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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 64 Easily Took The Bait


Wang Village.

The villagers didn’t dare to go in, because they were afraid the demon would catch them.

“Chief, what should we do?” Some villagers asked.

Wang Village has been peaceful for a long time, but now suddenly there was a murder case.

Wang Lao didn’t know what to do, and he thought maybe that was revenge from Yuan Family or Liang Family.

“Young Master Lin is here!”

Suddenly, some villagers shouted.

Lin Family’s reputation was renowned in Wang Village, Leaf Village and Bigleaf Village.

When the villagers saw Lin Fan, there was hope arisen in their hearts.

“Young Master Lin…”

“Young Master Lin…”

The villagers continuously greeted him with respect.

Usually, involving themselves with nobles was never a good thing for commoners.

But Lin Fan had a special place in the commoners’ heart.

“Hmph.” Lin Fan nodded, calm, well-known, respected, he expected that, and he enjoyed that.

Zhou Zhongmao guarded Lin Fan even though the villagers were weak. He won’t give a chance for anyone who wanted to hurt his cousin. And the servant followed them from behind with a smile on his face.

“Young Master Lin.” The village chief approached.

“Chief, I heard someone is dead?!” Lin Fan asked.

For a peaceful village like Wang Village, a murder case was a big deal, and especially when the cause was unknown.

“The name is Wang Dahe and his wife. When his friend paid a visit to his house before working on the field, he found Wang Dahe and his wife is already dead.” The village chief told everything he knew.

He didn’t expect Lin Fan would come to Wang Village for such trivial matter.

The Chief’s heart was moved by Lin Fan’s presence.

“Cousin, the smell is a bit strange.” Zhou Zhongmao said.”what did you say?” Lin Fan asked, his cousin was really something else, he didn’t smell anything yet his cousin could smell it.

Zhou Zhongmao thought for a moment, “It’s hard to explain.”

“Forget it, let’s check out the corpse first.” Lin Fan said.

The village chief was in a dilemma. “Young Master Lin, I’m afraid you will feel sick inside.”

Lin Fan raised his hand and said calmly, “What do you mean? You are all part of the Lin Family, and if something happens to you, the Lin family will naturally be responsible no matter what.”

These words moved all the villagers’ hearts.

Lin Fan was the first noble to treat them like a normal human should do and even said they were part of his family.

Everyone secretly thought they wanted to repay Lin Fan’s kindness with their hard work in the field.

Zhou Zhongmao checked the situation inside the house before Lin Fan came inside.

“Cousin, you can come in.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

The smell was bad, and the corpse already rotted in just one night even though that shouldn’t happen under normal circumstances.

“This …” Lin Fan’s mind went blank when he saw the corpses on the bed. That was the first time he saw such a horrible scene.

The corpses had their mouths opened, their eyes were gone, and their hands were bent as if they had experienced an extremely horrific scene before death.

And it has become a dry corpse, and their blood was completely drained out.

“Who did this…” Lin Fan muttered, then he noticed something, he saw a hole in the chest of the corpses, and their heart was gone.

He looked carefully around the hole in their chest, and based on the shape of the hole it was as if their chest was stabbed by something sharp at one blow.

“Cousin, take a look at this wound.” Lin Fan asked.

Zhou Zhongmao’s fingers touched the wound. “Cousin, this wound is probably caused by bare hand as an attempt to take their hearts in one strike.” Zhou Zhongmao explained.

“I’m sorry?!”

“Take the heart? With a hand?”

“What kind of hand could do that?” Lin Fan thought.

The light inside the room gradually faded.

There was a dark aura swirling inside the room.

Lin Fan’s party hasn’t realized it yet.

But suddenly.

There was a red light flashing in the dark.

“Cousin! Be careful!” Zhou Zhongmao responded very quickly to avoid a surprise attack containing such a strong spiritual power and then grabbed his cousin to flee outside.


When the two went outside, they heard a strange sound inside the room.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Fan was a little confused.

Zhou Zhongmao observed the room, “Cousin, be careful, there is something hiding in that room.”

That was their first time to encounter such a thing.

“Young Master, are you okay?” Zhou Guangyi asked.

Lin Fan waved his hand, and he didn’t know what it was.

Everyone heard an uproar.

When the villagers saw the situation inside Wang Dahe’s house, they retreated in panic.

The room was bright at first, but right now, it was shrouded in black mist.

The entire room was filled with the black mist.

“What the hell are you?! You dare to cause an uproar in Lin Family’s territory. You should surrender while you still have a chance. If you are insisting on messing around with me, you will regret it later.” Lin Fan was furious.

Everyone at the scene was terrified of the murderer.

‘Rage point +111’

Lin Fan was surprised because due to sudden increase of rage points, and there must be someone inside hiding in the dark fog.

Lin Fan used insect control, he controlled the ants, and he commanded the ants to scout the area inside the house.

After a moment, he lost contact with the ants as if the ants have died. Much to have his surprise, that person could detect such small ants.

Lin Fan marveled, either that person could notice such small ants or maybe the ants just passed by and died because of the fog?

“Cousin, you withdraw first, I’ll stay.” Zhou Zhongmao was determined to save his cousin first.

Lin Fan did not leave, he took a stone and threw it toward the house. “Fuck you!”

The stones penetrated the darkness and hit something.

But someone threw back the stone, but Zhou Zhongmao crushed the stone with his spiritual power.

Rage point +222.

Oh God.

Lin Fan felt that he has discovered a new prey to farm rage points.

“You shithead! You dare to fight me. Did you know my father is the Lin Family’s Master? You are messing around in my territory, if you do not surrender, I will peel your skin off.”

Lin Fan yelled to provoke that person.

Rage point +333.


Rage point was increasing.

Lin Fan didn’t know who that person was, so he cursed that person to get some rage points.

And that person took the bait.

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