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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 5 I Can Split The Table


Lin Mansion’s Hall.

“Young Master, what’s wrong?” Wu Lao asked a question.

Lin Fan shook his head, “I’m feeling a tremendous killing intent in this room.”

Wu Lao could not help Lin Fan. He was afraid and felt so hopeless because he knew Master Lin’s temperament. If Lin Fan was just not the only one heir…

“Master, Young Master is here.” Wu Lao opened the door, then retreated to the side.

Master Lin clenched his fist and stood before Lin Fan.

The hall was hushed. They might even hear the sound of the needle fell.

“Come in, and bow down before me.” Master Lin said.

Cautiously, Lin Fan, braced himself to face the challenge before him.

Lin Fan already had a lot of problems since he arrived in this world.

“Young Master was not like this before.” Peoples muttered.

Even though Master Lin was not in his prime condition anymore, he was still a monster like he used to be, that feared by not only his enemy but also his companions.

But Lin Fan didn’t want to obey him, he firmly stood before that monster.

“No!” Lin Fan said.

Wu Lao, stood at the door, was amazed by Young Master, “What happened? This is not the usual Young Master.”

‘Rage +30.’

Master Lin could not hide his hatred and anger anymore. He looked like he would do something toward Lin Fan.

“I’m the heir of this big family, I would take over the master title from this man and get acknowledgment, so people can’t deny me even if they don’t like it.” Lin Fan thought in his heart.

Lin Fan was on fire, he suddenly remembered a sentence in the novel he read saw long ago.

That sentence was an important part of the main character, which gave him support from peoples who were moved by his heroic words.

Lin Fan made a decision.

He moved forward step by step, tighten his waist, held up his head, looked optimistic also majestic, and he said,

“My people of this generation, stand firm on the battlefield! Your strong shoulders, your unstoppable feet, your brave heart that never melted down, your time has come, this life of mine will serve you for this great Lin Family. Let’s use this momentum as we fight under our Master, which was my own father.”

There was light in Wu Lao’s eyes, and his eyes were on Lin Fan as if he had never thought that Lin Fan could say that kind of words.

Master Lin was also shocked by Lin Fan’s word.

Everyone in the hall was amazed by him.

Lin Fan looked satisfied with his resolve, “If this trick has no effect, what will?” He thought.

All the writers have that talent to improvise and create such a word on a whim.

A bottle of beer could change the flow.


Master Lin looked dissatisfied and very angry, he said, “Martial arts is something you can’t take lightly. Just look at your weak ass body. You stand on the battlefield? Stop joking with me, you will just become a burden if you join us in the fight.”

“When I was at your age, I already had my own achievements, what about you?”

Everyone at that hall was trembled because of his roaring voice earlier.

Oh, my God.

With the rest of his strength, Lin Fan tried to resist Master Lin’s spiritual power.

This wealthy family was too hard to deal with.

Everyone kneeled on the floor.

“If you try to take something, you must be ready to lose something in return. I will never bow down to anyone.” Lin Fan mumbled.

But still, everyone could hear it.

‘Rage +100’

“What are you mumbling?” Master Lin’s angry face turned blue, and he really couldn’t figure out how to teach Lin Fan a ‘lesson.’

“No, I did not say anything.” Lin Fan immediately denied.

The situation didn’t look very good now.

If he insisted on collecting some Rage Points, he could have died here.

Lin Fan must take control of the situation.

He must stay calm. He shouldn’t panic and rushed things up.

“Master, I believe Young Master had a reason to say these words, he must have a great plan in his mind and these words proving that he is growing up, why don’t we give Young Master a little time, he will prove his worth for the great Lin Family.” Wu Lao said.

Master Lin saw Lin Fan indeed grew up.

Wu Lao spoke in Lin Fan’s stead to help him.

Meanwhile, Master Lin, just stared at Lin Fan, looking dissatisfied.

Master Lin took a deep breath.

Suppressed his anger.

But still looked angry, he said, “I will give you seven days. If you don’t master the Tiger Swordsmanship within a week, I will kick you out of the Lin Family and finish you off myself. Well, You started it first.” Master Lin said.

This old-fashioned ‘young man’ couldn’t be judged by his appearances, believe it or not, he was already sixty years old, but his appearances and behavior didn’t match, well it did not matter.

