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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 62 He Was Brutal


On the way back to the Lin Family’s residence.

The servant wondered why Lin Fan wanted to visit Liang Yongqi.

“Didn’t they have a conflict?” The servant thought.

He couldn’t figure it out.

“Brother Lin, please wait.”

Liang Yichu shouted, he ran toward Lin Fan, and Zu Xiang followed behind him.

Lin Fan laughed, “What? It was Brother Liang! I don’t know what happened.”

Liang Yichu was like the sun, which was bright, but Liang Yongqi was like a moon in the dark night.

“Nothing particular, I just want to have a chit-chat with you. Let’s have a drink at the Pavilion.” Liang Yichu laughed, and then said, “I treat you.”

“Okay.” Lin Fan replied, by the way, he has nothing to do.


The waitress prepared the table for Liang Yichu, Zu Xiang, and Lin Fan. The waitress was confused Liang Yichu, and Lin Fan sat on the same table. Their expression was so cheerful in their conversation.

At The Dinner Table.

From time to time, Zu Xiang stared at Lin Fan, like he looking for something.

He was good at finding clues.

Especially in the psychological field, he has great accomplishments.

When Liang Family’s foods were stolen, he did not suspect Lin Fan’s actions.

But according to the situation later. He found Lin Fan had something to do with it.

Zu Xiang even inspected the heartbeat when Lin Fan talked, but he found Lin Fan didn’t lie.

“This man, he has been observing me since we met. Is there anything wrong with me? Hey man, you can say anything, I’m an open-minded person.” Lin Fan asked.

Zu Xiang’s appearance was a little creepy.

Zu Xiang laughed, “Young Master Lin has misunderstood. You are a good-looking person, so I want looking at you.”

“Whoa!” Lin Fan became interested. “It turns out that you have good eyes, yes, yes. Long ago someone told me, my face was full, the chin was round, the nose was sharp, commonly known as a dragon nose. “

“And this dragon-nosed person is smart, versatile, and wealthy.”

Zu Xiang’s smile was brighter.

Liang Yichu laughed, “Brother Lin, what do you think of me?”

“Um …” Lin Fan thought for a moment, “Although your nose is not a dragon nose, it is also the lucky the nose. It is commonly known as the prosperity nose. If you have this nose, you are destined to enjoy wealth and prosperity. When the time comes, brother Liang, you must make good use of it. “

“Hahaha.” Liang Yichu laughed. Although he knew that this was Lin Fan’s sweet talk, everybody talked about each other, and they drown in the warmth situation.

Liang Yichu respected everything Lin Fan did, farmland taxes, and food distribution, which are not an average person could do, even for himself.

Zu Xiang shook his head and kept listening. The Young Master from the three great families was so friendly far from what he expected.

Zu Xiang came to Tranquil City just to have a peaceful life, different from a big city. He has what people needed to succeed in a big city, but he didn’t want to go back. The blood spilled out almost every day, billions of infantry killed each other, he had enough of that kind of situation. So he decided to stay in Tranquil City to have a peaceful life.

Zu Xiang looked a bit down, and Lin Fan noticed it.

“You are a man with a story.” Lin Fan said after he took a sip of wine.

Zu Xiang recalled his past, and only a man with a history could notice.

Zu Xiang smiled in a weird way. Because compared to the place he came from, Tranquil City was like a child playground. For example, Liang Family and Yuan Family only lost their food from their storehouse, but in the place he came from, they could lose their life.

“Young Master Lin, it’s better for you not to go out recently.”

What he said was made people confused.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Fan asked.

Zu Xiang was shocked because Lin Fan didn’t realize it yet.

When he was ready to say something, there a ruckus outside.

The sound of many horses came.

Lin Fan looked and saw his cousin coming back, lying on the fence, and shouted, “Cousin …”

Zhou Zhongmao returned from clearing the bandit, and at the same time, he was looting the bandit’s treasure. He packed four big boxes, many wonderful treasures, and the things he specially brought back for his cousin.


Zhou Zhongmao saw his cousin upstairs, raised his hand to give a sign to his men, and then jumped off from the horse. He ordered his men to return things to Lin Family’s residence, and he went to the Pavilion.

“Cousin, you have been going out for so long, you make me worried sick, are you fine? Did you encounter any danger?” Lin Fan asked.

Zhou Zhongmao smiled, “You worrying for nothing, hehe. It took me so long because the place is so far away from here.”

Zu Xiang smelled a strong blood scent.

Zu Xiang knew.

That men in front of him killed a lot of people. The smell was concentrated on Zhou Zhongmao. It was hard for ordinary people to smell it. He was brutal.

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