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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 58 Red River


Lin Fan was bored.

That was completely different from what he thought.

Although he was a little dissatisfied, it was okay. Looking at Liang Yongqi being beaten like that, he didn’t know what to say.

Did Master Liang hate his son that much?

There was no hatred, Master Liang only wanted to give his son a lesson.

Liang Family was very harmonious.

But their harmony was shattered after Lin Fan arrived, Tranquil City was so big, but fate has made Lin Fan and Liang Yongqi met.

Liang Yongqi was afraid he couldn’t see his dream came true.

Meanwhile, Master Lin got up and left the house.

Lin Fan passed by Liang Yongqi, squatted down, and patted his shoulder, “Brother Liang, don’t be sad, take good care of yourself. After ten days and a half months, you will be back to your prime.”

“I’m telling you a secret. Actually, you are innocent, I am the one who set you up, and you are the one suffering.”

“Lin Fan, you really hurt my feelings.” Liang Yongqi gritted his teeth and vowed in his heart that he would drag Lin Fan to hell together with him.

‘Rage point +666’

Lin Fan, who already left Liang Family’s Residence, stopped and glanced back.

Perhaps that was the turning point of Liang Yongqi’s life.

Liang Family’s Residence.

Master Liang’s expression was so scary.

“Father, you have to believe me, he is framing me.” Liang Yongqi said that with a helpless expression, he couldn’t let his father thought he did this on purpose, otherwise Liang Yichu would receive a heir title instead of him.

Liang Yichu stepped forward, “Brother, don’t talk anymore, take a good rest, don’t you blame father, he is trying to save you.”

“Get away from my face! I don’t need your fake compassion.” Liang Yongqi pushed his elder brother away, and he felt the pain all over his body.

Liang Yichu stepped back and didn’t know what to say about his brother’s attitude.

“You dare to say such a harsh word to your elder brother.” Master Liang was holding back his anger, but Liang Yongqi fainted when he saw his father took the rod and prepared to hit him again.

He didn’t expect his father to take the rod again.

“Father, brother …” Liang Yichu also did not expect that his father would do that.

Master Liang waved his hand, “I know that he didn’t have guts to steal food, but he should not be greedy. If he notified me, he didn’t need to suffer this much, and he was framed because of his own greed…”

Master Liang knew, somehow, the case was related to Lin Family, but he couldn’t prove it.

Great River.

“Charge!” Zhou Zhongmao roared, his spiritual power was surging out from his body, forming a transparent shield, rushed toward the bandits, and opened the path. No one could survive from his technique.

With Zhou Zhongmao at the center, within a few meters, the blood was painting the river with red rose color, and the corpses were piled up there.

“Captain, these are all just minions, the leader is not here.” The guard looked at the situation around him and did not find the bandit leader.

Zhou Zhongmao was anxious.

He wanted to resolve the matter and return to Tranquil city quickly and continued to be with his cousin.

Just then, they heard a drum sound.

Many ships appeared in the distance.

“You dare to come to mess up with Great River Bandit, I’m afraid you don’t know how to spell a word of death.” Among the ships, there was a huge ship, and the one who spoke earlier was standing there with a giant body at least three meters tall, his muscles were just like an impregnable armor.

“Captain, seems like we’re being ambushed.” ​​The guard reported.

They are now on the sea.

And that was also the Great River Bandit’s territory.


Zhou Zhongmao didn’t take it seriously.

“Arrow!” Someone shouted.


Rain of arrow struck in front of them.

The Great River Bandit was ruthless. They sent their minions to observe the strength of the enemy.

If the enemy was weak.

It saved all the trouble.

But if the enemy were powerful, they would launch long-range attacks to weaken the enemy.

Zhou Zhongmao looked up into the distance, without moving. “How dare they take my precious time! We need to go back soon.”

Suddenly, when the rain of arrow was fired toward Zhou Zhongmao’s ship, his spiritual power formed a shield and covered up the entire ship.

“Capt’s spiritual power is so amazing.” The guards were shocked and did not expect Zhou Zhongmao’s spiritual power was in that caliber.

His spiritual power could withstand the bombardment of arrows.

The arrows were completely blocked.

Zhou Zhongmao raised his hands, and rallied the forces.


The bandit was stunned, and their formation fell apart.

The bandits tried to flee from Zhou Zhongmao’s men.

But Zhou Zhongmao said to the Bandit leader, “Do you want to run? Keep dreaming! If I let you run away, I can’t complete the task.” Zhou Zhongmao growled and slammed the floor. The ships almost sank because of the waves.

The leader of the Great River Bandit saw the figure that struck like a meteor with a furious expression.

In a blink of an eye, Zhou Zhongmao appeared in front of the bandit’s leader.

The leader lifted his hammer and prepared to slam Zhou Zhongmao down, “Come at me, and you will die.”

Zhou Zhongmao didn’t panic at all. He clenched her fist. The strong spiritual power was concentrated on his fist, and he banged directly.

The impact was so powerful, and it was able to break the ship apart, causing huge waves.


The hammer cracked and shattered into pieces and fell to the ground.

Zhou Zhongmao was running wild and kicking Bandit leader’s ass.


The leader coughed blood.

His fist penetrated the abdomen, flesh and blood was spilled out, and his organs could be seen.

The leader kneeled on the ground, but he didn’t breathe anymore.

All the bandits dropped their weapon and surrender to Zhou Zhongmao’s men.

Suddenly, a guard came and asked something, “Capt, what did these bandits do?”

Zhou Zhongmao’s face was serious, “Their mistake is to make my uncle send me here so I must leave my cousin’s side.”

The guards were stunned.

But on this day, the Great River turned red.

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