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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 27 You Force Me


“Young Master, are you okay?”

The Servant looked so worried.

She knew that someone was attempting to assassinate Lin Fan again last night.

She was very shocked.

“Can’t you see this? Hurry up, bring the medicine.”


Lin Fan was not in the mood, his right eye was already healed, but now, his left eye was swollen.

“Who is this assassin?!”

“I’m sick of it!”

Lin Fan wanted to finish him already so no one dared to mess with him in the future.

He was angry toward that assassin for attacking him when he sleeps.

Well… wasn’t what that an assassin supposed to do?

“Despicable, shameless, indecent, so lame!” Lin Fan cursed the assassin.

“Cousin, what do you think?” Lin Fan asked.

Zhou Zhongmao pondered, “Cousin, I think his objective here isn’t to assassinate you. I fought against him last night. He overpowered me, but he did not kill me, which means he didn’t come here to kill someone.”

“And I’m sorry it was over in a mere second. The opponent’s technique was definitely brilliant, and I was afraid that I’m too weak.”

“Cousin, don’t sweat it, I have enough confidence. Among the nobles, I am the strongest.”

at this time.

Zhou Zhongmao came closer to the wooden window as if she realized something.

He investigated the area around the window, “There was fingers print and footprints, the skilled assassin will never leave any traces, this is so weird, even though he is strong, but he is really clumsy. What a unique combination.”

Then he opened the wooden window.

There was a loud sound when he opened it.

“What is he thinking? If he came in through the window anyone would notice a sound this loud.”

Zhou Zhongmao frowned.

Lin Fan looked at his cousin, and as if wanted to say,

‘please don’t say that in front of me.’

but looking at his cousin’s seriousness, he could not speak.


Zhou Zhongmao suddenly realized, “Cousin, I understand. He did this on purpose, and deliberately tried to wake you up so you will be shocked and panicked.”

“But since you are in a deep sleep, that means he didn’t succeed, then he becomes irritated and punched you.”

“Wait! When the assassin comes for the first time, he drops a scripture of Magic Arts. How can such a skilled person leave a scripture so easily, I think he intentionally leaves that scripture.”

“Intentionally give you the scripture.”

“Maybe that person’s real purpose is not to assassinate you. But what is his real purpose? It is still unknown.”

Lin Fan was astonished. He never thought that his cousin was so smart.

But now.

He realized that his cousin was not a muscle-head.

“What? Is there something on my face?” Zhou Zhongmao touched his face, a little confused.

“Nothing.” Lin Fan looked at his cousin, hoping that Zhou Zhongmao would continue to show him intelligence side.

Zhou Zhongmao breathed a sigh of relief. “This is not too bad. Thank God the assassin just hit your eye. But actually, that is the real question, why did he just hit your eye and leave just like that?”

“Maybe he was jealous because I’m so handsome.” Lin Fan talked to himself.

Zhou Zhongmao nodded, “Make sense.”


“Cousin, your assumption makes sense, do you know who it is?” Lin Fan was so irritated. If he found out this assassin’s identity, Lin Fan would blast that man’s head.

“I don’t know.” Zhou Zhongmao shook her head, “cousin, I haven’t seen his face, how can I know who he is.”

Lin Fan squinted.

He asked for nothing.


The Servant came in with medicine.

The medicine was wrapped in a layer of bandage, and she put it on Lin Fan’s left eye.

“I know, I know… Don’t say anything about this.” Lin Fan knew that his face looked weird with the bandage on it.

Lin Fan didn’t want to overuse The System, but now it has come to this, the assassin didn’t give him a choice.

“It starts healing. Hmm… Not bad.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan walked away with the Servant.

The Servant was so stressed because Lin Fan got attacked again.

But she couldn’t do anything.

Inside the house.

“Well, let’s see how it goes on.”

Rage Point has increased again.

Rage Point: 5585.

“I just want to be an ordinary noble, have freedom, and happy every day.”

“But, you forced me.”

“Actually, I don’t want to do this.”

“When you to come back next time, I will make sure to pay you with interest.”

Lin Fan got his ass kicked twice in the same way.

Maybe because the Power Indicator was only thirty, he thought.

So he decided to distribute Rage Point all into Power Indicator.


The Rage Point kept decreasing as the Power Indicator gradually rising.



Lin Fan used up all Rage Points.

His Power Indicator increased from thirty to eighty in an instant.

He felt the sensation through all his body.

His Power was indeed increased significantly.

He felt as if his body was being torn to pieces along the process.

But after a few seconds, that sensation disappeared.

Then he took a look at The System.

Power: 85 (Second Stage)

Spiritual Power: 1

Magic Arts: Fourth Ziyang Scripture (First Heaven)

Martial Arts: Tiger Swordsmanship (Fourth Form)

Rage Point: 85 Points.

“I entered the first stage when my Power Indicator reaches thirty, If I’m not mistaken, when The Power reaches, I should reach The Third Stage.

“Woah, It’s simple.”

Lin Fan didn’t understand the cultivation process. The average people usually needed months just to learn the basics, and it would take a year or two to enter the second stage.

But Lin Fan learned it in a flash, both the martial arts and magic arts.

And he raised the Power Indicator.

To raise Physical power, one must go through much greater difficulty than cultivating of the Spiritual Power, and many people gave up halfway through. Because the pain was unbearable, and it requires an unyielding will.

Lin Fan didn’t know these.

The presence of The System, just a fun thing for him.

And he didn’t bother to upgrade his Status Indicator.

But he was very upset after he got attacked by the assassin.

Lin Fan stood up, took a deep breath, and raised his arms.

There was a cracking bones.

“The power improvement was significant, even my left eye does not hurt anymore, well the wound is still there, but at least it doesn’t hurt.” Lin Fan felt the changes.

He looked at the mirror.

The left eye was less swollen than before.

It must be the effect of the Power, maybe when a certain point reached, it could give some extra ability like enhanced recovery.

His body became more buffed as the Power Indicator goes up.

“As a noble, having a wound on your body is a shame. I want everybody to know that no one can leave scars on me.

Lin Fan took a deep breath and was very confident.


When he opened the door and looked up at the sky.

What a nice weather.

Time to hang out.

These are just minor injuries, nothing to worry about.

The System was brilliant.

He needs to reflect on his actions.

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