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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 31 Sorry, I’m Going To Hang Up


“Please be careful. You can’t take Master Yuan lightly.” The Servant reminded Lin Fan.

But Lin Fan kept provoking Master Yuan.

“Huh?” Lin Fan frowned, he was looking at Master Yuan.

He whispered, “Will she cover me?”

“Definitely.” The Servant replied.

Lin Fan didn’t know how strong Master Yuan was.

He hurriedly opened the system.

‘Rage Point: 2281’

Lin Fan though if the rage point kept increasing at this rate, he would be a grand master in no time.

Even if Master Yuan didn’t kill him, he could die if he messed up when he distributed all the rage point. He must calculate every possibility.

There was no room for failure.

Su Lao looked at Lin Fan, “Lin Wan’s son was kind.”

At the same time, He also wanted to see how will Master Yuan respond.

Master Yuan and Lin Fan looked at each other.

In particular, Master Yuan’s expression was hillarious.

Master Yuan couldn’t wait to kick Lin Fan’s ass.

“Right, Let’s see what are you capable of.” Master Yuan was angry, spread his fingers open, and grabbed Lin Fan in a flash.

Really… He was out of her league.

Master Yuan’s movement was so swift, in a blink of an eye he could grab Lin Fan, average people just could see the after image of his movement.

Master Yuan was ready to fight Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was stunned.

That was different from what he thought.

He considered himself would be safe because of his status and his father’s power.

At least, Lin Fan hoped Master Yuan would debate his father because of what happened.

Suddenly, there was a gust of wind blew.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m here.” Zhou Zhongmao moved instantly.

“If something happened to my cousin, no matter who you are, I will hunt you down and break your neck.”


Zhou Zhongmao’s fist was covered with black mist and directly struck the opponent.

An explosion sound was heard after that.

He and Master Yuan was covered in dust because of his punch.

He was ready to launch his ultimate attack.

“Ancient Monkey Fist.”

Faintly, a fierce and terrifying ancient demon monkey emerged from behind her.

“I wanna see your death.”

Zhou Zhongmao’s eyes turned red then he clenched his fist, he jumped and launched an attack from the sky.

She pressed Master Yuan with her energy flow from that ancient move.

Su Lao was amazed when he saw at Zhou Zhongmao.

He didn’t believe Zhou Zhongmao could master spiritual power to that degree.

Ancient Monkey Fist was a top tier Martial Arts that specialized in punching.

Even though Master Lin was too lazy to train Zhou Zhongmao.

Maybe because Master Lin just wanted to train his son.


Master Yuan avoided, and Zhou Zhongmao’s fists cracked the ground like spider webs.

“Oh, God, my cousin is sick!” Lin Fan was amazed.

He didn’t expect it to be so fierce. He didn’t see her punch coming.

But much to everyone surprise her technique didn’t seem to work at Mater Yuan.

“It’s my turn.”

Master Yuan was stepping on Zhou Zhongmao’s head and pressing it fiercely. Master Yuan’s build didn’t look that strong, but he was a master after all.


Zhou Zhongmao’s body was suppressed to the ground.

But then, Zhou Zhongmao punched on the ground with his palms, and it shook the ground.

His punch sent everyone flying.

Master Yuan didn’t panic, and he parried Zhou Zhongmao’s energy shockwave with his palms, he moved forward in a flash leaving after image, striking Zhou Zhongmao’s abdomen.


Zhou Zhongmao frowned, and he almost spit out his blood, but he held it.

Master Yuan wanted to Seize the opportunity. He launched a chain attack on Zhou Zhongmao.


Zhou Zhongmao’s strength gradually faded.

She crawled on the ground, and then she vomited blood.

“Cousin, are you okay?” Lin Fan stepped forward and helped Zhou Zhongmao, seeing his cousin vomiting blood, his heart was burning hot in rage.

He glared at Master Yuan, “If something bad happens to my cousin, you will regret what you have done.”

“Cousin, I’m okay, I can still fight. I will stop him for sure.” Zhou Zhongmao wiped the blood from her lips and glared at Master Yuan.

Losing to Master Yuan was nothing to be ashamed of.

But now he can’t lose, he must avenge for Zhou Zhongmao’s defeat.

“Cousin, trust me, let me handle this.” Lin Fan was angry. Although Zhou Zhongmao was just his distant relatives, he saw how Zhou Zhongmao treated him these days.

Zhou Zhongmao had nothing to say. He felt sorry for not being able to help his cousin.

Master Yuan sneered, “You brat, you have lost your way. You didn’t want to practice, and didn’t know how to behave yourself.”

Yuan Tianchu smiled even more cheerfully than ever. He was satisfied when he looked at Lin Fan’s situation.

“Cousin, where are you going?” Zhou Zhongmao panicked.

Lin Fan turned back, “I will take revenge.”

He walked toward Master Yuan.

“I will kill you for sure.”

Master Yuan’s gaze was so cold, “Let’s see what you are made of.”

After that, he struck directly at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan kept walking, and he was not afraid.

“Huh?!” Master Yuan’s face changed slightly. He was shocked Lin Fan didn’t hide, and when his punch was about to land on Lin Fan, he suddenly stopped.

Not that he didn’t want to punch him, but he hesitated and afraid.

Lin Fan stood in front of Master Yuan, “Bring it on! Didn’t you say you want to kill me? Let me tell you, if I die here, Your entire family won’t survive.”



Lin Fan patted Master Yuan’s chest, “What’s the matter? Are you afraid? Let’s fight for Miss Su’s sake. She waits for us to exchange blow.”

Lin Fan’s fierce look silenced him.

Was Master Yuan afraid of death?

“Brat, don’t force me.” Master Yuan yelled angrily.

“Miss Su is watching us right now, and you want her to look down on you?”

The rage point skyrocketed.

The people around Master Yuan was shocked, because of the heir of Lin Family pointed his finger at the nose of Master Yuan and scolded him without fear of death.

Master Yuan looked like he didn’t dare to do anything toward Lin Fan.

Master Yuan looked to the distance, and two figures stood at the top of the hill and watching the situation.

There was cold sweat on his forehead.

“Master, Young Master Lin is in danger.” Wu Lao said.

“This brat…” Master Lin Wan sighed, and then his tone changed. “If Yuan dares to move, I will kill him in an instant.”

“Master, you should not interfere, why bother with them. You should focus on more important things.” Wu Lao just wondered.

“Stop talking. I want to see this until the end. Yuan Family’s existence will disappear if Yuan makes the wrong move.” Master Lin Wan said.

at this time.

Lin Fan was angry at Master Yuan.

“What a nice weather today.” Master Lin Wan and Wu Lao appeared.

The tension gradually cooled down.

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