I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 48 Again


Lin Fan was a bit flustered, because Zhou Zhongmao won’t by his side for awhile. Lin Fan has to fight alone if he encountered trouble in the future.

Tranquil City, Main Street.

“Cousin, what is the purpose behind my father’s command?” Lin Fan asked. He thought if Zhou Zhongmao left his side, he would rather not stroll around for a while.

“I don’t know, but cousin, please be careful during my absence.” Zhou Zhongmao was reluctant to leave his cousin’s side. He was happy if he was able to accompany his cousin.

Master Lin intended to remove Lin Fan’s strongest weapon.

“Cousin, rest assured, I will come back to you as soon as possible.” Zhou Zhongmao said, and then looked at the servant, “Zhao Guangyi, during my absence, you must take care of my cousin, if he is in danger, You must be ready to sacrifice your life. “

“Yes.” The servant responded, he intended to do so that even if no one asked him. He won’t hesitate to give his life.

“Alright, let’s go home.”

Liang Family’s Residence.

“Father, that guy really did it, and he admitted it in front of me.” Liang Yongqi was so hopeless, and his face was messed up because of Zhou Zhongmao.

Liang Yongqi never thought Lin Fan would go to such extent, although he and Lin Fan stood on equal ground as a young master.

“Do you have any proof?” Master Liang asked.

Liang Yongqi hurriedly said, “Father, what proof do I need? He has already admitted it in front of me.”

“Idiot.” Master Liang never thought Liang Yongqi was such an idiot, “He admitted, so what? Is there anyone will buy that crap? Still, your persistence is admirable.”

Liang Yongqi looked at Master Liang in disbelief, because that was the first time Master Liang said that he was an idiot.

“Father, I …” Liang Yongqi didn’t know what to say anymore.

Master Liang waved his hand in disappointment as a sign for Liang Yongqi to leave, “I suggest you to leave before you get on my nerves, and reflect on your mistake.”

Compared to Liang Yongqi, Liang Yichu was emotionally stable and wiser, maybe because Liang Yichu was the eldest between the siblings.

Liang Yongqi was dissatisfied with his current situation, and he was afraid that his big brother would take the chance to gain Master Liang’s favor. So he was hesitated to say anything more and left the room right away.

But when Liang Yongqi was on his way back, he saw Liang Yichu, and sarcastically he said, “Brother, you responding so fast like you really care about father’s condition.”

Liang Yichu smiled, “My youngest brother, it’s our job to take care of our father.”


Liang Yongqi grumbled and left.

Lin Family’s Residence.

Lin Fan returned to the backyard, lying on the chair, and closed his eyes.

He was satisfied with the rage point he got.

Rage Point: 5231 Points.

Lin Fan didn’t want to rush things, and he will observe the condition he was in, then he distributed rage points accordingly.

And Zhou Zhongmao immediately headed to the Library to meet Master Lin.

Lin Family’s Residence, Library.

“Uncle, my cousin has no power to protect himself. What should I do if my cousin is in danger when I’m not around?” Zhou Zhongmao said. He just wanted to always stay on Lin Fan’s side.

Master Lin squinted, “In danger? Your cousin is the danger itself. You act like a thug when you are with him, causing trouble everywhere.”

Zhou Zhongmao couldn’t find the right answer for Master Lin’s statement.

“Gather our men to exterminate a bandit force in Great River.” Master Lin said.

“Uncle, Great River is the Yuan Family and Liang Family territory. Why should Lin Family do the hard work?” Zhou Zhongmao asked.

He remembered the day when Master Yuan and Master Liang came to Lin Family’s residence begged Master Lin to give the great river for their territory. He never expected his uncle would hand over the great river to them, and until now, he hasn’t understood why his uncle handed over the great river.

Master Lin frowned, “Zhongmao, you have been with your cousin for a long time, aren’t you already used to this kind of thing? When you helped him handled the land issue, etc.”

“Yes, uncle, I was wrong. I’m going now.”

Zhou Zhongmao said.

“Master, I’m afraid Zhou Zhongmao can’t handle those bandits even though he is a skillful martial artist.” Wu Lao said.

“Well, he will be fine. Besides I need him to be out of the picture.” Master Lin said.

Night, Lin Family’s Residence.

Lin Fan intended to steal the food in Yuan Family’s storehouse tonight, but because he was exhausted, he fell asleep when he lied down on the bed.


He heard a loud sound.

Lin Fan turned back and was shocked, a dagger was stuck on the bed, just a few centimeters away from his face, as if it was aimed for his head. Fortunately, he was still breathing.

“Fuck, I just want to sleep peacefully.”

Lin Fan jumped by punching his right hand to the bed and looked out through the window. A dark shadow appeared under the moonlight. That was the assassin.

“You have a problem with me? What do you want from me?!” Lin Fan cursed the assassin. There was a problem, a problem caused by his laziness.

The assassin hasn’t said anything and moved instantly. The assassin walked on air displaying a beautiful skill step it even caused an after image.


The dagger on Lin Fan’s bed returned to the assassin’s hand by his spiritual force.

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