I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 36 I Want To Prove Myself


The Pavilion.

Xiao Yan came with the food, “Young Master Lin, thank you for waiting.”

Bazhen cake, grain porridge, and almond tea.

Simple and casual, yet ordinary people couldn’t afford to eat it.

“Hey, order some food.” Lin Fan said.

Zhou Zhongmao shook his head. “Cousin, I’m not hungry at all.”

“Young Master, me too.”

After he finished the foods, Lin Fan took out the scripture.

“Cousin, be careful. If this scripture is fake, it might threaten your life.” Zhou Zhongmao reminded him.

Well, it was true. If someone cultivated using a fake scripture, that person would surely die.

But Lin Fan didn’t care about it.

“Easy, I’m not that frail.” Lin Fan opened the first page.

Zhou Zhongmao looked at Lin Fan with full of caution. If he found a sign of cultivation, he would take the scripture and threw it away.

Lin Fan already read all the content inside the scripture, but he was not interested in it.

The system changed.

Insect Control Mystic Art: (Beginner)

So the scripture was the real one.

“Cousin, look, this scripture seems to be real.” Lin Fan handed over the scripture.

The twenty silver coins that Lin Fan spend was not in vain.

Outside The Pavilion.

The old man walked around the city, looking for Lin Fan.

That was crazy. You could get the authentic scripture for just twenty silver coins.

“I found him!”

The old man was overjoyed when he saw Lin Fan from afar. He hurriedly walked toward the pavilion.

But he was shocked when he found his scripture was in the sewerage system.

“What?!” Feng Liu shouted.

Then he checked the content inside that dirty scripture.

“it’s finally back into my hand.” He was so relieved.

If the old man couldn’t find that scripture, he would stay in Youcheng until he found it.

The old man walked into the pavilion.

Pavilion, In The Balcony.

Zhou Zhongmao was not interested in the scripture, so when Lin Fan handed it over to him, his cousin threw it away, but Lin Fan didn’t care at all.

Lin Fan was satisfied with that insect control thing, although the content was boring for him.

The old man tried to get into the balcony.

“You can’t go up, sir, who are you?” The waitress prevented the old man to go up.

Well, that was not her fault, the old man was like a beggar, so the waitress would naturally stop him.

“I came here to meet Young Master Lin, please let me go.” The old man made a commotion downstairs.

“What’s going on?” Lin Fan checked out what was the cause of the commotion.

“Brother, it’s me. I came here to see you.” Feng Liu shouted.

This old man could bring down the waitress with his power, but he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

“Sister, I know this man, please let him go.” Lin Fan said.

“So you are Young Master Lin’s friend. Why didn’t you say that earlier?”

“I already said it, but you didn’t believe me.” Feng Liu shook his head.

Lin Fan waved his hand, “Sister, I want to talk with him.”

“I get it. I’m waiting downstairs.” The waitress left.

Zhou Zhongmao glared at the old man because he thought the old man was shameful to show up his face again.

“Brother, about before, my scripture is really for you.”

“What’s the matter anyway?” Lin Fan said.

“Brother, I didn’t come here for anything else except to ask you, why did you throw the scripture away? This is a humiliation for me. “

“What did you say? That book is a fake.” Zhou Zhongmao said that coldly.

“Fake?” Feng Liu raised his voice. “You fool, I don’t know if you are blind or idiot. Do you know how many people out there want this scripture?”

“Cousin, that scripture is indeed the real one.” Lin Fan said.

“Listen to what your cousin said? He knows it.” Feng Liu shouted at Zhou Zhongmao.

“But it’s useless.” Lin Fan said.

Feng Liu was furious when he heard what Lin Fan said because that scripture was precious for him.

“Brother, what you said hurts my feeling. You can say anything about me, but not that scripture.”

“It’s the only one left in the whole world, the other copy of it was already lost.”

“To be honest, I want to give you the copy before, but it turns out you get the real one. Otherwise, I won’t chase you here.”

“But you underestimate this scripture. I will show you the true value of it. Let’s go outside of the city.”

The old man wanted to show his scripture’s power to Lin Fan’s party.

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