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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 32 Cousin Will Take Revenge


Lin Fan turned around and found that his Father was there watching him and Master Yuan.

He was afraid at that time.

“Father, you are here? This old fart is about to kill me. If my cousin was not protecting me, I’m afraid I will never see you again.”

Lin Fan complained about what happened to his father.

Then he pulled Master Lin’s hands.

“Father, look, my cousin has been vomiting blood, I’m so scared.”

Master Lin glared, “OK, you shut up.”

Lin Fan rolled his eyes, as if what he did meant nothing.

“Cousin, do you think I’m cool back there?” Lin Fan asked with a smile.

“Hmph, you are amazing.”

“Cousin, I’m fine, just rest for a while. This wound is nothing.” Zhou Zhongmao’s wound was not fatal, but she was about to vomit blood again.

Wu Lao handed in an elixir, “Drink it quickly, and your injury would be healed in no time.”

Lin Fan took the elixir and quickly stuffed it into his cousin’s mouth.

He has acknowledged Zhou Zhongmao, he admit that Zhou Zhongmao was loyal to him.

Only a few people would prioritize other safety than their own safety.

“Brother Lin, this matter…”

Master Yuan wanted to clarify the matter. After all, it wasn’t his fault, but it was a pity that Master Lin did not give him this opportunity.

“Okay, you shut up. I don’t want listen your excuse.”

Master Lin always spoke nicely to the Yuan family and Liang family.

Now that his attitude changed, Master Yuan was somewhat uncomfortable.

But Master Lin’s eyes made Master Yuan felt a sense of danger.

“I’m going.”

Master Yuan waved and left.

He found that Master Lin’s eyes were too scary.

“Miss, we should go back, too,” said Su Lao.

Miss Su waved her hand. “Hold on, I want to stay here a bit longer. It’s just too lively.”

Master Lin nodded to Miss Su and Su Lao, saying hello.

He was impressed by Su Lao, and it was not the first time they met.

Master Lin scolded to Lin Fan, “Brat, do you know what are you doing? You could be dead by now. This is out from city, no one would inform me if something happen.”

“Father, this is still in city area. And do you know what you just did?” Lin Fan replied.

Master Lin said lazily, “Go back and reflect your act.”

“Rage +88.”

That rage point indicated that Master Lin was was not that angry toward Lin Fan.

Zhou Zhongmao’s House.

“Cousin, take a break.” Lin Fan was sitting on the bed, his cousin’s face color was gradually back to normal, and the elixir was effective. “Doctor, is my cousin okay?”

“It’s no big deal, he just need to rest for a while.” The doctor replied.

If the average person was in the same condition as Zhou Zhongmao, they would definitely be in coma or die even.

But because he had a strong body, a strong spiritual power, and drank the elixir, so his injuries recovered quickly.

“Cousin, don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I’ll take a few ginsengs to help me recover.” Zhou Zhongmao smiled.

Then what seemed to come to mind.

“Cousins don’t go out for now. You will get in trouble if you insist to go out.”

Lin Fan patted Zhou Zhongmao on the shoulder. “Cousin, don’t say anything, if anything happen I will tell you, don’t you worry.”

He just wanted to be a great nobleman.

He realized now that if he still did something his own way, he would get in trouble for sure.

The system was a big help for him all this time.

“Cousin, I don’t want your report, what I want is your safety.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

Lin Fan patted his cousin on the shoulder and said nothing.

He understood what Zhou Zhongmao meant.

“I will go to see Chen Guan, I want to take Qin Village and Zhang Village under my government, and let him take care of the administration, i will fight alongside the villagers to the end.” Lin Fan had a strong determination.

“Yes, Young Master.”

Lin Fan stayed here to chat with his cousin for a while.

He listened to every word Zhou Zhongmao said, those two seemed to enjoy their time.

Zhou Zhongmao deliberately tried to hold Lin Fan by his side as long as he could, because he was worried about Lin Fan.

They kept chating about stupid things.

“Why is my body hair so long?”

“Oh my God.”

“It’s just so stupid to react now.”

Lin Fan was shocked by his own foolishness.

“Cousin, what’s wrong with you?” Zhou Zhongmao asked.

“Nothing, just wondering about something.”

At night.

Lin Fan returned to the backyard. He no longer worried about the assassin, but he was bothered about something.

He opened the system.

Body Power: 85 (Second Stage)

Spiritual Power: 1

Magic Arts: Fourth Ziyang Scripture (First Heaven)

Martial Arts: Tiger Swordsmanship (Fourth Form)

Rage Point: 4922.

In the end, Master Yuan gave him a lot of rage point.

“In terms of strength, my cousin was strong in body power, but she was still at disadvantage when she fought against Master Yuan. I think i must consider to raise spiritual power.”

Lin Fan pondered for a moment, but he didn’t intend to train.

He thought about how he should distribute rage points.

He thought about his old days playing fantasy games and remembered an extreme way to be a grand master.

Lin Fan thought it was impossible to go for the mainstream and the extreme way, he must choose one of them.

Either spiritual power or body power, each had its own advantages.

There was a change in the cultivation.

He distributed five hundred rage points, then the body power up to 90 points.

Sure enough, as he thought, the parameter of the cultivation stage instantly change into third stage.

The oxygen flowed in his muscles.

The body power was increased again.

The magic arts of fourth ziyang scripture was still a mystery to Lin Fan, he still have not found a way to improve that.

According to his guess, this should be related to spiritual power.

The spiritual power point was too low.

He sat on the bed, closed his eyes, and felt the difference in his body.

“Found it.”

There was a ray of spiritual power circling in the body, very small and weak.

The spiritual force slowly moved in the body.

It circulated around the body, and it didn’t take too long for it to return to the same spot.

His spiritual power was too weak.

He distributed some of rage point into spiritual power, the spiritual power was increasing.

It was the same as increased his body power.

He distributed one hundred rage points into spiritual power.

At the same time, he felt the difference of spiritual power in his body.

Originally, the speed of spiritual power circulating in his body was slow.

The ever-expanding spiritual power was getting faster and faster.

It takes years for average people to achieve that state.

But Lin Fan achieved that effortless.

Lin Fan opened his eyes and said to himself, “You forced me to do this. I just want to be a happy lucky guy, but you don’t give a choice.”

Outside Lin Fan’s house.

Two figures stood in the distance observed everything inside the house.

“Master, we should watch him for awhile.” Wu Lao said.

Master Lin said, “Yeah, i didn’t need to do anything. Tomorrow, if he tried to laze arround i will force him to practice. One day, if he can prove himself worthy enough, i will gladly give him all i have.”

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