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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 35 Wow, He Wept


When Lin Fan walked in front of a store…


“Damn, it hurts.” There was a man lying on the ground.

Several thugs showed up from inside the store, punched and kicked at the man that laid on the ground and said, “Don’t you dare come back here again.”


So that building was a casino.

Just now, those people were the thugs that worked at the casino. It was that man’s fault for causing this commotion.

“Man… They need to pay more respect to the elderly.” said the middle-aged man

The civilians used to see this kind of situation, many peoples tried their luck in the casino, but they ended up lying down on the street.

“Cousin, this guy is not your average person.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

“Maybe he is not an ordinary person, but he was still a human. Take it easy.” Lin Fan said.

The middle-aged man from earlier heard Lin Fan and said, “This young boy is correct.”

“What a sharp intuition, you have something special in you, my boy…”

Zhou Zhongmao looked carefully at this old man if he tried something funny Zhou Zhongmao will kick his ass for sure.

“Cousin, just relax.” Lin Fan patted his cousin on the shoulder and laughed, “I’m Lin Fan from Lin Family, nice to meet you.”

The old man laughed, “What a good name, Young Master Lin is born with a special gift, and it seems only Lin Family worthy enough to give birth to you.”

“Well said!” Lin Fan said it loud.

This old man was tried his best to flatter Lin Fan.

“Young Master Lin, even though we just met, but I kinda take a liking at you. Can I say something?” Feng Liu said.

“It’s okay, go ahead.” Lin Fan said.

This old man was a veteran to put an act.

This old man came closer with his big smile, “Lil bro, I want to borrow some money from you.”

Lin Fan said, “No.”

“What the hell? Find someone else! Don’t ruin my cousin’s day.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

This man was indeed not your average person, but his hobby to gamble has become an addiction.

“I have no intention to do that, in fact, I will give you something more precious than your money.” Feng Liu said.

He came closer to Lin Fan then took out a book from his sleeve.

“Look, brother, this is an ancient scripture, you will never find this anywhere in this world. If it was not for you, I won’t give or even show this to anyone.”

“But please, don’t say this to anyone. Because this is a sacred scripture from my tribe.”

Lin Fan looked at the old man and asked, “What’s so special about this book?”

This old man cleared his throat and then showed Lin Fan his book again.

“Look, this is the invincible dragon technique.”

“Brother, I just want to give it to you.”

After he spoke, the old man looked around and put in the book in his sleeve again.

“How much?” Lin Fan asked.

“Look, I’m not going to sell this, I want to give it to you. But considering it will hurt your status as a Young Master if I give just it for free. So I think a few dozen silver seems fine.”

This old man was a smooth talker.

“Alright, I’ll take it. The biggest problem for me isn’t money, but my reputation.” Lin Fan said with a poker face.

This old man was stunned and said, “Are you serious here?.”

“Is ten or twenty silver enough for you? I want to thank you because you trust me.” Lin Fan said.

“Brother, you are a generous man. Thanks a lot, brother.”

Then Feng Liu took out the scripture from one of his sleeves, he gave that to Lin Fan and patted Lin Fan’s shoulder.

“My Servant, give him the money.” Lin Fan said.

The servant had a bad feeling about this old man, but what could she say if Lin Fan agreed.

The servant gave the old man twelve silver, and then the old man walked away.

“Cousin, that old man is a scammer, an ancient scripture is really hard to find.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

Lin Fan laughed, “It’s okay. He already makes an effort to flatter me. The good thing is he makes me smile this morning.”

Lin Fan’s way of thinking was extraordinary.

“Let’s go and drink tea at Pavilion.” Lin Fan said.

Not too long after Lin Fan walked away from the scene, someone was thrown again by the thugs that worked for the casino.

“If you don’t have money, don’t come to this place.” The thugs shouted at the old man.

“Hehe.” Feng Liu stood up and said, “It’s time to find a young man dreaming of becoming a martial artist.”

But suddenly the old man was shocked, there was a book in his right sleeve because the book was supposed to be in his left sleeve. He realized Lin Fan got the real one.

“Oh no! I give that boy the real one.”

“I must take it back from him.”

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