but he just wants to practice without distraction.”

Wu Lao was very happy.

It was as if Lin Fan became a king.

Well, that was reasonable, because Wu Lao watched Lin Fan grew up.

Lin Fan did not like to practice, so Wu Lao was anxious.

“Huh?” Master Lin Wan stopped and looked in disbelief. “Really?”

“It is true, I saw it my self.” Wu Lao said.

Master Lin Wan pondered for a moment, “Follow me!”

At the same time, he handed bamboo sticks to Wu Lao.

“If it’s fake, I’m breaking his leg with this bamboo stick.”

Although he spoke harsh words.

But had a little expectation because of what Wu Lao said, and he wanted to see Lin Fan as soon as possible.

Wu Lao smiled.

He knew Master Lin has been watching Lin Fan as he grew up.

At the Backyard.

Lin Fan tried to maintain his composure. He knew his Father was coming.

“Young Master Lin, your Father, is here.” The Servant couldn’t move, he trembled. The Master’s presence was intimidating.


Lin Fan stood up from his chair instantly and took a deep breath.

He convinced himself that he could get through this.

He hoped nothing would happen.

Then he stepped forward toward the door and looked up when Master Lin was there.

“You brat…” Master Lin Wan was about to yell but was interrupted halfway.

Lin Fan approached and held Master Lin Wan’s arm.

Very close.

“Father, good work. Your Son already prepare the dishes on the table.”

“Don’t just stand there, let’s come with your son.”

“Oh, your shoulder is very stiff, let me give you a massage.”

Lin Fan still had the guts to keep his face straight.

Wu Lao was stunned.

This series of acts not only shocked Wu Lao but also Master Lin Wan.

Master Lin Wan just followed the flow  Lin Fan.

Inside the house.

The small dining table was full of dishes.

There was also a bottle of wine.

The color and appearance of the dishes are a bit scary.

“Father, please sit down, your son will bring something for you.”

Lin Fan went out to prepare.

“Master, Young Master is very cares to you.” Wu Lao said.

Master Lin Wan was silent for a moment, and then said, “Brother, he knows he can’t escape, he was just begging for mercy.”

Wu Lao smiled, “Whether your son asks for mercy or not, this is the first time he cooks something for you.”

“Well, let’s see what he has prepared for us, I have no appetite, actually, but we will see.” Master Lin Wan was dissatisfied, but his tone sounded not as angry as before.

No one in the house, including his own son, didn’t understand what he was thinking and what is his goal.

Master Lin was the type of person who would rather die than to abandon his way of life.

Not so long after.

Lin Fan came in holding the washbasin. “Father, wash your face then eat after that.”

Master Lin Wan took the towel and wiped his face.

Then he looked at the dishes and asked, “What are you trying to do?”

“Father, this is tomato scrambled eggs, this is tomato egg soup, this is tomato juice, this is fried eggs with onion, this is my specialty dishes, please have a taste.”

“Father, try this wine too.”

Lin Fan was brilliant.

Wu Lao smiled and was delighted.

The Servant did not know what to say, Lin Fan really controlled the situation, the Master’s anger slowly .

Lin Fan also asked Wu Lao to sit down, but when he saw the bamboo stick, he wondered, “Wu Lao, what is this bamboo stick for?”

Wu Lao laughed: “It’s getting dark, and I can’t see the road clearly, so I need this.”

“Okay, let me take this bamboo stick so you can eat freely.” Lin Fan said.

The Servant took away the bamboo stick.

Lin Fan sighed.

Fortunately, his Servant’s response was fast.

Otherwise, the bamboo stick would not only explore the road but explore Lin Fan’s body too.

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