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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 6 Give Me Her


The moon and the stars were hard to see on this night.

The entire city was like a piece of pure white fabric.

It was so quiet.

Lin Family’s Main House, open field.


Zhao Guangyi, Lin Fan’s personal servant, held a wooden sword, he tried to mimic a move of the “Tiger Swordsmanship”.

He slammed his sword, his legs hit the ground, the wooden sword in his hand was sharply stabbed to the front.

Suddenly Zhao Guangyi, the servant, fell to the ground.

“Young Master trust me so much. I won’t let him down. If I can’t do it in one go, I will try one hundred times ’til I can do it. I will never give up!”

Lin Family never allowed a servant to practice the martial arts, only the guards can cultivate.

The servant has no inner force, he had no experience in the martial arts before. Also, he did not know the correct form of martial arts.

The moon was switched to the sun.

It was dawn break, inside the house.

Lin Fan opened his eyes.

“It’s morning, it’s a fresh morning!” Lin Fan got up, he was excited to enjoy his everyday life in here.

Sometimes, being a rich man was really annoying for him.

The first thought that woke him up every day was to think about what he has to do today to make himself happy.

The servant was allowed to move freely inside Lin Fan’s house, so he could respond faster when Lin Fan needed him.

He entered the room to serve Lin Fan.

Lin Fan’s clothes and the bathroom was well prepared.

Everything was ready.

“My servant, let’s clean up things, we are preparing to go out.” Lin Fan could not stay too long in Lin Family’s residence, he was only interested in strolling around and collecting some Rage Point. He loved to seek the ‘unknown’ that maybe could be brought him excitement.

“Oh, don’t forget to bring enough money.”

The incident from that fancy restaurant before left scar in his heart, he learned his lesson.

Fortunately, Liang Yongqi was stupid enough.

If even a small part of his brain functioned properly, Lin Fan could have a hard time because of him.

“Yes, Young Master.” The servant understood, and he collected enough money, then put it into the pouch.

The lord had control of his family’s money and his son. But for the restaurant event, it was out of reach for him.

Along the way, Lin Fan noticed a strange thing.

“My servant, why don’t we have a prostitute in Lin’s territory?” Lin Fan asked.

As a rich man, at least there must be a prostitute to serve around, but he hasn’t seen it even for once since he got here, so he felt a bit dissatisfied.

In some cases, if uncontrolled hormones were too strong, they tended to cause criminals like a rapist.

“Young Master, when you were young, there was a prostitute, but when you got caught by the Master on the spot, the prostitute was beaten to death. Since then, Lin’s territory has no more prostitutes.” Said the servant.

The news was covered up by  Master Lin at that time, so outsiders didn’t know about that incident.

If someone in the government dared to speak, the consequences are unimaginable.

Lin Fan was trembling, “Is this a backlash from using Rage Point?”

It should not be possible.

“Cousin.” At this time, Zhou Zhongmao saw Lin Fan from far away and shouted.

Zhou Zhongmao, with a hot body, he threw a smile toward Lin Fan.

“How are you doing?”

Everybody in Lin Family already knew about what happened yesterday

The news about Lin Fan was called by the Master of Lin Family, he was worried, he thought his cousin was going to suffer, but now he saw Lin Fan was in good condition, the fear in his heart has also faded away.

“Nothing special. Hey, how about we stroll around together?” Lin Fan asked.

He acted a bit strange when he heard Lin Fan invited him.

He froze in disbelief for a while.

He wanted to respond to him, but his heart was like about to explode at any minute.

“What is wrong with you?” Lin Fan asked.

“I am fine. Maybe it is due to fatigue from the training.” Zhou Zhongmao explained.

Lin Fan patted Zhou Zhongmao’s shoulder, “Come on, go out with me today.”

He felt that Lin Fan was very aggressive today.

He was happy and confused at the same time, but he still wanted to hold his hand.

“God has given you this chance, don’t you dare to let it go, show your guts!” Zhongmao spoke to himself in his mind.


He found Lin Fan’s expression looking worried.

“Cousin…” Lin Fan approached Zhongmao.

Lin Fan’s face was very close to Zhou Zhongmao’s face.

Zhou Zhongmao’s face was very red, and he could not even say a word.

Lin Fan took a step backward.

“Is this the right time?” Zhongmao thought hard.


Zhou Zhongmao took Lin Fan’s hand and held it tightly. He refused to let go, “Cousin, I’ve been waiting so long for this day.”

“All this time, you have always been kind to me, I like you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“Just hearing your voice, or just seeing your face, is enough to make me happy.”

Zhongmao’s confession made Lin Fan puzzled and also very helpless at the time. Lin Fan didn’t know what to do.

