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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 47 I Was The Victim


That night.

Liang Yongqi couldn’t sleep at all. He was insecure because his big brother has made a move.

There was a change that his brother might be trying to compete for the heir position.

So he decided to have a drink instead of having a nightmare.

“Brother, if you want to oppose me, don’t blame me if something happens to you.” Liang Yongqi made up his mind to kill his big brother if Liang Yichu threatened his position.

Liang Yongqi was envious of Lin Fan because Lin Fan didn’t have a sibling, so he was the sole heir in Lin Family.

‘Rage point +66’

Lin Fan slept soundly. The assassin hasn’t come recently.

The servant waited outside the door when she heard Lin Fan already woke up, and she hurriedly came in with bathing equipment.

Lin Fan enjoyed his everyday life, food, cloth, and all of his luxury necessities was fulfilled.

“Young Master, you look much happier than yesterday.” The servant combed Lin Fan’s hair and said that with a smile.

“That’s for sure. I was not in a tip-top condition yesterday. After I get enough sleep, surely I feel so much better. Hurry up. We must have some fun today.”

Lin Fan didn’t want to waste time siting idly inside the house because Lin Fan had power and money, which everyone tried to obtain everyday by spilling their blood.

How about going to the Liang Family? Because Liang Yongqi was Lin Fan’s favorite.

There was also Yuan Family, but Lin Fan must choose between those two, he absolutely will choose Liang Family.

After all, Lin Fan hasn’t done anything in Yuan Family’s storehouse. Because everyone was on alert, Lin Fan couldn’t act carelessly.

But Lin Fan thought if they discovered the worms and ants, he would be still safe because they didn’t know Lin Fan was the one who controlled the worms and ants.

“Young Master, we’re all set.” The servant finished packing and stood at the door.

Lin Fan thought about some exciting activity, “Let’s go, find my cousin, together, we will have some fun.”

Lin Fan wanted Zhou Zhongmao to come with him just for insurance if something unexpected happened.

“Yes, Young Master.”

Tranquil City, Main Street.

The trio from Lin Family walked down the street while looking at many kinds of street foods.

Because of their respect toward Lin Fan, every store owner didn’t charge Lin Fan if he ate foods from their store.

But as a noble, Lin Fan couldn’t accept their kindness, he told the servant to give the money.

He wanted to maintain his reputation in everyone’s eyes.

At this time, many guards patroled the city looking for the culprit of Liang Family’s storehouse incident.

“Young Master, those are the guards of the Liang family. It seems they are looking for the culprit.” Zhou Guangyi whispered.

Only a few people suspected Lin Fan as the culprit, and Lin Fan wanted to laugh about that and shouted ‘THE CULPRIT IS RIGHT HERE!’

Because of Liang Family’s movement, everyone in the city tried to avoid Liang Family’s guards, because they were afraid the guards would be framing them without any proof just for the sake of promoted.

Tranquil City, Pavilion.

When Lin Fan entered the balcony, he saw Liang Yongqi was drinking alone, and his face was red.

“Well, Young Master Liang is so good at using his time to relax, it doesn’t matter even though all the food in the storehouse is gone, but yes, you should take a good example from me.” Lin Fan smiled.

“Waitress, give me a drink.”

The waitress was frightened.

Everyone was afraid the two Young Master would clash with each other inside the Pavilion, but they couldn’t do anything about that.

Liang Yongqi heard Lin Fan’s voice and said,

“Lin Fan, you are the one who did that, didn’t you?” He didn’t drink much but he was already drunk.

Seeing Lin Fan, Liang Yongqi straight to the points.

Liang Yongqi was in a bad mood right now. He was irritated because of his father’s responses toward his big brother.

“Yes. I did it.” Lin Fan said with a bright smile.

Liang Yongqi was shocked like being struck by lightning in the middle of the day, even if he was a little drunk, he did not expect Lin Fan to admit it.

“You admit it!”

“Well, I did.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan intentionally admit it to Liang Yongqi because there was no one around, plus, Liang Yongqi was a bit drunk.

Liang Yongqi was furious. He stood up, and the wine on his table was spilled out, “You already admited that you stole the food in Liang Family’s storehouse.”

