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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 34 A Bond Between Father And His Son


“Young Master is amazing.”

Lin Fan intended to escape with the Servant, but now he was absorbed in the battle

Suddenly he realized there was something off.

The assassin was getting faster and faster.

The assassin counter-attacked Lin Fan with his hand, and which was like a spear. If Lin Fan a bit slow, he will definitely be a goner.

“Right, keep it up, if you don’t want to die.” The assassin said.

Lin Fan panicked and began cursing the condition he was in right now.

Wu Lao knew Lin Fan was panic and he realized something.

“Maybe it’s about time for Master Lin to show up.”

“Who dares to attack my son?” Master Lin came out and shouted.

“Father! Please help me. I’m about to die right now!” Lin Fan shouted in desperate.

After Master Lin showed up the assassin a.k.a Wu Lao retreated.

“I will come again to kill you.”

“What a coward!” Master Lin said.

“Father, what should I do if the assassin comes back?” Lin Fan was a bit calmer because of his father’s presence.

Lin Fan’s suspiciousness toward Master Lin has faded away, thanks to Wu Lao.

“It’s simple. You have to be stronger than anyone else. Yes, if you are in this house, you will be safe, what if you are outside all by yourself, how will you protect youself.”

“Dad, who is the assassin?” Lin Fan asked.

Lin Wanyi said, “This is a story from a several years ago, that year …”

Lin Fan listened to a shit story that Master Lin told him.

“That means the assassin is your old enemy? And he wants to get revenge on you? So that is why he is targeting me…” Lin Fan said.

“I’m so sorry. You are in danger because of my sin in the past.”

“Tomorrow, I will tell the guards to stand by outside of the courtyard.”

“Go back to sleep, relax, for I’m here right now.”

Because of his sin in the past?


“Young Master, I’m sorry, I’m so pathetic. I’m not able to protect you.”

The Servant said faintly and after that she fainted.

Lin Family’s Libary.

“Master, Young Master Lin is indeed a prodigy.” Wu Lao said.

“What? The third stage of cultivation and the first stage of spiritual power, that’s all he got. He is still too far from reaching ‘that’ stage.” Master Lin said.

“And by the way, his Servant is loyal. She didn’t flinch even in a dangerous situation that can threaten her life. I think it wouldn’t hurt to give her a proper training.”

“Well, I think you would be more suited than me in terms of training someone.” Master Lin said.

Wu Lao laughed, “It seems that this old man must stay up every night.”

Early in the morning.

Lin Fan opened his eyes and shouted, “My Servant!”

The Servant came in, holding a basin, “Young Master, last night …”

“It’s okay, don’t think about what happened last night.” Lin Fan waved his hand, and he just had a plan to give the assassin a lesson.

After taking a bath, he headed to Zhou Zhongmao’s house.

Zhou Zhongmao shouted when he heard Lin Fan’s footsteps, “Cousin!”

“Cousin, how’s your condition?” Lin Fan asked.

Zhou Zhongmao smiled, “I’m okay, yesterday I drink three-hundred-year-old ginseng to absorb its essence, and it works.”

“Great, because I’m worried about you.” Lin Fan said.

It seemed her spiritual power affected her regeneration ability.

“Cousin, where are you going today?”

Zhou Zhongmao wanted to go with him, he was happy to tag along with Lin Fan even after so many years have passed.

“I don’t know. Let’s go out first. I’m still a bit worried about the assassin, but let us enjoy our free time together.”

“Stop talking, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!”

Lin Fan didn’t know what to say.

Lin Fan felt guilty toward his father because he suspected his father as the assassin.

But he didn’t know the reality was fucking cruel.

When Lin Fan was about to leave Lin’s residence, he met Chen Guan and asked regarding what he requested before.

Qin Village and Zhang Village have already been registered under Lin Fan’s authority.

Many things happened recently.

Lin Fan clashed a lot with the other two big families.

When Lin Fan strolled around and ate at the street stalls, the merchants didn’t let Lin Fan pay his food.

But Lin Fan told his Servant to pay in his stead so he wouldn’t lose his face.

Maybe because the commoners watched Lin Fan confronted Master Yuan?

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