I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 60 Overpowered


Lin Family’s Residence.

Lin Fan stayed in his house all day, and no one would believe that Lin Fan, who often strolled around the city, will suddenly spent his time inside his house all day.


“I never think about coming to this place even once.” Lin Fan stood at the door.

He knew he must put an effort to get his peaceful days back, he must get stronger to beat the assassin.

“Young Master.” The two guards greeted him while guarding the library. Those guards looked strong, and Lin Fan thought maybe everyone working for in Lin Family was actually quite strong.

Lin Fan waved his hand, “Open the door.”

Only Master Lin and Lin Fan who were allowed to enter the library.

The guards opened the door without saying anything.

The door weighed thousands of pounds respectively, and the guards must open the doors at the same time.

It was a little dark inside.

Lin Fan was a bit hesitated, but he was ready for the worst.

Inside The Library.

The guard closed the iron doors and looked at each other. They couldn’t believe what they saw earlier.

Those guards have been guarding the library since Lin Fan was born, but they never saw Lin Fan came into the library even once.

“Yeah, just as I expected.” Lin Fan looked at the surroundings. It was dark. When he walked in, there was light around, not candlelights, but some kind of glowing stones.

He was amazed by his own home. Even Yuan Family and Liang Family’s library were outclassed by Lin Family’s.

There were so many kinds of books and scrolls.

Hand-to-hand combat technique.

Swordsmanship scrolls.

Assassin scrolls.

Spiritual power scrolls.

So many of them inside the room.

Lin Fan picked up one of them.

“Frozen King Body.”

“What the hell?”

Lin Fan was stunned when he read the name of that technique. He remembered the name was from the 72 unique techniques from Shaolin.

He took a deep breath, then opened the pages.

“There were missing pages. Is this really from Shaolin?”

It was a pity there were missing pages.

Lin Fan suddenly lost interest in it, but he still kept it in his mind.

Main Hall.

“Master, just now, the Young Master is going to the library.” The guards reported.

Master Lin was surprised when he heard this, and his eyes were sparkling, “What are you talking about?”

“Young Master is going to the library.” said the guard.

That was something Master Lin dare not imagine.

He wanted to see with his own eyes.

“Guide him to No.1, No.4, and No.6,” Master Lin said.

Master Lin had a categorization of martial arts style in his library. Even he still practiced a lot from books or scrolls in there.

The numbers he mentioned before was the strongest martial art scrolls in the library, and no one except Master Lin ever touched that scrolls.

“Yes, sir.” The guard hurried back to the library.

Lin Fan was just looking around for the time being.

He found lots of paper scraps, scrolls, books, and manuscripts.

Some of the books were just your average martial art, such as tiger swords which was just basic swordsmanship.

But he already mastered tiger swords at such a high level.

Only a few people could compete with him in basic swordsmanship.


Something was falling.

“Thunder sword!?”

That was a sword technique, which was fiercer than tiger sword. There were only four moves in total.

But that four moves were enough for one person to practice for even a lifetime.

“There is no wind nor mice around. How did it fall? This technique is a bit difficult, by the way.”

Lin Fan talked to himself with the scrolls in his hand.

He kept strolling around the library.


Again, something fell.


Lin Fan looked around, was there a secret door, who was playing with him? He thought someone deliberately threw that scrolls to him.

“Origin Jade Fist.” Lin Fan looked carefully.

The system was recording each scroll that Lin Fan already read, and…


He got new techniques.


Lin Fan looked like a silly person.

Frozen King Body was a physical technique, used to strengthen the body, and coincidently also the one he needed now.

That just sounded like the technique of Budhist monk.

But who cares.

Opened the system.

Physical Power: 90 (Third Stage)

Spiritual Power: 120 (Fourth Stage)

Mystic Art: The Fourth Ziyang Scripture (Second stage)

Martial Art: Tiger Sword Method (Fifth Stage), Insect Control (First Stage), Frozen King Body (First Stage), Thundersword Four Styles (First Stage), Origin Jade Fist (First Stage).

Rage Point: 2826.

Lin Fan asked the guard outside to open the door.

The guards were shocked that Lin Fan already came out from the library.

The iron doors opened.

The guards saw Lin Fan came out empty handed, and they wondered, “Didn’t you pick any scrolls?”

“I’m done.” Lin Fan left.

The guards hurriedly reported the situation to Master Lin that Lin Fan left the library empty handed.

Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

Rage point increased.

Rage point +333.

Lin Fan was stunned, who was giving him all these rage points. He did nothing but staying inside his house yesterday, and the same goes for today.

He thought, there was a chance that Liang Yongqi might be the one giving him those rage points.

He opened the system and allocated rage points.

Physical Power: 120 (Fourth Stage).

He consumed three thousand rage points and only 159 rage points left.


Lin Fan had an idea.

He reset the spiritual point he had.

Rage point +12000.

He allocated the twelve thousand rage points into his new technique in turn.

“I can conquer heaven and earth.” Lin Fan screamed and tried out his new power, and the sword slashed in unbelievable speed forming thunder like after image.

The energy waves spread out in the air.

After he experimented, he came into a conclusion, and he needed both physical and spiritual power to utilize his techniques to its full potential.

“This system is very overpowered.”

He realized no matter how strong and talented one was, they would be powerless before the system.

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