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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 7 It Is Him!


Zhou Zhongmao was extremely fast.

“Cousin said that if you want to prove your worth, there was not an easy way.”

The girl was furious, and she wanted to kick Lin Fan’s ass.

She never hesitated to kill people before.


The girl, who was quite skilled in martial arts, sensed a strong power near her.

She looked so surprised when she looked back.


The girl’s beautiful face was pale, her expression changed, the pain was surging to all over her body, and she cried.

No wonder, Dang Magic Fist was Zhou Zhongmao’s signature.

The girl was afraid of her because the girl already had a taste of her strength.

“Halt!” Lin Fan said.

When Zhou Zhongmao ready to land a final blow, he heard Lin Fan. Her body stopped in midair, he threw her punch to the ground so it would not hit the girl.

“Amazing! Isn’t that move similar to the infamous shadow step? Is it a rapid kick?” Lin Fan was amazed.

Zhou Zhongmao’s movements were beautiful yet so deadly.



With a few steps, Zhou Zhongmao turned over in the air and landed on the ground.

The girl felt powerless, her blood was streamed down when she tried to run away, followed by Zhou Zhongmao’s heavy bombardment.

Lying on the ground, could not move. The girl was in a life or death situation.

“Cousin, can I?” Zhou Zhongmao asked permission to finish her.

For Zhou Zhongmao, it was an easy task.

But Lin Fan was not stupid.

When he looked at her clothes, he realized she was a noble too.

If he really wanted to kill her, he must be prepared for the aftermath.

Zhou Zhongmao could be in trouble.

Lin Fan prioritized Zhou Zhongmao safety.

If he really wanted to kill this woman, a lot of people would be sacrificed in exchange for her life.

“Cousin, I really didn’t expect you to be this good. You are very skilled.” Lin Fan discovered his value, he might be useful for Lin Fan in the future.

“You are exaggerating me.” Zhou Zhongmao blushed.

Earlier, we saw a fierce battle scene, but now we saw a lovey-dovey soap opera scene in here.



The girl, who was lying down on the ground, already woke up.

She felt so dizzy.

She saw birds flying around in a circle above her head like in the cartoon.


Blood flowed out from her the nostrils.

“You reap what you sow. This won’t happen if you didn’t act violently toward that kids.” Lin Fan did not feel guilty.

Someone approaches the girl, “Who… Who did this to you?”

The girl felt dizzy and so powerless, so she couldn’t talk to explain what happened.

“By the way, who was that person beside her?” Zhou Zhongmao asked.

“I’ve never encountered her before.” Lin Fan frowned, “I can’t sit back and just watch.”

She already decided and stepped out.

She won’t run away.

She slapped her own face to erase the fear.

Her five fingers clenched into a fist and launched a punch to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan grabbed his opponent’s arm, and he hit her hard.

He prepared to execute his final move.

He jumped backward, and in a split second, he launched a rapid attack.

While the girl was still unconscious, another girl looked at Lin Fan, and Lin Fan could sense intense hostility from her.



Suddenly, Lin Fan shook the ground with his punch.

“Sigh… I need to calm down.”

Lin Fan never hit a woman in his entire life.

A real man never hurt a woman’s feeling.

But when someone really tried to hurt his friends, no matter whether it was a man or a woman, he would definitely make them regret it.

Chen Guan was stunned.

He still wondered what has happened.

Young Master showed them his real strength.

“Cousin, you are amazing.” Zhou Zhongmao shouted.

He was amazed by what Lin Fan showed to him earlier.

Just a few moves and he could make them ate the dust.

Lin Fan calmly answered, “Easy peasy.”

Just now.

He actually felt something was wrong, he felt a chilly sensation like fear and doubt in his heart.

“No, I couldn’t let this feeling take control of me.”

“I am a Young Master, I have to enjoy my life, I won’t let anyone disturb my way of life.”

“What are you doing? Hurry up! If that old hag wakes up, you don’t have a second chance.” Lin Fan said.

“Yes, Young Master.” Chen Guan said.

He felt that it would be bad if he didn’t leave that place soon.


Lin Fan ran through the girls who were lying on the ground.

While they were running away, they saw a group of soldiers coming from the direction they wanted to go.

The leaders were dressed in dark armor, and on the chest of their armor, there was an emblem.

A pattern consisted of three leaves.

Shaped like a clover, it was also like a windmill.

The leaders passed through Lin Fan and looked like he was in a hurry.

“They seem to be from Su Family.”

He has seen it before, but he was not sure.


Lin Fan thought of one thing.

The women from earlier, their appearance, clothes, and accessories, or their arrogant act, was not something the average family would do or had.

In the city, there was no such woman.

If Chen Guan dared to guess.


That woman was from the Su family!

After he realized, he rushed to Lin Fan, “Young Master, we might be in trouble.”

“What trouble?” Lin Fan asked.

Even if Lin Fan was a Young Master from an influential family, it could be big trouble for him.

“The woman from earlier might be from the Su Family.” Chen Guan said.

“Su Family?” Lin Fan was shocked.

All of what happened would go in his favor.

They hadn’t figured it out when they crossed paths with her. Lin Fan couldn’t run away from this messy situation.

“Don’t worry, even if she is really from Su Family, the army must go back immediately to give her treatment.” Lin Fan did not care.

Who is she? He was not afraid.

As a true Young Master, and also the man who was always provoked people intentionally, could not be afraid.

On the distance.

Miss Su still lying down there, while the army searching all areas to find her.

But when they saw someone lied down on the road…

Everyone was shocked.

“Miss!” An old-fashioned servant was shocked, and he hurried to see her close up.

When he noticed the face of Miss Su was severely injured, the old servant panicked.

“Who dare to do this to Miss Su?!”

The old servant’s eyes were looks like a red ruby.

Then he looked around to find the suspect.

But he thought it can wait.

He must give treatment to Miss Su first.

He took out the jade bottle from his arms and carefully pour out medicine from the inside to serve Miss Su.

He helped Miss Su to drink the medicine.

It didn’t take too long to see the medicine reaction.

The scar on the face of Miss Su began to heal at a fantastic speed.

But the swelling could not be healed right away.


Miss Su opened her eyes and then screamed.

“My Lady, it’s me, what happened?!” asked the old servant.

“I was beaten so cruelly.” Miss Su’s could not hold her anger.

“It’s him! I remember it clearly. It’s him!”

Miss Su touched her face, and when her finger just touched it, there was an unbearable pain surging all over her body.

‘Rage +50’

‘Rage +100’

‘Rage +200’

‘Rage +300’

Lin Fan was a bit surprised.

“Did she already wake up?”

And these rage points actually increased at an incredible pace.


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