“I stole it. Even if your father came, I would admit it. I stole it.” Lin Fan finished the wine calmly, then he said, “Is there anyone who wants to arrest me now?”

Liang Yongqi’s eyes turned red, “Alright then, I didn’t expect you to admit it. Follow me! I want to hear what will your father say about it.”

When Liang Yongqi grabbed Lin Fan’s arm, Lin Fan turned back calmly and shouted, “Cousin, he tries to do something to me, what are you doing?”

Zhou Zhongmao heard Lin Fan and in the next second…


Zhou Zhongmao kicked Liang Yongqi with a tremendous amount of power, and he was crushed directly to the ground.

The waitress couldn’t do anything downstairs, and when she heard the sound from the balcony, she was frightened like her soul was about to separate from her body.

“Go to the Master Lin and the Master Liang and inform them that their sons are fighting in here.”

“What are you doing? Hurry up!” The manager urged the other staff to call Master Lin and Master Liang.

At The Balcony.

Lin Fan couldn’t get enough of Liang Yongqi stupidity. He really enjoyed teasing him. Lin Fan could beat the crap out of him easily, but as a noble, he won’t do that, because that was not elegant.

Zhou Zhongmao crushed Liang Yongqi to the ground, and said,

“Cousin, don’t waste your energy too much for a scum like him, that was not good for your health.” Lin Fan said.

Liang Yongqi resisted, “Lin Fan, I don’t want to live under the same sky with you …”

After a while, at the Pavilion.

Master Lin and Master Liang appeared, and they looked at each other and nodded.

Pavilion, at the balcony.

When the two of them went up, Master Lin saw that his brat was relaxed while drinking wine. On the other hand, Liang Yongqi was lying on the ground with a broken nose and swollen face and kept murmuring.

“My son!” Master Liang’s face was somber and was shocked, and he turned back, “Master Lin, we need to talk.”

Liang Yongqi held his father’s hand, “Father, he admitted that he was the one who stole our food.”

Lin Fan was startled. The wine glass in his hand slipped to the ground, cracked, and broke, like in a soap drama, “Young Master Liang, if you still want to talk about your shity delusions, I won’t stop you, but you can’t blame someone who is innocent.”

“Father, here is the thing. I strolled around the city until noon and I was hungry. So I came here for a meal. When I saw Young Master Liang drinking, he was already drunk. Then he saw me, and he start spouting nonsense, and said stupid things like I’m the one who stole the food. He also said that I’m a worthless trash criminal.”

Master Lin was a bit irritated about this.

Liang Yongqi was about to faint because of Lin Fan’s word, “Lin Fan! You trash!”

“Father, did you hear? He called me trash again! If I’m trash, then what are you? This guy dares to mock us in front of you, who knows what will he say behind our back.” Lin Fan said.

Master Liang was furious, and then clenched his fist, “Brother Lin, this is a misunderstanding. It’s just a small fight between our kids. We shouldn’t complicate things even further.”

“Wait.” Lin Fan said, “Master Liang, I’m not a kid anymore. Your son is the one who is still like kids. After all, I always read the holy scripture. I know I mustn’t do anything bad to someone, but your son, who is still like kids, didn’t know this common knowledge. “

Master Liang’s anger at Lin Fan was intensified.

But he also disappointed with his favorite son, how could his son be so stupid, he dared to accuse Lin Family’s heir without any proof.

“That’s it, that’s it.” Master Lin said. Master Lin was chanting a sutra to calm his nerves.

Lin Fan was dissatisfied, “Since Father said it’s okay, then let’s forget about this day. But Young Master Liang crushed the restaurant, and I think this restaurant deserve some compensation.”

Master Liang clenched his fist, and walked toward Master Lin, “I will compensate for the trouble.”

He didn’t want to stay any longer, because his head would ache real bad if he saw Lin Fan any longer.

“Are you happy now?” Master Lin said.

Lin Fan said helplessly, “Father, I’m a victim, how can I be happy?”

Master Lin said coldly, “Zhou Zhongmao, uncle has something to tell you, don’t fool around with your cousin in the future.”

“Yes, uncle.”

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