Many years have passed, but Zhou Zhongmao still remembered.

When his parents died.

It was Lin Fan who invited him to the Lin Family and was very kind to him.

If Lin Fan didn’t bring him to the Lin Family.

He remained to be a nobody.

If he were bullied by people, Lin Fan would always be there to protect him.

Lin Fan wanted to run away from this situation, but his cousin tightly held his hand, the only way was to just talk to his cousin.

“Cousin, your feelings, your pure heart, I feel there is no lie in there, let me think about it for a while, I will immediately give you the answer.”

Zhou Zhongmao smiled brightly, “Okay, cousin, let’s continue our date.”

Lin Residence, Main Gate.

“Young Master.”

“Oh, Chief.”

A middle-aged man held several documents in his hand and wanted to get out. He met Lin Fan on the way and immediately greeted him respectfully.

Even if Young Master didn’t like to cultivate, this man had never tried to make Lin Fan angry.

Unless he didn’t want to live.

“Chen Guan, where are you going?” Zhou Zhongmao asked.

“Back to the fields, I have to collect taxes.” Chen Guan said.

“Okay, see you.” Zhou Zhongmao waved his hand, this matter had nothing to do with him, he just felt like asked.

“And other stuff.”

Lin Fan stopped Chen Guan.

“Did you want to collect agricultural taxes?”

That was a normal activity.

But if it’s handled properly, it might give him a lot of rage points.


Because he was the son of a landlord.

He also needed to know the situation of the outside world.

He only knew about Lin Family’s situation now, and he only knew a little about the outside world.

The field outside the city. Lin Fan had never set foot here.

“Young Master, do you need anything from me?” Chen Guan wondered.

Lin Fan said, “I want to visit the farm.”

Chen Guan was a little surprised. Young Master was not interested in the family’s business before.

They all walked together to the fields.

Outside the town.

Many of Lin Family’s field was rented to civilians outside the city.

Two other big families also did the same thing.

Gradually when Lin Fan and the others arrived outside the city, the environment started to get worse.

There are many homeless people along the road outside the city.

They were in terrible shape. Skinny like wood.

Some were lying down on the ground, many of them have already turned into a corpse.

“My servant, who is the person in charge? Look at them! This is hell!” Lin Fan asked.

“Young Master, you can’t blame anyone, they are just a homeless wanderer, maybe some criminals are hiding among these crowd.” The servant said.

Lin Fan shook his head.

It was terrible!

Lin Fan, who came from a peaceful and prosperous world, could not stand to watch the conditions of these people.

“Chen Guan, you told me before that if I give you an order, you will obey it, right? Now, I will take care of these people, provide them with the necessities of life, and build a house for them. You will be happy to obey me, right? ” Lin Fan asked.

Chen Guan knew that his Young Master had a very eccentric personality, but Chen Guan never thought this would happen.

Chen Guan could feel the calamity was near. Master Lin would be angry if he found out about this.

Chen Guan thought about Lin Fan’s words.

Actually, Chen Guan was astonished by it. Chen Guan respected Lin Fan for what he said. But Chen Guan was also afraid because Master Lin would be furious.

“Young Master, this is absolutely impossible, Master will be angry. Please, consider it again.” Chen Guan had a hunch his Young Master deliberately opposed his father.

Master Lin would not let this happen.

Lin Fan smiled.

A smile on his face was like a sunflower.

The problem must be considered again.

Was it… worth it to try?


There was a voice closing in from a distance.

“Ugh, get off me.”

A woman with a cold expression and beautiful face appeared, but her emotions affected her beauty, so people didn’t want to get closer.

She looked furious, that was because when she walked, some kids accidentally threw dirt to her. She couldn’t hold the anger and threw a tantrum.

“Wow, isn’t that too much?”

“That could happen to anyone, you know?”

“Cousin, let me handle this.”

Lin Fan gave ‘okay’ sign to Zhou Zhongmao.

Zhou Zhongmao wondered, “Cousin, you know her?”

“Maybe yes, maybe not.” Lin Fan said.

Chen Guanwu frowned, he wanted to say something, but Zhou Zhongmao was too fast.

He used a movement like a mirror image if we talked about the game.

He jumped up so high. He prepared his next move while he stretched out his hands.

He tightened his fingers. It formed like a knife, prepared to do Magic Fist martial art.

“Give me a good show.” Lin Fan shouted.

“Okay, cousin.”

Zhou Zhongmao cupped his hand like a spear, his power concentrated on his fist, he screamed, his feet were ready to do a stance for the next attack, his precision was so accurate.

He would give his best when Lin Fan had high expectations from him.

No complaint and also, no failure allowed.

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