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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 33 There Is Day To Come


“It’s really simple.”

He opened his eyes.

The spiritual power in his body gradually grew stronger, and his hands emitted the purple light.

“Finally.” Lin Fan raised his hands, the light emitted around his palm was terrific, and then he grabbed the candlelight on the table.

“Man… This is just so lame. My spiritual power is so weak.” Lin Fan shook his head and looked at the system.

Cultivation: 90 (Third Stage)

Spiritual Power: 30 (First Stage)

Mystic Arts: Fourth Ziyang Scripture (First Heaven)

Martial Arts: Tiger Swordsmanship (Fourth Stage)

Rage Point: 1322.

“By increasing my spiritual power up to thirty point, I can improve the impact of my martial arts technique.”

Lin Fan intended raise the cultivation indicator, but later on, he realized that he must raise the spiritual power indicator. He considered that option after he was in a pinch in a fight against Master Yuan earlier.

“Yeah… I can feel the power. ” He wanted to try his newly gained power, but he felt sleepy.

“I would rather sleep for now.”

Outside Of Lin Fan’s House.

Master Lin had high expectations toward Lin Fan, but when he fell asleep, Master Lin was a bit disappointed.

In the end, nothing changed, Master Lin thought.

“Master, this…” Wu Lao was very embarrassed because of Lin Fan.

“I know, don’t say anything.” Master Lin understands.

Wu Lao said, “Yes, sir.”

After a while…

Wu Lao put on his mask and sneaked up.

“Damn assassin, how dare you come again!” Lin Fan shouted.

“Help! The assassin comes again.”

“Young Master!” The Servant was in the middle of practicing “Tiger Swordsmanship” in Houshan Forest. The servant heard Lin Fan called and immediately drew out his sword. “Young Master! Damn assassin.”

Lin Fan fought against the assassin, and he could dodge the assassin’s attack.

Lin Fan shouted to his Servant, “Don’t come over here.”

“If you hurt the Young Master, I will make you regret it later.” The Servant roared, held the swords, and she tried to slash the assassin without fear, “Young Master, please go ahead. “

The Servant was tired because he has been training for quite a while.

Wu Lao acknowledged the Servant’s skill and his loyalty.

But he still attacked both of them nonetheless, and he managed to corner the Servant.

“Stop your futile strugle, just accept your death.” Wu Lao spoke in a different tone, so both of them didn’t recognize him.

Lin Fan counter attacked the assassin with his Servant’s sword, and he said, “Who the hell are you?!”

Wu Lao didn’t say anything. He even tried to launch a second attack at Lin Fan.

“This is crazy, where are the guards?”

“Heeeelp! The assassin is attacking again.”

Lin Fan shouted.

Lin Fan evaded Wu Lao’s attack, and he was trying to seize this opportunity by slashing the assassin.

“Tiger Sword.”

Thanks to the increased spiritual point, now his martial arts had more destructive power. There was a reflection on his spiritual power on his sword.

Wu Lao was surprised.

“Good job, Young Master.” Wu Lao thought.

Master Lin’s intuition was right. Lin Fan’s true strength would awaken.

“The energy flow already entered the first stage.” Wu Lao was relieved.

Lin Fan struck Wu Lao fiercely.


“You are an arrogant bastard. You always disturb my sleep.” Lin Fan was so angry that he slashed Wu Lao, which was the assassin.

Wu Lao was shocked by his strength. Well, Lin Fan already increased his spiritual power into thirty points so that it would affect his cultivation and martial arts’ destructive power.

Even the prodigy would find it difficult to balance both his cultivation and spiritual power.

Lin Fan was clearly, on the whole another level from before.

“Stop your technique, because you will be exhausted in no time.” Wu Lao said.

Lin Fan didn’t feel exhausted at all. Lin Fan took a stance to launch his second attack. He jumped and dove with his sword toward Wu Lao.

“Tiger Sword.”


“Tiger Sword.”


Lin Fan’s chain attack was so fierce, he didn’t stop even for a second, and his spiritual power reflected like a black tiger.

“He is awesome.”

Lin Fan didn’t feel exhausted. Instead, his sword skills became more and more polished.

“How is that even possible?” Wu Lao was shocked because of Lin Fan was able to keep attacking him.

Lin Fan’s spiritual power sustained his stamina to withstand the burden of using tiger sword.

“Superb.” Master Lin said.

Lin Fan would freeze up if he heard Master Lin’s word.

Lack of sleep would affect the kidneys.

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