I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 63 My Wife, You Are So Cold


Lin Fan was very happy when his cousin came back, he had a shield when the assassin attacked him again, even though Zhou Zhongmao didn’t stand a chance against the assassin.

Lin Fan and Liang Yichu complimented each other, and the conversation was going so smooth, with no harsh words came out from their mouths.

Times flew without them noticing when they were absorbed in their conversation.

“Brother Liang, that’s all for today. I hope we have another chance to talk like this again.” Lin Fan stood up and said goodbye to Liang Yichu.

Liang Yichu laughed and said, “Okay, brother Lin, take care.”

Pavilion, Restaurant.

“Mister Zu, Young Master Lin is a good person.” Liang Yichu said.

Zu Xiang was confused because he thought Lin Fan was not a good person.

Lin Family’s Residence.

Master Lin was shocked because Zhou Zhongmao completed her task earlier than he expected, that was beyond his expectation.

Even though the bandits were just a thug without any noticeable skill, but they were very cunning.

“Master, don’t overthink about it, it’s because we underestimated Zhou Zhongmao’s talent.” Wu Lao assuring Master Lin.

Or maybe the bandit was too stupid and careless that they ended up fighting Zhou Zhongmao head on, which led them to total annihilation.

Master Lin shook his head, he admitted maybe he underestimated Zhou Zhongmao’s talent. Right now, Zhou Zhongmao was already in the eighth-stage, and soon he will reach the ninth stage.

His growth speed was so fast, but not that fast if they knew about Lin Fan’s system.

Master Lin desired to make Lin Fan strong.

“Father, I’m back.” When Lin Fan came back, he saw Master Lin was talking to Wu Lao near the pond in the courtyard.

“Uncle, I’ve already taken care of the bandits.” Zhou Zhongmao reported.

Even though the leader of the Great River Bandits was strong, but the rest was just small fries.

“Excellent, thank you for your hard work.” Master Lin nodded with satisfaction.

“Uncle, I’m taking all the bandit’s treasure, and I packed it in four big boxes. I didn’t expect those bandits could have so much treasure. It seems they often raid ships.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

The Great River was the main trade route on water. Many merchant ships passed by, and some merchant ships cannot afford to hire a strong bodyguard. And even if the ship’s owner could afford to hire a strong bodyguard, the bandits will flee.

The Great River was near the city. And it was supposed to be Yuan Family and Liang Family’s territory, but they were not good at dealing with those bandits.

“Father, let me take my cousin back to his room.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan’s system was a bit troublesome, he must make people angry to get rage point.

During Zhou Zhongmao’s expedition, Lin Fan didn’t want to stroll around the city, but now that Zhou Zhongmao was back he tried to think something funny in his head.

Master Lin said, “Don’t go out for the time being.”

“Why?” Lin Fan said, “Father, I haven’t messed with anyone recently. I just go to visit Liang Yongqi this morning, and I reconciled with him.”

Rage point +66.

“Don’t go out, which part that you didn’t understand from my words?” Master Lin was angered.

“Okay, you are the father, I am just your child, I will listen to you.” Lin Fan didn’t want to say anything more.

Lin Fan planned to sneak out anyway, Master Lin’s words were just like a fart for him.

“Brother Wu, follow him.” Master Lin said in a deep voice.

Master Lin was afraid Lin Fan would ignore his words.

“Yes, sir.” Wu Lao answered.

Wang Village, Night.

Wang Village was very lively today. Someone in Wang Village got married, and the villagers held a modest wedding banquet.

The wedding reception was over.

Wang Dahe was drunk, and he wobbled while he was walking to his home.

“Why is my wife sleeping so early today.” He wondered.

His wife came back after dinner. Only the grandfathers drank wine there until they were totally drunk.

Wang Dahe stood in front of his house, the cold wind blew.He pushed the door and came in, inside the house was so dark.

Wang Dahe shook his head and muttered, “This is too much, why did you turn off the light even though I haven’t come back yet?”

He sat on the bed while his wife was lying there.

“Honey, are you asleep?” Wang Dahe whispered.

No response from his wife.

Wang Dahe had an idea. He inserted his hand into her wife’s clothes, and he hugged his wife’s hip, but then he realized something…

“Honey, why is your body so cold? Is the water so cold when you took a bath?”

Wang Dahe got up and turned his wife’s body, he was worried if his wife got sick.

But when he saw his wife’s face, he was shocked, every beautiful moment he had that night turned into despair.

Wang Village, Morning.

“What!” Many Villagers already heard the news.

“Wang Dahe died with his wife!” A middle-aged man slumped down on the ground, panicked, and shouted.

Lin Family’s Residence.

Lin Fan just woke up. He hasn’t had a plan for today.

“Young Master, something happened in Wang Village! Someone died mysteriously!” The servant came in with a washbasin.

Lin Fan was curious, “Dead?”

He has been in that world for a while, and he hasn’t seen anyone dead. In his point of view, that was a big problem

“Two people died mysteriously, and the villagers discovered the body this morning. I heard the body is in a terrible state. Many people believes that is the demon’s work.” Many villagers were gossiping about it.

Lin Fan washed his face. He was getting curious about the case.

But he didn’t believe that was the demon’s work.

“Tell my cousin. We will go to Wang Village because Wang Village is also our territory.” Lin Fan said.

That was true.

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