I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 57 What Else Do You Want


Master Lin frowned, “What is this kid doing? It has nothing to do with him!” Master Lin thought.

Master Lin’s intention was only to witness how Master Liang and Master Yuan solved their problem.

Liang Yongqi was furious, and he shouted, “Lin Fan, you did it right? Come clean and admit it if you are a man.”

Rage Point +88.

“Well, if you insist. Yeah, I did it.” Lin Fan nodded.

Liang Yongqi was overjoyed, pointing at Lin Fan and shouted again, “Did you all listen!? he admitted that he did it, it has nothing to do with me, it really has nothing to do with me.”

Lin Fan said, “Can I take back what I said before? Because you said if I was a man, I would admit your accusation. I didn’t steal the food, but I’m a real man, so I say yes to your ridiculous request.”


Liang Yongqi pointed his fingers at Lin Fan.

“Brat, come here. This is a matter between Master Yuan and Master Liang. Stop beating around the bush.” Master Lin said while glaring at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan approached his father, and he said, “Father, my intention isn’t to cause trouble, but let’s be honest.”

“Master Yuan, in fact, I don’t believe Young Master Liang will do such a thing.” Lin Fan said.

Liang Yongqi was stunned, he did not expect the bastard would give him a hand.

But what Lin Fan said next made him completely angry.

“But we can’t ignore the facts either, even if I don’t want to believe it, it’s pointless if all the evidence pointed to him. I just hope that Young Master Liang can reflect from his mistakes and didn’t fall deeper into the lake of sin.”

Lin Fan said that with a serious tone and a bit of pity tone.

That was heartbreaking.

‘Rage point +123’

Liang Yongqi glared at Lin Fan and shouted, “He is framing me! He is framing me!”

Lin Fan shook his head, with a helpless expression he said, “What’s there by framing you? Didn’t you try to frame me as well? Are you trying to say that I’m your accomplice?”

“No damn way.” Liang Yongqi answered.

Liang Yongqi was so sure Lin Fan was the one who transported all the food to Liang Family’s storehouse. But if he didn’t take the food for his own benefit, this case will have a different ending.

“Shut up.” Master Liang sighed, then he commanded the guards, “Give me a stick!”

“Father, my brother maybe was just a bit confused.” Liang Yichu begged for mercy. Liang Yichu was afraid not only Liang Yongqi’s name but Liang Family’s name will also be tainted.

“Father, forgive me, Master Yuan forgive me, it was not me. It was this guard who deceives me.” Liang Yongqi cried.

The guard shouted, “No, you can’t involve me in your matter. I never deceive you or anything like that.” The guard betrayed him.

“Don’t you dare to fool me!” Master Liang was furious.

The guard shouted, “Master, I didn’t deceive Young Master, I can’t even read or write letters, I’m all brawn with no brain, how can I deceive Young Master?”

Lin Fan nodded and said, “This guard is quite reasonable. Young Master Liang is smart. How can a mere guard who even can not even read nor write was able to deceive him?”

Liang Yongqi was furious when he heard the guard’s statement.


A guard came with a stick.

Master Liang took the stick from the guard’s hand and rushed to Liang Yongqi didn’t care about the surroundings and kicked Liang Yongqi’s ass.

Master Liang hit Liang Yongqi’s back until he fell to the ground, blood stained Liang Yongqi’s clothes, and he also coughed some blood.

Lin Fan was shocked how could a father beat his own son brutally like that.

And then Lin Fan looked at Master Yuan, but Master Yuan remained silent.

“I didn’t know you dare to do such a thing! Did you know Liang Family and Yuan Family have a long history? We support each other and went through hardships together.” Master Liang was angry, and he hit Liang Yongqi again.


Liang Yongqi was crying, so miserable, lying on the ground.

“Father, forgive me, I wouldn’t dare to even think about it.”

Master Lin drank the tea calmly, “He must educate his son into a proper adult before he dies. I can understand Brother Liang’s feelings.”

“I understand your hardships. I too, will try harder to educate my son.”

Lin Fan looked at his father.

“What my father said was true. For Master Liang to beat his own son, I hope this will not be in vain.”

Rage point +233.

Rage points showed up right after Lin Fan said that.

Liang Yongqi was bearing the pain and was only able to lie down on the ground.

“My son, Brother Yuan once saved my life, and now you lay your hand on him, you think being my son will protect you?”


Master Yuan recalled his times with Master Liang.

At that time, those two were still kids, just six or seven years old brat, strolling around in the city, and Master Liang was a commoner. He often made a ruckus in town, and he was hunted down by the city guards. And it was Master Yuan who helped him bailing him out of jail.

Master Yuan and Master Liang was a close friend since their childhood.

Screams didn’t let up.

Liang Yongqi was trembling, and blood spilled, he it was like he could faint at any moment right now.

“That’s enough.” Master Yuan got up and walked towards the door.

Master Liang chased after him, holding his hand and said, “Brother Yuan, I’m sorry.”

Lin Fan whispered, “Father, is this over?”

Master Lin squinted, “What else do you want?”

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