I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 25 Drunk Lodged


In the dining room.

Master Lin Wan looked at the dishes as if it was a poisonous drug, he didn’t know which one he should eat first.

After Master Lin drank the wine, he was about to say something but Lin Fan interrupted him.

“Father, let’s eat first, come one try this one, this is good for your health.”

Lin Fan picked up a black pit egg soup, and severely burnt tomatoes, then he put those things in Master Lin’s bowl.

“Wu Lao, please, help yourself.”

Lin Fan was very enthusiastic, he tried his best to distract his Father from mentioning the tax issue.

Master Lin Wan and Wu Lao looked at each other. They stared at the dishes, then picked up the chopstick, and tasted the food.

When the food touched the tip of their tongue, they tried their best not to threw up.

The taste was unbearable, awful, disgusting.

But Master Lin didn’t show any expression, he swallowed the food.


Lin Fan sensed something dangerous.

“Father, eat first, let’s not talk about anything else, your son will pour the wine.”

Lin Fan didn’t want to give his Father a chance to talk.

He poured the wine and picked some vegetables.

Master Lin’s Bowl was full of those dishes.

“Rage Point +11.”

Lin Fan didn’t quite understand these 11 rage points.

Where did it come from?

Who was angry right now?

It couldn’t be his father.

Lin Fan thought that he already gave his best to serve the dishes, so his Father won’t get angry toward him.

Wu Lao wanted to go out for some fresh air.

Because he couldn’t bear the taste of Lin Fan’s dishes.

Anyone could tell that the dishes were not well prepared at first glance.

Also, Master Lin looked like he was having trouble to finish the dishes, but Lin Fan didn’t realize that.

For Master Lin, even if the dishes were difficult to eat, there was something inside the dish that tasted sweet for him.

It was Lin Fan’s feelings for his Father.

This was the first time ever his son cooked something for him.

Even if the taste was like shit, he was not angry.

Whenever Master Lin Wan wanted to speak, Lin Fan always interrupted him.


Master Lin Wan held up the soup bowl and drank it in just one gulp.

Master Lin’s expression a bit change after he drank the soup.

“Father, let’s have a toast.”

Lin Fan didn’t eat at all, maybe because he knew that his skill as a cook was shit?

Master Lin maybe really loves his son because he could bear to eat all of Lin Fan’s dishes.

“Son…” Master Lin had something to say. He thought a lot since something like that already happened what else he could do?

Right now, he just wanted to support his only son.

“Father, your son is feeling a bit dizzy because of the wine.”

Lin Fan slept on the chair and looked like he was so drunk.

The room was quiet.

Wu Lao didn’t expect Lin Fan to get drunk and fell asleep.

Lin Fan tried to act drunk and escape the calamity.

“Rage Point +223.”

At this point, he realized something was definitely wrong.

His common sense couldn’t believe this, this rage point was nonsense.

His Father seemed to enjoy the dish that he made, but suddenly Master was angry.

Lin Fan acted to be confused, “Father, this wine is really strong. I hardly can open my eyes. But I think I’m a bit okay right now.”

Lin Fan smiled when he said it.

As if to say, ‘Father, I didn’t pretend to be dizzy, this wine was really strong.’

“Master, this wine is indeed strong, it’s inevitable to get dizzy.” Wu Lao said.

That was just an excuse, as long as their brain was normal, they wouldn’t believe it.

Master Lin Wan frowned, making Lin Fan uncomfortable.

Master Lin stared Lin Fan for a while, and he said, “My son, what you have done tonight is touching my heart, you have grown up.”

Lin Fan waited for the next words.

“But what happens in the morning is making me really angry even hopeless.”

Wu Lao quietly got up and walked toward the door.

This was the conversation between Father and son.

Wu Lao haven’t seen such a scene for a long time.

Lin Fan quietly listen to his Father.

“Father, I…” Lin Fan wanted to say something but was stopped by his Father.

“A man never make an excuse for what he has done. As long as it’s your own decision, people don’t need to know your reason behind it.”

“I don’t really understand what you’re trying to do, but I want to support you, I believe you didn’t do that just for fun.”

Master Lin Wan got up, walked toward Lin Fan, and patted his shoulder.

“You have grown up, after all, the Lin Family still needs you to take the leader position and to keep growing. Cultivate well as preparation for the future’s sake.”

Master Lin Wan stepped out of the house and left with Wu Lao.

Lin Fan looked at the back of his Father disappeared into the shadow.

“Father, you can rest assured. I will never do a half-ass job.”

Lin Fan sighed and he was relieved.

Case closed.

His Father was very understanding.

“Young Master, are you all right?”

She thought Master Lin would kick Lin Fan’s ass for good, she didn’t expect this kind of result.

“I’m okay, let’s clean up and go to sleep.”

Master Lin’s House

“Master, I’m very proud of you, you are a great father.” Wu Lao said.

“What?” Master Lin smiled.

“You know what I’m talking about, if I stay there for another minute, I will die for sure.”

“No more, I’m going to vomit, my stomach is about to explode any minute now.” Master Lin Wan said.

“Master, I also feel the same.”

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