I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 28 Cousin, Let’s Go


“Young Master, you should to take a rest for a while.” Said the Servant in distress.

Because it seems, Lin Fan was going to stroll around.

The servant was worried about him.

The servant couldn’t bear if something happened while Lin Fan was strolling around in the city.

In Youcheng, nobody was absolutely save in Youcheng.

“I don’t have time to rest, let’s go.”

It was impossible to keep him at home.

The Servant found that his left eye seemed less swollen than before.

How could this happen?

“Where is my cousin?” Lin Fan asked he couldn’t find Zhou Zhongmao, so he decided to go without her.

A bit sad.

If Lin Fan saw Liang Yongqi’s fat ass again, maybe Lin Fan would beat him even harder than before.

As a noble, they should act politely and greeted each other. But, as for Lin Fan and Liang Yongqi, they were like cats and dogs.

In their last encounter after Zhou Zhongmao beat the crap out of Liang Yongqi Lin Fan even said “Take this scumbag home, and you guys should find a new Young Master”

Zhou Zhongmao told Master Lin about what happened last night.

She looked so worried.

But Lin Fan didn’t bother with it at all. He didn’t care, he was attacked twice.

When Lin Fan was about to leave the main gate, someone approached him from a distance.

“Cousin!” Zhou Zhongmao shouted, “Uncle heard that you got attacked by an assassin, and he came to see you.”

Lin Fan turned back quickly.

“Where are you going?” Master Lin Wan asked.

Last night, he felt so good after punching Lin Fan in his eye.

While Lin Fan was enjoying his dream about how big his Father love him.

“Father, I’m going for a walk.” Lin Fan replied.

Master Lin Wan just wanted to say something but Lin Fan’s expression seemed to be different than usual.

As far as he remembered last night, Lin Fan still had the idiot look on Lin Fan’s face.

He just wanted this kid to stay at home.

Because of the situation right now.

Well, he was the one who caused this situation.

“What happened last night?” Master Lin Wan asked.

What the hell?!

He was the assassin, and no one knew better than him what happened last night.

Lin Fan was angry. “Father, the assassin is so stupid. Next time I will kick his ass.”

“He will kneel before me.”

“Rage point +123.”

As soon as Lin Fan stop talking, there was Rage Point suddenly rise.

Lin Fan stunned. Where did this rage point come from?

Then he looked at his Father.

He found nothing strange.

But he wondered. When he mentioned the assassin, who was angry?

“Father, is it you?” Lin Fan asked.

Master Lin Wan’s face remained unchanged, he said: “What are you talking about? I’ve been busy all the time, I don’t have enough time to play like that, or you want me to scold you?”

“Father, You are completely different. Last night you were nice to me.” Lin Fan was anxious. When Master Lin was at the dining hall, he was really nice to Lin Fan.

Unfortunately, it lasted for one night.


Lin Wanyi growled coldly and left with a hand on his back.

“I can’t understand.” Lin Fan shook his head helplessly, what happened?

His Father was so different from last night.

Forget it.

Just forget about it.

“Oh God, cousin, let’s go out for a walk.” Lin Fan walked through the gate. Most of the good things happened in the morning.

“Master, Young Master went out again?” Wu Lao asked.

“Well, no need say anything, that brat is pretty good, I want to be alone right now.” Master Lin Wan said, “Come with me tonight.”

Wu Lao wondered, and asked, “Did he know?”

“Well, this brat isn’t stupid. He might be onto something, but he’s still very green.”

Master Lin Wan didn’t expect that his son would suspect him.

Before anything happened.

He will not let himself being exposed.

His son didn’t like to cultivate, right?

Master Lin Wan will corner his son until he took initiation to learn martial arts.

If Master Lin didn’t teach him to be a leader, Lin Fan would end up in a slum when Master Lin was gone.

Wu Lao smiled bitterly, the Master was on the same level with his son.

Those two were very stubborn.

But fortunately, progress could only be achieved with motivation.

Now that he knew Lin Fan had potential.

Being strict with his son was also a good thing.

In the city.

“My Servant, have you noticed something different today?” Lin Fan said.

The Servant looked and shook his head. “Seems like any other day to me, Young Master.”

“No, you see, everyone is staring at me, and some are smiling. Have I done any good things recently?”

“Well, that should be the case.”

Surely, it was not wrong.

Lin Fan really did good things recently.

But he didn’t bother to remember each and everything he did.

When They Passed By The Pavilion.

When the shopkeeper saw Lin Fan, he ran out enthusiastically and greeted him, offered him a cup of tea.

What? Drank tea in the morning?

He decided to look around the city.

“Cousin, that guy again.” Zhou Zhongmao held Lin Fan’s sleeve and pointed to the distance.

Lin Fan did not expect to meet Liang Yongqi again.

Liang Yongqi wandered around the city with his guard.

He could not forget what happen yesterday.

He couldn’t afford to mess with Su Family.

As for Lady Su…

He wanted to crush Zhou Zhongmao.

He promised, someday he would take revenge on Zhou Zhongmao.


Liang Yongqi found Lin Fan.

His face turned red.

He met his mortal enemy.

He got his ass kicked twice by Lin Fan. The scenes were hard to forget and might even become a nightmare for the rest of his life.

Liang Yongqi passed Lin Fan and found that Lin Fan’s left eye was swollen and somewhat black.

Liang Yongqi showed his sinister smile.

“Cousin …” Lin Fan was getting ready.

Zhou Zhongmao spread her hands, then jumped and landed a hard kick to Liang Yongqi and his guards.

Liang Yongqi wanted to react, but he was too slow.

“Let’s go …” Lin Fan looked at his cousin.

He didn’t expect his cousin to be so irritated and rushed up before he even spoke.

“Wait a sec.” Zhou Zhongmao landed, and she didn’t want to stop even when she heard her cousin said he was leaving.

This time it was Zhou Zhongmao’s fault. She didn’t hear what Lin Fan tried to say but rushed forward and went wild.

But actually, Lin Fan’s intention was wanted to beat him.

Liang Yongqi fell to the ground, he was staggered, his face was pale, and his mouth and nostrils bled.

“Lin Fan, you will die by my hands, I want your life!”

“Rage +333.”

Lin Fan, who had already run away, stopped and looked back.

The guards around Liang Yongqi hurriedly help him.

“Just go after him.” Liang Yongqi shouted.

The guard was mistaken and helped Liang Yongqi back to his feet and pursued Lin Fan.

He really got his ass kicked this time.

Liang Yongqi was frightened, panicked as he walked towards Lin Fan.

“Let me go! You guys after him!”

The guards ran.

“I …” Liang Yongqi was going to vomit blood.

By the way, his guards were so hilarious, they dragged him along while pursuing Lin Fan.

Finally, they caught up with Lin Fan’s party.

The guards drew their swords and pointed it at Lin Fan, while they were waiting Liang Yongqi signal.

“What are you doing?” Lin Fan asked.

Liang Yongqi knew he was not an opponent for these guards.

But he was already embarrassed, so he kept going with the flow.

He couldn’t afford to lose his face as Liang Family’s member.

“Why did you hit me?” Liang Yongqi asked, and he stepped back in case Lin Fan wanted to hit him again.

Lin Fan was helpless, “I made a mistake. In fact, I was helping you to stop her.”

Obviously it was just an excuse. “If you make a mistake, just go.”

He was angry.

“Ah.” Lin Fan shook his head. “What thoughtful man.”

Liang Yongqi, who stood didn’t far from Lin Fan, heard that.

He clenched his fist.

Hatred was boiling inside him.

“Rage point +111.”

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