I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 59 Tranquil City Is Still The Safest Place


Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

Lin Fan had nothing to do because he hasn’t met his best buddy, Liang Yongqi. They could say Yuan Tianchu was a bit luckier than Liang Yongqi because Yuan Tianchu never met Lin Fan when he strolled around the city. Yuan Tianchu knew if he met Lin Fan, he would get in trouble, so he avoided Lin Fan.

Lin Fan opened the system, and he found a lot of rage points.

Rage Point: 5826.

“Cultivation is not difficult. It’s simple and easy. I just need to allocate some points and… voilà, I already mastered some skill, cultivation is not that difficult I didn’t know when he will come again.

For upgrading the status indicator in the system, he needed a lot of rage points.

Physical power, spiritual power, mystic art, and also martial-art could be upgraded.

Finally, he decided to upgrade the spiritual power indicator.

Because he thought spiritual power would be useful for him.

Allocating points.

Spiritual power gradually increased.

Spiritual Power: 120 (Fourth Stage)

It consumed three thousand rage points to level up.

While Lin Fan concentrated and sat alone, his spiritual power gradually increased.

“Whoa, I can look into my own body.” Lin Fan’s body structure was visualized in his mind, just like the projector.

Spiritual power was circulating in Lin Fan’s veins.

“I can feel and see the spiritual power’s circulating in my body when I reach the fourth stage. It’s amazing.”

There were twelve layers of cultivation, each of which could awaken special abilities.

The fourth stage could help him for to discover and create a new move.

He hoped the assassin won’t show up again tonight.

Finally, sky was getting dark, and it seemed something terrible was happening in Lin Fan’s house, screams were heard all night long.

Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

The night sky already changed into a clear sky.

The servant’s neck was hurt, and he didn’t know what happened last night because he lost his consciousness. And now he waited outside while holding the washbasin.

He was curious why Lin Fan was still asleep, so he decided to wake him up.

“Young Master, are you awake?” Usually, Lin Fan already awoke before afternoon.

That was no answer.


The servant opened the door, and The servant found Lin Fan was sitting on the bed, motionless, like he went through something terrible.

The servant was panic and said, “Young Master!”

“Don’t come closer! Get out!” Lin Fan’s voice was very weak, “Listen to me, get out now. No one is allowed to come in today.”

The servant was at a loss of what happened.

But he still obeyed and put the washbasin in the corner and quickly left the house.

Lin Fan looked at the mirror and said, “My God, how can someone be that ruthless, coming here every night only to beat me up?”

That assassin came again last night.

Lin Fan slept soundly and dreamed of becoming of Lin family’s Master, but he was interrupted by the assassin before the dream reached a happy ending.

The battle was extremely fierce.

Even though his spiritual power already reached the fourth stage, he still can’t beat that assassin. He barely survived because he had a strong will to live.

Lin Fan looked so gloomy, and he said, “Cultivate, I must cultivate, there is no other way, I must teach that mongrel a lesson or two.”

Lin Fan clenched his fist and screamed in his heart.

Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

Ther servant was upset because someone definitely messing around with Lin Fan last night.

Lin Family’s Residence, Main Hall.

Master Lin lied back on the chair, drank the tea, he was satisfied with Lin Fan’s progress.

“Master, you can rest assured, Young Master’s progress was satisfying.” Wu Lao said.

Wu Lao felt sorry for Lin Fan because of Master Lin’s method to educate Lin Fan.

“Yeah, he has some progress. His spiritual power has reached the fourth stage, not to mention his growth rate is so fast but it’s kinda weird. Did he have a mentor or something?” Master Lin was puzzled.

Lin Fan’s growth rate was too fast compared to average people.

Wu Lao thought that might be due to Lin Fan’s talent or Lin Fan’s secret training, but Master Lin didn’t believe Wu Lao’s word.

“How is the barrier at Ten Thousand Mountain holding up?” Master Lin asked.

Wu Lao looked serious. “Master, I have checked it. It’s stable. There is no problem for the time being, but according to the previous report, I don’t think we should let anyone entered within these months.”

Ten Thousand Mountain were miles away from Tranquil City. Someone will be lost if they were not familiar with the environment.

“Master, is Young Master ready to go there?” Wu Lao asked.

Master Lin felt the same way.

There was no benefit for Lin Fan to stay in Tranquil City, Lin Fan will hit the limit soon.

“Yeah, but if I remember all the mistakes that I make in my younger days, I’m afraid my son will be in danger if he is out there.”

When he was young, Master Lin didn’t think he would have a child in the future, so he didn’t take anything seriously and often messed around. So he had a lot of enemies out there.

But when he thought about that…

“The most dangerous place is the safest place.”

He thought Tranquil City was still the safest place.

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