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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 29 Killing Spree


“Scaredy cat, this brat thinks he can act all mighty in front of me.” Lin Fan shook his head and sighed. He was disappointed with Liang Yongqi. He thought Liang Yongqi didn’t deserve the status of noble.

“Cousin, don’t waste your precious time on him, I can crush him with my eyes close.”

“If he dares to do anything funny, I’ll kill him for sure.”

Zhou Zhongmao looked down at Liang Yongqi.

“Cousin, I said we are leaving, didn’t you hear me?” Lin Fan said he thought Zhou Zhongmao must change his behavior.

He was impatient, what would happen in the future?

Zhou Zhongmao nodded. He would always remember what Lin Fan said in her heart. If others said something to her, he would ignore them, but not for Lin Fan.


The situation became more chaotic.

Many people ran toward the city gate.

“Something went wrong. People from Qin Village and Zhang Village gathered outside the city, and they were about to revolt to the nobles.”

“I think that was not the case.”

The commoners shouted as they ran.

They dared to protest to the nobles. They were as good as dead.

“Let’s go.” Lin Fan said. Although he couldn’t hear everything, he generally understood that the villages that ruled by Yuan Family are going to revolt.

How oppressive Yuan Family was that the commoners wanted to revolt?

But it has nothing to do with Lin Fan.

Outside of the city.

The situation was terrible.

The guards pushed back the commoners. The guards’ blade was ready to behead anyone on the spot.

There were many commoners watching around and murmuring about the situation at hand.

Lin Fan thought the commoners from those two villages were not wise to act like that.

“All of you get back! If you insist on staying here, I will kill every single of you commoners.” A middle-aged man shouted furiously.

That was the land of Yuan family.

These commoners came to protest, Yuan family will lost their face, because the commoners that ruled by Yuan family was going to revolt.

Lu Guan was the one who managed Qin Village.

Last time he visited Qin Village, he killed two people, he tortured them and gave them seven days to pay agricultural taxes.

In the end his effort back fired. He stirred up their revolt.

“If you kill us, we got nothing to lose! You go to Qin Village and killed the orphans and widows, a mother and her child, and you still call yourself human?” Said the son of Qin Village’s chief.

“Yes, just kill all people in the Qin Village and might as well kill us afterwards.” Said the commoners from Zhang village.

“You and the Lin family were both from Youcheng. But Lin family understands Wang Village’s condition. They understand about this year’s drought, so they give tax exemption, why can’t you be as considerate toward us?” Peoples from Zhang Village also shouted.

Originally, they didn’t like the three big families of Youcheng.

But because of what happened in Wang Village, they found that the Lin family was different. They thought Lin Family was reasonable and considerate ones.

If they were in Wang Village condition, they happily work hard to pay the field tax for the next year.

Lu Guan was speechless, “What’s the difference between Lin family and Yuan family? Don’t take that seriously, that was just another jokes from Lin Family’s useless heir.”

“You dare to question Yuan family. Guards, kill them all!”

With an order, the guards would not show any mercy.

As for Lu Guan, killing these people would worsen the situation.

There was an uproar!

Peoples from Qin Village and Zhang Village did not expect that the officer of the Yuan family was so cruel.

The officer didn’t even consider negotiating with them at all, directly told the guards to kill them all.

But the commoners didn’t show any sign of fear.


There was a voice.

“You guys are the crazy one! You dare to say that I was useless and crazy?” Lin Fan wanted to hold a fan and came out with style, but he didn’t have a fan at that time.

Lu Guan heard Lin Fan’s voice and frowned because he had a bad feeling.

People from Qin Village and Zhang Village were excited when they saw Lin Fan.

“Long live, Young Master Lin.”

Their voice was loud.

“Hump!” Lin Fan nodded in response.

In the past, people of Qi and Zhang village would never respect Lin Fan, no matter how much time passed.

But because of what happened in Wang Village, they changed their minds.

Young Master Lin was different from those nobles.

“Zhao Guangyi, who was the person that dares to mock me?” Lin Fan asked.

Zhao Guangyi said: “Young Master, he is the officer of Yuan Family.”


Lin Fan’s eyes locked on the officer Lu Guan, “You dare to mock me?”

“Young Master …” Lu Guan clenched his fists. He did not expect Lin Fan to hear him when he mocked Lin Fan.


“Yeah, what’s the matter?” Zhou Zhongmao asked. When Lin Fan said ‘cousin’ Zhou Zhongmao waited him finished his sentences but turns out Zhou Zhongmao didn’t understand what him wants Zhou Zhongmao to do.

“What are you doing? Go get him!” Lin Fan said.

“Okay.” Zhou Zhongmao stared at Lu Guan, and he moved in a flash, then stomped on the ground sending the guards flying.

Officer Lu Guan was horrified and shouted, “I work for Yuan family, how dare you …”

That’s what he said.

But he didn’t dare to fight back. He knew how strong Zhou Zhongmao was.

Zhou Zhongmao suddenly appeared in front of officer Lu Guan, he grabed the officer then slammed him to the ground.

Then Zhou Zhongmao kicked his knee.

Zhou Zhongmao hit him again and again.


Lu Guan’s cry was miserable.

“You dare to mess up with my cousin, you reap what you sow, don’t beg for mercy.”

Zhou Zhongmao grabbed his hand and slammed him again to the ground, then Zhou Zhongmao threw him away.

There was a lot of blood flowed out of his mouth.

After finishing him, Zhou Zhongmao came back to Lin Fan, “Cousin, I’m done.”

Lin Fan nodded, “Nice, perfect, cousin, you are the greatest.”

The situation was gradually quiet.

No one would think that Lin Fan would beat him for good.

Lu Guan’s servants walked away quietly.

No one noticed.

At this time.

Lu Guan kneeled on the ground. Lu Guan couldn’t even lift his hand anymore, he raised his head, and looked at Lin Fan furiously, “Young Master Lin, this is a matter for the Yuan family, you have crossed the line.”

“Rage +66.”

Lin Fan smiled, “You are the one who insults me first, you should be grateful I didn’t kill you instead. You said you want to kill those people and bathed with their blood. If you really like bathing in blood, why don’t you bathe with your own blood?”

“Rage +88.”

The officer’s condition looked miserable.

But he was still stubborn.

“This is Yuan family’s business. It has nothing to do with you! If your Lin family wanted to pretend to be a saint. That’s your business.”

“The land cultivated by Qin Village is Yuan family’s property, and they should pay the taxes.”

“Even knowing that you still wants to mess up with Yuan family’s property.”

Lu Guan shouted, he thought Master Yuan would back him up.

Even if it was the Lin family’s heir.

So he braced himself.

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