I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 56 You Are Such A Bad Person


Liang Yongqi never expected that he would meet Master Yuan here.

In the middle of the night, when everyone was asleep, he was doing something suspicious on the city gate.

He thought about what should he say to Master Yuan.

He regretted to transport the foods.

But actually, it was the guards’ idea.

“Master Yuan, why are you here?” Liang Yongqi wanted to hide his nervousness, his hands and feet were trembling.

Master Yuan stared at Liang Yongqi, and he said, “Someone stole my foods in the storehouse. I’m here just to check the carriages. Is there be any problems?”

“No, that is definitely no problem. Master Yuan, I will take my leave if you want to check the carriages.” Liang Yongqi wanted to run away.

“Not so fast.” Master Yuan stopped him, “Young Master Liang, you want to go somewhere in the middle of the night, instead of taking a good rest at home, but you bring the guards to transport things. What is this?”

Liang Yongqi stuttered, “Nothing, really, it’s just some used things.”


Master Yuan inserted his fingers into the sacks. Suddenly, rice rained down from inside of it.


Liang Yongqi shuddered his secret was discovered by Master Yuan.

“Hehe.” Master Yuan’s expression was scary, “Kid, is this the used things you said?”

“This …” Liang Yongqi’s face turned red, and he didn’t know what to say.

Master Yuan stepped forward, grabbed a handful of rice, squeezed it tightly until the rice spilled from his fingers, “Kid, this rice belongs to the Yuan family. Sneakily transporting this rice in the middle of the night, are you afraid that I might find out?”

Master Yuan didn’t expect it. Liang family actually stole all the foods.

Master Yuan hesitated to take action when Lin Fan mentioned Liang Family was the one who stole the foods. He was afraid Lin Fan wanted to set him up to fight Liang Family.

But when he sent two spies to both Lin and Liang Family’s residence, he was shocked.

If what Lin Fan said was a lie, Liang Yongqi wouldn’t transport foods in the middle of the night.

“Master Yuan, someone is trying to frame me.” Liang Yongqi panicked and then shouted, “It’s him. It must be him. It’s Lin Fan who is framing me, yes, he is the one framing me.”

Master Yuan did not buy his nonsense, “Go, notify Master Liang and ask him to come to the storehouse, he owes me an explanation.”

“Yes, sir.” The guards responded.

When Liang Yongqi heard this, he choked, he looked at the guard who gave him the advice, cold sweat was flooding his forehead as if he knew something terrible was about to happen.

Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

Lin Fan was yawning, stretched his waist, and woke up lazily.

“Servant…” Lin Fan shouted.

The servant came in brought the washbasin.

“Is there any news in the city last night?”

Lin Fan hoped Master Yuan would find out where his food was stored.

“Young Master, I don’t know anything about the situation outside.” Zhou Guangyi shook his head.

“I wonder when my cousin will return.” Lin Fan sighed.

He really missed Zhou Zhongmao.

He has been out for two days.

“Young Master, Young Master Zhou Zhongmao is going to the Great River. He must have arrived now. And probably it will take at least four or five days until he finishes his job.” Zhou Guangyi said.

Four of five days was enough for him.

“Great River.” Lin Fan thought for a moment, he knew that Tranquil City was just a small place, a remote city, but it had its own secret.

Lin Fan speculated about the condition in Tranquil City.

There were three powerful noble families, Lin, Yuan, and Liang Family.

Especially Lin Family, Master Lin’s strength, was unparalleled.

And the problem between those three families was not just simple matter.


“Wha’s happening!?”

Lin Fan was shocked. How did the rage point in the system become that much?

Rage Point: 4716.

The rage point increased drastically.

What exactly happened last night?

Liang Yongqi was busted, his face and body was wounded and swollen.

Lin Fan searched Master Lin at the main hall, but he couldn’t find Master Lin. So he asked the guard, “Where is my father?”

“Young Master, Master Lin went out early in the morning. I heard something happened to the Liang family, and he has already gone to Liang family’s residence.” The guard said.

The guards didn’t know what happened.

Lin Fan was ecstatic. It seemed that Master Yuan checked the Liang Family’s storehouse, his effort was not in vain.

“Let’s check things out at Liang Family’s residence.”

Without having breakfast, he hurriedly ran toward the Liang family’s residence. How could he miss such a lovely event like that?

Liang Family Hall.

Liang Yongqi was kneeling on the ground, with so much wound on his face from last night.

At this moment, Liang Yongqi was crying.

“Father, I was framed by someone. I didn’t steal the Yuan family’s food.” Liang Yongqi cried and then looked at the six guards who accompanied him last night, “You can ask them if you don’t believe me, I really didn’t steal the food…”

He was like a beaten dog.

The guard who gave Liang Yongqi advice was scared because Master Liang will definitely kill him.

Who doesn’t want to live?

Everybody wanted to live.

“Shut up!” Master Liang was furious and then said, “Brother Yuan, I don’t know anything about this. This kid is did everything on his own accord. I will leave his punishment to you.”

Master Liang was disappointed with Liang Yongqi.

If he wanted to steal something, do it without anyone noticing, and if he was busted, then there was no need to make pointless excuse.

“If I found the food in the storehouse, we could say someone placed it there beforehand to break the relationship between our family.”

But this is different. You bring six guards and six carriages in the middle of the night to transport food out of the city. A donkey won’t fool me.”

“Young Master Liang, you are such a bad person.”

At this moment, Lin Fan came in.

There was a kind of sadness and bitterness between the words.

The game was just about to begin.

Let’s farm a lot of rage points.

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