I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 37 Out Of Frustration


Outside the city.

Lin Fan has nothing to do, but the old man would entertain him, so that was fine for Lin Fan.

“Cousin, please be careful, he might do something while we are outside of the city.” Zhou Zhongmao whispered.

On the vast fields

Feng Liu stood there, took a deep breath as if he became a different person.

“I will show you the terror of my Insect Control Mystic Art.”


The wind was circling his body.

“What a massive spiritual power.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

Lin Fan shook his head and said, “It’s gonna be interesting.”


Everyone heard buzzing sounds from under their feet, and the ground seemed to be shaking.

“Young Master, look there…” Zhou Guangyi was shocked.

Many bugs emerged from the ground, and in the sky, there were bugs as if giant dark clouds came closer.

“Cousin, be careful.” Zhou Zhongmao whispered.

“Cousin, how can those bugs’ movement be so well-organized?” Lin Fan asked.

Zhou Zhongmao shook his head. “I’m not sure, maybe his spiritual power is like a string that can control those bugs.”

Feng Liu laughed, “How is it? What you see right now is just the tip of the iceberg, I save the best for the last.”

“But I can guarantee, if I show you my true strength, there will be no living things left on this field.”

Lin Fan applauded, “It’s terrific, I mean it. I’ve never seen someone who can control bugs to that extent.”

“Hahaha.” Feng Liu was happy, “Brother, now you understand what you just missed.”

“If you can master the insect control to a certain degree and your spiritual power is high enough, then you will see the new horizon.”

After showing them how powerful his technique was, the bugs disappeared.

“I show you this power not to prove how powerful I am, but to let you know what opportunities you missed, hahaha…”

“Cousin, is this the old man we know?” Zhou Zhongmao was shocked in awe.

Lin Fan pondered for a moment, “He must be afraid that we won’t return the scripture. But now the scripture is back in his hand, his trying to show off instead. Fuck.”

“Cousin, I’m sorry, I was wrong.” Zhou Zhongmao was sad. Because he let such a precious scripture slipped away from his fingers.

“I don’t really care. That technique is disgusting. Let’s go home.” Lin Fan patted his cousin’s shoulder.

Well, he already learned it through the system, so it doesn’t matter for him.

The City Gate.

Su Family’s guards walked in line.

“Well, is the Su family leaving?” Lin Fan whispered.

The golden chariot passed through the crowd, but when it was about to pass Lin Fan, it stopped.

Miss Su opened the curtain and said, “Lin Fan, if you come to Wucheng, I will treat you a bowl of noodle.”

“Oh, it was miss Su, you look more beautiful than before.” Lin Fan laughed. “Oh, yes, have you found the suspect?”

‘Rage Point +123’

As soon as the suspect was mentioned, Miss Su’s heart was beating so fast, but she hid her anger, and no one realized.

“Thank you for your concern. Surely, I will find that person.”

“I have high expectations for you. I hope you can inherit your father’s strength.”

“Miss, let’s hurry up. Before it’s getting dark.”

Su Lao tried to be nice towards Lin Fan, but he already knew that Lin Fan was the suspect. But if he wanted to make a move, Su Lao must face Master Lin as the consequences.

Lin Fan smiled when Miss Su went home.

“Cousin, why did this Su Family come to Youcheng?” Lin Fan said.

Zhou Zhongmao shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“Hmph… Just forget it. Let’s head back.”

Master Yuan and Master Liang were at the city gate. They saw Miss Su off to show their respect.

However, their grudge toward Miss Su was deep. If not for the Su Family, those two might kill her instantly.

At this time, Lin Fan was shocked.

‘Rage point +223’

‘Rage point +177’

Lin Fan walked through Master Liang and Master Yuan, and he said, “That’s good, don’t bottle up your anger.”

“Shitty brat.” Master Yuan was angry, but he couldn’t do anything.

This time, he was angry because Zhang Village was already under Lin Fan’s management without his consent.

But the angriest person right now was Liang Yongqi. He could not wait to swallow Lin Fan alive.

“I haven’t ruled Qi Village for too long, but I already sympathize with them. Maybe that’s why, those people want me to be their ruler.”

Everyone glared at Lin Fan.

“They are so hopeless before I came.”

‘Rage point +111’

‘Rage point +123’

‘Rage point +88’

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