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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 26 Who Did It?


Liang Family’s Residence

“Brother, an interesting thing happened.” Lady Liang Er ran into the room.

“Liang Yongqi went to Yuan Family’s residence and got his ass kicked by Lady Su. He lost his face, and now he goes on a rampage inside his room.”

“I want to laugh when I see it.” Lady Liang Er smiled while she told that story to her brother.

“Brother, why don’t you react at all? Didn’t you want to laugh?”

Liang Yichu put down the book in his hand and shook his head with a bitter smile.

“He is also your brother, your youngest brother, and he gets embarrassed in front of Lady Su. How can you be so happy?”

“My youngest brother? He isn’t my brother, only you are my brother.” Lady Liang Er said.

Liang Yichu didn’t say anything. Lady Liang Er was dissatisfied with his response, she wanted to continue seeing her younger brother throwing a tantrum.

When Master Liang returned from Yuan Family’s residence, everyone in the house could feel his anger, he went straight to his office.

Although Lady Liang Er didn’t know what happened, it was not a good thing for sure.

Liang Yichu thought about Lin Fan’s word, it all made sense.

But he didn’t have enough confidence yet.

If he met him again, he would give him a nickname.

And he already thought about the nickname.

“Master of Confidence.”

Lin Family’s Residence, At the Backyard.

Lin Fan lazed around on the bed while he was looking at the system before he slept.

“What happened today tested my wisdom and mentality.”

He laughed.

His Father wasn’t impressed by his sincerity.

He even managed accumulate a lot of Rage Points.

Rage Point: 5374 Points.

“The noble daily life is so colorful. My former life can’t be compared to this life.”

“Let’s sleep, for now, can’t wait to have some fun tomorrow.”

Lin Fan was a person without goals in his life.

Right now, he was well-known as a prodigy.

At his young age, he just wanted to enjoy his life and laze around.

Right now, Zhou Zhongmao patrolled at the outside of the backyard.

Since the first attack of the Assassin, he always patrolled every night.

At the entrance of the backyard, there were two guards stood by, one of them said, “Cap, please take a rest, we will keep patrolling for you.”

“Just keep quiet, don’t let your guard down.”

Zhou Zhongmao would not rest, as if he would do that when he thought his cousin’s life was at stake.

He would never entrust his cousin’s life to a mere guard.

“I will keep patrolling, you two don’t slack off! No matter what happens, you must inform me when there is something wrong. You are not allowed to act without my permission.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

“Yes.” The two guards answered.

Zhou Zhongmao was very careful, he used a detector skill, and a white mist discharged out from his body like a cobweb, then the entire backyard floor was covered by it.

The ground looked like a layer of snow frost when it was illuminated by the moonlight. Those who didn’t have strong Spiritual Power couldn’t do this kind of technique.

At this time, Zhou Zhongmao stood in horror, he felt that someone’s presence behind him.

Zhou Zhongmao couldn’t sense that person’s presence at all until he was already behind him.

He shivered and cold sweat raining down on his forehead.



He received a severe blow on his neck, he felt dizzy and almost fainted.

But he tried his best not to faint.

Then he bit his tongue. After that, he got back to his senses.

The “Heart Sutra Magic Art” works.

His back muscle seemed to be broken.

And his internal wound was severe.

The air around him was somewhat distorted by the Assassin’s aura.




The Assassin’s finger hit Zhou Zhongmao’s back.


She fell to the ground, completely fainted.

“Hmm… Not too bad.”

Backyard Entrance.

The two guards collapsed without knowing what happened.

The Assassin was Master Lin. Again.

This time, he wore a black mask, then he walked through the courtyard.

Inside Lin Fan’s Room.

Lin Fan slept soundly, and the blanket fell on the floor.


A creaking sound was heard when Master Lin pushed open the window.

Under normal circumstances, anyone would wake up after hearing a loud sound like that, but this was another one of Lin Fan’s unique skill. He was able to stay asleep even after a loud noise like that.

Master Lin looked at Lin Fan. He was astonished why Lin Fan was able to stay asleep.

Master Lin came closer to the bed, then he took out his dagger and then put it around Lin Fan’s neck.

Master Lin deliberately sent out his killing intent.

His aura filled up the entire room, the air was heavy.

But Lin Fan was so amazing, he still could sleep soundly.

Master Lin Wan clenched his fist and…

“Rage +88.”

“Rage +123.”

“You brat still can sleep even in this kind of situation. I will put you to sleep for much longer then you can imagine.”

Master Lin hit a specific Acupuncture spot on Lin Fan’s body.

Lin Fan didn’t show any sign of waking up soon. In fact, he slept deeper.


There was a shock wave sound.


“Cousin, cousin…” Zhou Zhongmao rushed into Lin Fan’s room, and when he saw his cousin was lying on the bed, he was pale and frightened.

He thought his cousin was in a coma.

“Cousin, please wake up, I’m sorry I failed to protect you…” Zhou Zhongmao hasn’t finished talking, but Lin Fan already woke up.

“Cousin, what are you doing? I hate to wake up early.” Lin Fan said.

When he saw his cousin was okay, he shouted in excitement and hugged Lin Fan.

“Cousin, I’m so glad that you are okay. You really scared me.”

Lin Fan calmed Zhou Zhongmao.

Fresh air flowed in from the windows calmed her down.

“Damn it. Who did this to me?” Lin Fan’s left eye was swollen.

Well, this was his own fault for not able to wake up in such a situation.

“Cousin, there was an assassin last night. I’m so useless I couldn’t stop that assassin. Because of that, you get hurt again.”

Zhou Zhongmao blamed herself for Lin Fan’s wound.

“Assassin?” Lin Fan was a little hesitant.

Why didn’t he feel anything?

Even though his left eye was swollen like that.

He thought that was impossible. He should be able to react.

But the fact was he slept soundly and had a sweet dream.

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