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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 30 Don’t Move, Grandpa


“My Servant, why is he not afraid of me?”

Until now, the officer still talked back to him.

That meant either the officer already went mad, or he had the guts.

Zhao Guangyi replied: “Young Master, judging from the current situation, he could not be afraid of you. He is the officer of this land, and Yuan family back him up, so it’s normal if he dared to talk back to you.”

“Well, you might be right.”

Lin Fan pondered.

The steward of the Yuan family did not fear him.

So Lin Fan thought about how big was the value of his existence.

Although Lin Fan had a great influence because of his family’s name, the situation he was in right now was a bit off.

Yuan family’s land officer was so stubborn that even in the dire situation, he didn’t panic.

Although, the officer was the one who started it first, because he didn’t know how terrible Lin Fan was.

“You guys are right, this man actually has a problem in his head and crooked heart, and at the same time, he indeed is a little smart. Hmp… Recently, my farmland has been desolated.”

“Qin Village, Zhang Village, do you want to work in Lin Family’s field?” Lin Fan looked at the commoners and asked.

When these words came out from Lin Fan’s mouth, the commoners were excited, and tears of joy flowed out from their eyes.

How could they not be excited about Lin Fan’s invitation?

When they were excited and ready to go, suddenly, someone’s voice was heard from the distance.

“Impressive, Young Master Lin, impressive.”

That voice was like immersed in anger.

‘Rage +100’

When the commoners saw that people, the commoners were too afraid to speak.

Master Yuan arrived with Yuan Tianchu, he was angry because Lin Fan confronted Yuan family, and he was suspicious about the reason behind Lin Fan’s act.

As for Miss Su, she preferred this kind of this situation because it was livelier.

Especially when she heard that commoners were going to revolt, she was even more shocked. She also thought that nobles in Youcheng was disintegrated.

If something was happened in Lucheng, the nobles will absolutely shut them up forever.

“I’m not that impressive, do you think I am that impressive?” Lin Fan said he was not afraid of others, and no one in the world could scare him.

*Master Lin was an exception

When Lin Fan said that, he intended to get in their nerves.

‘Rage +88’

Master Yuan’s anger did not give Lin Fan a lot of rage point.

‘Rage +123’

Yuan Tianchu glared at Lin Fan, and he also provided a bit of rage point. As the second in command in Yuan family, he was the son most valued by his father. In the future, the entire Yuan family will be in his hands.

What Lin Fan did damaged Yuan Family’s foundation.

How could Master Yuan not be angry?

Master Yuan came over and glared at Lin Fan, then he looked at those commoners, in anger he said: “What are you trying to do?”

The chief of Qin Village stood out, “Master Yuan, this year has been a drought. I hope you understand the situation and lessen the farmland taxes.”

“Hmph…” Master Yuan said that in anger: “If you can’t pay the tax, don’t cultivate the land. There are more people out there waiting to take your place.”

“That’s cruel.” Lin Fan said to his servant.

He intentionally didn’t lower his voice. He let Master Yuan hear it on purpose.

Master Yuan looked at Lin Fan, “Young Master Lin, didn’t your father tell you something at home? About make things less troublesome. You spend your days strolling around doing nothing. Lin family’s downfall in the future will be brought upon by you.”

Lin Fan laughed: “Ruined or not, it’s none of your business, it’s my business.”

“By the way, I’m interested in your words earlier, if they can’t pay taxes they can’t cultivate your land.”

After saying that, Lin Fan took a look at the villagers.

“You guys hear that? Master Yuan said, don’t cultivate his land if you can’t pay the tax. You know, my family has a lot of lands, and the empty farmland are about to be ravaged by bugs. Why don’t you guys go to my place and cultivate my land?”

Lin Fan couldn’t figure out the ways to maintain his land except to let the commoners do it for free.

“Why are you so stingy?”

The villagers did not dare to answer, and Master Yuan was glaring at them.

“Don’t be afraid. Master Yuan will not hold a grudge towards you guys. He just said that you don’t have to cultivate his land, and he didn’t lack farmers, but I do”.

They didn’t know how to react in that situation.

Lin Fan wanted them to cultivate his land.

“Lin Fan, this is going too far.” Yuan Tianchu was furious, was Lin Fan likes to play against him so much?

“Too far? I didn’t hit you, I didn’t scold you, and I didn’t force you to do something. Stop making things up.” Lin Fan said.

‘Rage +99’

Yuan Tianchu stared at Lin Fan with a cold gaze.

Zhou Zhongmao stood in front of his cousin and looked at these guys with vigilance. If they dared to do something, he would do anything to protect Lin Fan.

This kind of situation shouldn’t happen in the city.

Lin Fan was too lazy to debate with each other. “Okay, I won’t talk to you anymore. By the way, there is nothing to talk about. You people from Qin and Zhang village listen carefully. If you are willing to cultivate my land, stand by me, and rest assured. I will guarantee your safety.”

“If any of you die somehow, I will know who did it, either the Yuan family or the Liang family. I’ll take revenge on your behalf.”

The commoners from those two villages looked at each other, they ignored Lin Fan.

“Either way, Master Yuan won’t let us live. We got nothing to lose, I will follow Young Master Lin.”


Someone took the lead and stood by Lin Fan.

‘Rage +111’

‘Rage +66’

Yuan Tianchu was furious, he shouted and took out his sword, “You commoners, dare to rebel agaisnt Yuan family, I will kill you.”

The speed of his sword was remarkable.

The villagers couldn’t do anything.


Suddenly, Zhou Zhongmao appeared in front of Yuan Tianchu and stomped the ground.

Yuan Tianchu was frightened, she was able to block Yuan Tianchu sword technique, the sword was stuck on the ground, what a Power, she kicked again, breaking Yuan Tianchu’s sword and sent the guards flying.

“You are looking for death.” Zhou Zhongmao landed, sighed in anger.

In Youcheng, the only youngster who was brave enough to speak up their mind was Lin Fan.

Lin Fan shook his head. “This is a shame for the noble. If you don’t agree, you pull your sword and kill someone? Master Yuan, your second in command, is a pathetic one.”

Yuan Tianchu held his ground with one hand and looked up at Zhou Zhongmao.

Yuan Tianchu looked at Zhou Zhongmao with a disgusted gaze.

Zhou Zhongmao said, “Where are you looking at? Do you want some more? I will serve my best for you.”

Zhou Zhongmao didn’t take Yuan Tianchu seriously yet.

Su Lao nodded. “This kid is good, even in Wucheng, she can make it to the top five.”

Miss Su responded, “She is excellent, but I’m much better than her. I am the top three in Wucheng.”

Su Lao sighed.

“Stop joking, please.” He thought.

Her rank was already snatched away by someone else.

Su Lao was afraid Miss Su couldn’t even get to the top 50.

“Young Master Lin, do you want to oppose Yuan family?” Master Yuan was furious and clenched his fists as if trying to punch Lin Fan already.

Lin Fan answered, “I think Yuan Family are a delusional bunch. You don’t want those people, but I want them, you are willing to give your land to someone else, but I have an empty land for those people, yeah, you’re genius.”

“In my point of view, you guys are the one who provoked me in here. I will gladly accept your challenge. Let us settle this for good.” Lin Fan didn’t show any sign of fear.

Miss Su clapped her hands, “Okay, okay, it’s so lively in here.”

‘Rage point +222’

Master Yuan wanted to blast Lin family’s evil heir.

“Do you think I’m afraid?”

Lin Fan spread his hands, took a stance, “Don’t move, grandpa.”

‘Rage point +666’

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