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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 61 I Really Want To See You


Master Lin learned from the guard that Lin Fan came out not long after he entered the library, and Master Lin was disappointed.

He deliberately dropped three scrolls for Lin Fan.

“Did you not see it?” Master Lin thought.

Master Lin’s expectation turned into anger. But he wanted to confirm the fact to Lin Fan firstly.

Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

Lin Fan experimented with the reset feature, which was quite powerful. He realized something important along the prosses.

“My servant, go buy some medicine for me.” Lin Fan commanded.

The servant hurriedly bought some medicine for Lin Fan and wondered was his Young Master sick or not.

“Young Master, why do you need medicine?”

Lin Fan thought for a moment, some people say that radish also useful like ginseng. If someone eats a lot of healthy food, they will buy some radish and red spinach. And a colorful veggie has a lot of nutrition, so buy these two. “I’ll go to visit someone.”

Visit who? Liang Yongqi?

Actually, Liang Yongqi was a good person, and he contributed a lot to Lin Fan’s growth.

Lin Fan wanted to bring something expensive, and if he could, he wanted to bring three hundred years old ginseng.

Not long after.

Lin Fan prepared the medicine and put it in the gift box. The appearance was looking good.

“Let’s go.”

After staying at home for a day and a half, he didn’t get enough fun. Only by walking outside and breathing fresh air he could feel that he was alive.

Liang Family’s Residence, Gate.

The servant was stunned. He thought about it a lot, but he didn’t expect that Lin Fan would come there.

When the guards guarding the Liang Family’s Residence found that Lin Fan came, they were panic.

Liang Yongqi has beaten up badly by Master Liang, and the news spread instantly, they knew Lin Fan was a dangerous person.

“I’m sorry for troubling you, but I want to meet Young Master Liang, please.” Lin Fan said, “Rest assured, I only want to give him medicine.”

The guards didn’t buy Lin Fan’s word.

Master Liang was worried about why Lin Fan paid a visit.

“Young Master Lin, what is your business?” Master Liang smiled, bus his smile could be dangerous.

Like he wanted to say, Liang Yongqi was not enough for him, and now he tried to mess around with the master.

“Master Liang, I’m getting worried about Young Master Liang’s health, because he hasn’t get out of the house for a while. So I brought medicine for him.”

“I used to have a quarrel with him, but I want to make up with him.”

Lin Fan’s expression was sincere, and what he said was true from his heart.

Master Liang was stunned when he heard that.

“It seems that you are a grown-up man, what are you waiting for, come in.” Master Liang smiled.

The three nobles families in Tranquil City was live in harmony on the surface, but in the back, they were fighting each other.

Lin Fan walked into Liang Family’s residence with a smile and kept headed towards Liang Yongqi’s house. “Master Liang didn’t need to accompany me. I’ll give the medicine myself. After exchanging a few words, I will leave immediately.”

Lin Fan didn’t wait for Master Liang’s answer, and he walked straight to Liang Yongqi’s house.

Master Liang stared at Lin Fan didn’t say anything.

Master Liang thought Lin Fan wouldn’t dare do anything stupid.


Lin Fan stood at the door and heard a painful scream from inside.

“Excuse me!” Knocked at the door.

“Come in.” Liang Yongqi answered.

The injuries and the broken bones were not fully recovered yet.

Lin Fan pushed in, “Brother Liang, I’ve come to see you.”

Liang Yongqi was lying on the bed, holding a forbidden book in his hand to reduce the pain, the pain in his heart for exactly.

But when he saw Lin Fan was coming in, his body trembled, and he shouted, “What are you doing?!”

He was really angry.

The last person he wanted to see was Lin Fan.

‘Rage Point +88’

“Brother Liang, don’t too excited. We can still make up, don’t we? Look, I bring you medicine.” Lin Fan said, showing the thing in his hand.

Liang Yongqi wanted to hide the book in his bed, but Lin Fan saw it. “How To Become Famous, a book for the genius womanizer. Young Master Liang is indeed a nobleman.”

‘Rage point +111’

Liang Yongqi put away the books and said coldly, “Don’t mess with me! I don’t need your compassion! This is Liang Family’s residence. You won’t be able to get out alive. “

Actually, Liang Yongqi was very popular with the girls, but when he often to have a quarrel with Lin Fan, it ruined his image, and he was degraded.

Lin Fan pulled the chair and sat, “Don’t be so nervous, don’t get me wrong. I really came to see you. My days are so boring lately, the injuries you have is hurting me too.”

Liang Yongqi really wanted to forget about the last incident.

‘Rage point +123’

Liang Yongqi yelled, “Will you leave for heaven’s sake?! I beg you, please! As soon as I see you, the word peace is immediately gone in my heart. Please leave! The Liang family doesn’t welcome you.”

He really hated Lin Fan, and the hatred was seemed rooted deep in his heart.

He was so frustrated by Lin Fan’s act, but no one believed him if he told the story.

“Brother Liang, don’t be like this. I’m here to see you. We might have to work together in the future. Why don’t we make up?” Lin Fan said with a smile.

“Don’t tell me that shit. I won’t believe every word you say. You must leave right now! I don’t welcome you here!”

Because he was too excited, the wound was opened again.

He grinned, breathing in the air.

“Okay, if that is the case, I’ll go. When you’re back to your prime, I’ll book a table for you to celebrate.” Lin Fan got up and put the medicine on the table. “Brother Liang, don’t need to see me leave.”

Lin Fan went out, Liang Yongqi reached out to the medicine, he opened the box, and then he was shocked.

“Lin Fan, you shithead …”

‘Rage point +666’

Liang Yongqi was very angry and smashed everything around him. Lin Fan came over just to tease him.

In fact, Lin Fan was so sincere when he visited Liang Yongqi.

“I just want you to be healthy, why don’t you accept my kindness?”

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