“However, why didn’t anyone suspect that I am not the real Lin Fan?” Lin Fan muttered.

“Or maybe the real Lin Fan behaves exactly like me?”

‘Rage +60.’

Lin Fan just wanted to leave that hall as soon as possible, because he managed to farm more than enough Rage Points, that looked very easy, piece of cake.

When Lin Fan saw Master Lin, he was about to swallow him whole. What kind of human was he?


It was impossible.

How could he kill his own son?

He believed this is where it got interesting.

“Master, about your son, you and I know it well… I want to help him, it must be hard, but please give him some time.” Wu Lao said.

Wu Lao was born in the Lin family, and he was very fond of Lin Fan.

Master Lin looked serious and sighed, “There is not much time left, and the city is already in chaos as it is. Within 20 years, it will be even more chaotic. He could not protect himself now. How can he stay calm like that?”

Wu Lao did not say anything back.

The next Master would be appointed once every 20-year, and it was very intense, not only between the three great families but also internal conflicts within each family.

Master Lin waved his hand and walked to the back hall.

This battle looked like a cold war within the family.

Yuan Family.

“Hey, Hey, how is your visit to Lin Family’s residence?” asked a young man to Master Yuan.

That young man was Yuan Tianchu, a second in command of Yuan Family.

Yuan Family had many family branches, and it scattered all over the town and has many disciples.

Even if he was the Master of the family, he did not remember precisely how many disciples he had.

“Tianchu, guess what happens today, that Lin Family’s heir makes a move, he really deserved the reputation, at this rate Lin Family will go down in three years.”

“Everyone knows that Master Lin is the best among the rest of Lin Family, but his son was the opposite.”

“He was at the Lin Family’s Mansion today and was stunned by this unpredictable boy.”

“If you didn’t care about Master Lin, you should pay more attention to this kid instead.”

“I don’t care, let’s just see how far he can go.”

Yuan Tianchu smiled, “Hey, I heard today that Lin Fan had a lot of fun in the fancy restaurant, and he also had a conflict with one of Liang Family’s Young Master.”

“He must be wondering, why didn’t he kill Lin Fan at the time?”

Master Yuan laughed and said with a firm tone.

“He is an idiot, and he will eventually ruin the Lin Family, so don’t worry, after a year or two, we will see him kneeling before us.”

Lin Family’s backyard.

Lin Fan was lying on the bed, looking so relaxed and comfortable even in this kind of situation.

Although he just had a taste of terror from the cheap old man earlier.

But he did not care about it even just slightly.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t get much Rage Points back there. Unbelievable, all of my efforts earlier just earn me this much Rage Points.”

Lin Fan shook his head, a little regret filled his heart.

“I can become stronger while I enjoying my life to the fullest.”

This system has been customized.

At this moment, he looked at all the contents of the system.

When he was about to allocate the Rage Points for the power stats.

He wondered whether he should try adding some rage points into this Tiger Swordsmanship.

“I have to add some rage points into this Tiger Swordsmanship. After all, I have to master it in 7 days. Otherwise, I will lose face in front of those people. If you are too scared to try, you will go nowhere.”

He added some points to Martial Arts.

Tiger Swordsmanship (First Form).

200 Rage Points instantly consumed, leaving only 5.


Lin Fan trembled as if there was a mysterious power surging through his body, and unknown memory and knowledge imprinted in the depths of his mind.

In an instant, he knew all about Tiger Swordsmanship, like he has spent his lifetime training this martial art.

He tried to demonstrate Tiger Swordsmanship.

A familiar feeling enveloped his entire body.

Lin Fan jumped out of bed.

He shouted

“Tiger Fang!”


Even the broken part of the table could destroy the floor from the impact of Lin Fan’s new power. With just his bare hand, the destructive power of his new attained martial arts was very intense.

“Ouch, it hurts.”

Lin Fan took a look at his right hand, his face was red, and he almost shaded tears.

“My hand is swollen.”

If anyone saw it, maybe they would think about what kind of idiot tried to do something so stupid.

Lin Fan never cultivate his spiritual power nor his body, but something crazy he showed us earlier, he did crush the table and the surrounding properties.

This was sick.

Most people couldn’t do it.

“This is the best path that I choose, must find another way to make perfect this technique, and keep accumulating Rage Point.”

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